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The Frankford Gazette, Philadelphia
November 14, 1930


At the November meeting of Frankford Post, American Legion, a motion was passed pledging the hearty co-operation of the members to the Frankford Yellow Jackets in their efforts to strengthen the team and finish the year creditably. Misfortune has been heaped upon our gridiron representatives this season but better days are coming and the Legion, in line with its policy of assisting in all community undertakings, feels it a duty to get behind the team.

Mistakes a plenty were made this season and certainly a losing streak of ten straight games provided no incentive for great outpourings of fans but as one Legion speaker pointed out, "Sometimes we are too ready to hit a man when he is down." Few towns the size of Frankford have the opportunity to view the greatest football players in the world right at home. A great many of our people failed to appreciate this even when we had a championship outfit. The Yellow Jackets have done much for Frankford in the past and now ins the time for all citizens to lend assistance.

No Frankford team ever looked better than the one against Providence on Saturday and it looks like a combination worthy of giving battle to the best in the league. The Giants, /Bears and Packers are coming. Let us forget the league standing and in future judge each game on its own merits. A crowded stadium is necessary to inspire the team and to pay for the new stars. The Legion pledges its support and has [?] the Yellow Jacket management for the privilege of starting a "Legion Day" when special features will be provided. Will other organizations fall in line? The Jackets have given us many a thrill and here's our chance to repay. All together now, "A Horse and Wagon for the Team!" Let's go!