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Sources & Acknowledgements


The information found on the many pages here at Ghosts of the Gridiron is a combination of original research and information from secondary sources.  Below is an attempt to both document these sources and acknowledge the fact that others, through their efforts, have contributed to the success of this website.


In addition to the sources listed below, this site has also benefited from a direct exchange of information, through e-mail and electronic message forums, with football researchers from across the country.  These researchers include Bob Carroll, Philip Carver, Ken Crippen, Bob Gill, Brian Harris, Paul Johnson, Dennis Kuno, Paul Lutcher, Tod Maher, Jeff Miller, Mike Moran, Steve Presar and Roy Sye.

Special thanks to Joan Avera, Beth Campanella, Paul Hurm, Don Remmey, Bill Scutta and John Wasilko for sharing their insights, family histories and memorabilia.

I'd also like to express my appreciation to: the ever helpful staff of the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area for allowing me access to their collection; the Historical Society of Frankford for making their library of Yellow Jackets' game programs available; Dorinda Morrison-Garrard of the Polk County Historical & Genealogical Library; and to the staff of the Newspaper and Microfilm Center at the Free Library of Philadelphia for both their fine collection and the help that they so willingly provide.


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