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Pro Football & Philly Sports Links


There are any number of informative football history and Philly sports related sites on the web. Below are links to some of the better ones.

General Football History & Information

Professional Football Hall of Fame

Professional Football Researchers Association
The first place to look for information on the history and development of professional football.

History of Pro Football in Western New York
Hosted by Bills Backers United, this site features a comprehensive collection of historical information on the many early pro football teams that played on the gridirons of Western New York during the first half of the twentieth century. Includes season schedules and results, articles, biographies and more.

NFL Franchise Transactions
Joe Horrigan's excellent article tracking early (1920-49) NFL franchise transactions.

Pro Football Archives
Tod Maher's excellent providing season schedules and results for NFL (1920-2006), AFL (1926), AAFC (1946-49), AFL (1960-69), WFL (1974-75) and USFL (1983-85), as well as for numerous independent teams playing between 1910 and 1919.

LogoServer's Football Logo Page
Comprehensive collection of past and present logos from a large number of teams and leagues, both current and defunct.

Society for Sports Uniforms Research
Comprehensive source for all manner of information relating to uniforms. 

The Helmet Project: An Atlas of Football Helmets
Comprehensive collection of helmet logos and designs from a wide variety of teams and leagues, both current and defunct. 

Vintage Football Card Gallery
The web's premier collection of vintage football cards, featuring images of hundreds of trading cards from the 1955 to 1970.

The Wilcox "Nose-Guard"
This interesting page features images of the archaic protective "nose-guard" worn by some players during the stocking-cap era of the game.

Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum

Bolding Sports Research
In addition to a collection of graphic images from Super Bowls I thru XL, this interesting website includes individual pages covering such topics as the history of the Pro Bowl, the NFL-College All-Star game, the history of the NFL field goal distance record and more.

Historical Football Teams

Boston Redskins
The Sports E-Cyclopedia's tribute to the NFL's Boston Braves/Redskins. Founded as the "Braves" by George Preston Marshall in 1932, this was Boston's second attempt at an NFL franchise. The team changed its name to the "Redskins" in 1933 before finally moving to Washington in 1937.

Historical Society of the Buffalo All-Americans, Bisons & Rangers 
Dedicated to Buffalo New York's first professional football teams -- the Buffalo All-Americans, Bisons and Rangers (1920-27, 29). This site features player pictures and profiles as well as game photos and feature articles.

Coaldale Big Green
Hosted by the Coaldale High School Alumni website, this great pages reminisces the glory days of the Big Green. Includes an interesting history of the team as well as several with team photos.

Dayton Triangles
This excellent site is dedicated to preserving the memory and history of the Dayton Triangles.

Decatur Staleys
This interesting web page provides some historical information on the Decatur/Chicago Staleys football club (1919-21), forerunners of the Chicago Bears.

Duryea Indians
This page, a part of Rootsweb's NEPA Photo Collection, features several images of the 1929 Duryea Indians football team, champions of Lackawanna & Lurzern counties, Pennsylvania.

Goodyear Silents
Hosted by the Jewish Deaf Community Center, this page is a tribute to the Goodyear Silents and fullback Louis Seinensohn. Organized by a group of deaf employees of Goodyear's Akron (OH) rubber factory, this highly successful semi-pro team was a force to be reckoned with on the Ohio gridirons from 1915-1927. 

Great Lakes NTC Bluejackets
A interesting page with information and images related to the undefeated 1918 Great Lakes Naval Training Center football team starred future Pro Football Hall of Famers Jimmy Conzelman, Paddy Driscoll and George Halas. 

Hammond's Clabbys: Pro Football Before the NFL
Hosted by Purdue University Calumet's Virtual Museum for the Calumet Region, this page provides background information and numerous news articles related to the Hammond Clabbys, a pre-NFL era eleven hailing from Hammond, Indiana.

Hammond Pros
A brief but interesting article regarding the Hammond Pros. This early Indiana team was a charter member of the NFL. PDF. file format, Adobe Reader required.

Harrisburg Tech of 1919
A brief but interesting article on Harrisburg (PA) Tech team of 1919. Lead by halfback Carl Beck, who later played for the Pottsville Maroons, Frankford Yellow Jackets & Bethlehem Bears, outscored opponents 701-0, including a 56-0 blowout of Portland (ME), to claim the 1919 national high school championship.

Ironton Tanks
An interesting article that provides background and details related to a controversial 1921 game between the Ironton Tanks and Portsmouth Smoke House football clubs.
PDF file format, Adobe Reader required.

1926 Lady Yellowjackets: Flappers to Footballers
This excellent article by Danni Leone explores the Lady Yellow Jackets, an exhibition football team composed entirely of women, that was sponsored by the Frankford Yellow Jackets during 1926. The article also provides insights into the role of women in sports in general during the 1920's.
PDF file format, Adobe Reader required.

Oorang Indians
Hosted by the Ohio History Central, this page is devoted to the famous Oorang Indians. Conceived by owner Walter Lingo as a vehicle to promote his dog breeding, this short lived NFL team was comprise entirely of Native American players and coached by Jim Thorpe.

Orange Athletic Club All-Time Football Records
The win-loss football records and game listings of the Orange Athletic Club, of Orange, New Jersey. This club regularly fielded strong football squads, including the NFL's Orange Tornadoes.

Pine Village Football
An interesting article on the Pine Village AC, the famous pre-WWI football club from Indiana.
Made available by the Humanities Council. PDF file format, Adobe Reader required.

Portsmouth Spartans Historical Society
Home of the Portsmouth Spartans Historical Society. The Spartans competed in the NFL from 1930 to 1933, before the franchise was sold to Dick Richards and moved to Michigan, where it became the Detroit Lions.

Rochester Jeffersons: The History of Rochester's NFL Franchise
This fine site is dedicated to preserving the memory of Leo Lyons, a pioneer of the National Football League, and his Rochester Jeffersons. 

Rock Island Independents
This interesting web page provides a brief history of the Rock Island Independents, a strong Illinois football club that joined the NFL in the early 1920's. 

The Shenandoah Gallery
While not specifically a football site, this web gallery includes several images of historical football teams from Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, including the Glover Hill Athletic Association, South End Athletic Club and Shenandoah Presidents.

Staten Island Stapletons Historic Football Records
The win-loss records and game listings of the Stapleton Football Club. This club regularly fielded strong squads, including the NFL's Staten Island Stapletons/Stapes.

Professional Football Leagues

National Football League

American Football League of 1926 - AFL (I)
This site includes a brief history of the short lived "Grange League" league as well as results for all the league games and final standings. 

American Football League of 1960-69 - AFL (IV)
This site includes a wealth of information regarding the AFL with which everyone is most familiar -- the one that brought us the Dolphins, Jets and Raiders among others. Includes league history, statistics, images and much more.

The Anthracite League
A brief article by Joe Zagorski on Pennsylvania's Anthracite League of 1924.

Arena Football League

Canadian Football League - CFL 
Canada's premier professional football league, the CFL traces its roots back to 1823, while its championship trophy, the Grey Cup, has been awarded annually since 1909.

The Ohio League
An interesting historical account outlining the development of the informal "league" that foreshadowed the formation of the National Football League. Originally published in The Coffin Corner, Vol. 3, No.7.

United States Football League - USFL
Another fine site, this one focuses on the short lived USFL (1983-85). It includes a league history along with information and statistics on both league's teams and players.

World Football League - WFL
This excellent site includes a boatload of information regarding the short lived WFL (1974-75). Includes league history, standings, statistics, images and much more.

XFL Tribute
The most comprehensive website devoted to preserving the memory and history of the wild and crazy "eXtreme Football League" (1991). Includes league history, standings, statistics and more.

Steve Dimitry's Extinct Sports Leagues Web Site
Includes historical information and statistics on numerous defunct sports leagues, including several pro football leagues. 

Philly Football Team & Fan Sites

Philadelphia Eagles, National Football League
Official website of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Soul, Arena Football League
Official website of the city's newest professional sports franchise, the Philadelphia Soul.

Philadelphia Bell, World Football League (1974-75)
An excellent site documenting the late great Philadelphia Bell of the World Football League. Well, maybe not great, ...but certainly no worse than the Eagles of the same period!

Philadelphia Stars, United States Football League (1983-84)
Hosted by, this page documents the history of the Philadelphia Stars, the city's USFL franchise. Features a brief history of the club along with player rosters and statistics.

Philadelphia Eagles of 1960
A great fan page honoring the last Philly club to win an NFL championship, coach Buck Shaw's 1960 Philadelphia Eagles.
An excellent Eagles fan site, full of up to date information and commentary on the Birds. 

Philly of the South
The original Philadelphia Eagles fan club of Tampa, Florida, since 1996. 

Other Philly Sports Teams

Philadelphia Arrows/Ramblers, Canadian-American Hockey League (1927-35)
This page is's record of the Arrows, a team that competed in the CAHL from 1927 to 1935. Another page at this site lists the team's all-time player roster

Philadelphia Blazers, World Hockey Association (1972-73)
This site preserves the memory of the Blazers, Philadelphia's single season WHA franchise. Can you remember this club's star goalie? It was future Flyers' legend Bernie Parent!

Philadelphia Firebirds, American Hockey League (1977-79)
This page is's record of the Firebirds. From 1977 to 1979 this team was Philadelphia's AHL franchise. Another page at this site lists the team's all-time player roster

Philadelphia Flyers, National Hockey League
Official website of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Philadelphia Giants, Independent Negro Baseball Club (1902-16)
This page, hosted by the Negro League Players Association, honors the memory of the Philadelphia Giants. While this very successful early independent team predates the Negro Leagues, it is recognized as the Eastern champion from 1904 thru 1907 and again in 1909.

Philadelphia Phantoms, American Hockey League
Official website of the Philadelphia Flyers' minor league affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms.

Philadelphia Phillies, Major League Baseball - National League
Official website of the oldest single location/single name franchise in all of professional sports, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Philadelphia Quakers, National Hockey League (1930-31)
Hosted by, this page documents the single season exploits of Philadelphia's first NHL franchise, the Quakers. It includes schedule and results, roster, team photo and other images.

Philadelphia 76ers, National Basketball Association
Official website of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Philadelphia Warriors, National Basketball Association (1941-62)
Hosted by Sports E-Cyclopedia, this page documents the history of the Warriors, Philadelphia's BAA-NBA franchise of 1941-1962. The Warriors won the BAA (precursor of the NBA) title in 1947 and the NBA crown in 1956. It includes player pictures, general and historical information.
Your link to Philadelphia high school football, basketball, baseball, etc.

Philly Sports Hall of Fame
Founded in 2002 for the purpose of preserving and promoting the rich history of Philadelphia sports. 

Other Sites of Interest

Blind Mumbling
The assorted musings of the late Bob Carroll, noted football historian, educator and author.

Men of November
Home-on-the-web to a highly secretive cabal of malcontents and social misfits whose sole aim is to subordinate the greater good to the benefit of their own nefarious desires..

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