Warren LaFave's Conditions Report, 2000 season

[e-mail received 10/23/00]

Hello there George,

2000 at the Cirque was quite wet. In twenty one years in the Yukon I have never seen as much rain as this year. Out of 100 days I was at the resort, it rained for 90 days. Many days were spent waiting for the peaks to appear out of the fog.

I put a Global Satellite phone in the meadows this year and it worked great. Having some sort of consistent communication was a plus for everyone.

To my knowledge no one was hurt this year in the Cirque. A few minor bumps and bruises but that was about it.

For the 2000 season we operated our own Hughs 500 helicopter and it worked out great. Prices for helicopter trips into the Cirque are now 1/2 what they were a couple of years ago. Hopefully the weather will be better for next year and we can get some great photos of the Cirque and area from the helicopter.

I think you have a great web site and it is an asset to all who travel to the Cirque. Keep up the good work.


Warren LaFave
Kluane Airways/Inconnu Lodge