Glassport, Pennsylvania

The Glassport Odds Club

Historical items concerning the Glassport Odds Club, which was active in Glassport from 1913-1950. Most of the material reproduced here is from the archives of George J. Gorun.

Letter Dated August 31, 1938



Twenty-five years ago, 1913, Victor Jaskolski better known as "Witts" coached the first football team. Although being a member of the McKeesport Olympic's and the Glassport Pats still found considerable time in organizing the Glassport Odds. Records also show that Joseph Pazick who was manager and helped organize the team started the spark off which to-date is the only club in the Dist. that has been active in continuous sporting activities for such a period and due credit is also being given to the following members: - John Zidell, Frank Dworek, August Quering, Frank Tacik, Joseph Kuzio, Robert Marcus, Peter Korzicki, Charles Leible, Zipp Tavalaro, Michael Lang, Samuel Price, Andrew Muraski, John Lang, Leo Jaskolski, Stanley Sieminsky, Brownie Topoleski and Steve Fillo.
These men not only played football but also answered the call to protect our country in the World War. Of the above mentioned players four had been killed in the World War and Zipp Tavalaro who was the first of the fellows killed in action had the Glassport Veterans of Foreign Wars Post named in his Honor. Samuel Price, Andrew Muraski and John Lang were also killed in action, while most of the other members saw action in this crisis.
In the years from 1914 to 1916 football had been the keynote in and around this District. Members of the 1915 team were the mainstays for these two years. While during the years 1917 and 1918 football came to an abrupt standstill due to many answering the call to arms. (World War).
After the war, from 1919 to 1921 Glassport Odds were again represented on the gridiron as one of the fastest team in independent football. The following were members of the team:- Brownie Topoleski, Willard, Steve Cebery, Frank Belansky, Joseph Majzer, Leo Mikolesky, L. Gross, Gamus, M. Vazinik, Andrew Petrulak - Deceased, S. Pasinski, F. Sherman, Steve Fillo, Frank Kuzio, John Zeleznik, Bernard Sherman, Leo Krolikoski and George Petrulak and John Petros.
In the year of 1922, the Odds under the management of Leo Pokropski and John Siudela and coached by Peter Korzycki were represented by a Lightweight team with the following as members: - Steve Cebery, L. Gross, John Meyers, Jos. Smith, H. Patrick, Michael Priskey, Brownie "Rupp" Pasinski, Denino, Charles Willard, Charles "Foote" Zeleznik, Stanley Sherman, Clarence Urbanski, Frank Belarski, L. Duelittle, Leo Mikoleski, Stanley Vazinik, Michael Zeleznik, John Roberts and Robert Jaworski.
In 1923, Lawrence "Rixey" Packard who had just completed his college career at Duquesne University, where he was hailed as one of the greatest ends to ever represent that school, and along with Joseph "Magwa" Witkowski another District well known football star coached the team and Leo Pokropski acted as team manager. The management of this year's team soon built a heavier and faster club which eventually found them playing opponents of first class calibre. The following were members of this year:- John Sherman, Charles Zeleznik, Leo Mikoleski, Frank Belarski, John Sherman, Clarence Urbanski, Charles Willard, Brownie Pasinski, Jack Czuba, Robert Pokropski, Stanley Vazinik, Stanley Czuba, John Zidell, Robert Jaworski - Deceased, Stanley Sherman, Steve Cebery and Leo Pokropski.
In 1924, the teams record was an unusual one. Every game ended in a tie except for the final game of the season - which found the Odds go down in defeat by the Christy Park team. The coaches, managers and players were practically the same with the exception of a few players which were added to the roster and are as follows:- Fritz Quinn - Deceased, Norman Quinn, Red Burns, David Herlehy, Spike Pforsich, Peter Mudd, Andy Edding and Sox Reed.
The year of 1925 found the Odds capturing the District Lightweight Championship and were also the runner-ups in the Semi-finals of the Western Pennsylvania Championship only to be eliminated by a two game play-off by the Twenty-Seven Ward Traders. The team record for the year was as follows:-
This year's team found many of its members placed as members of the District All-Independent Team which were as follows: - Doc Storer, Norman Quinn, Halfbacks; Samuel Weiss, Quarterback; Stanley Vazinik, Fullback; Stanley Sydeski, Center; Charles Zeleznik, Guard; Joseph Witkowski, Captain and Tackle. The Honorable mentions were:- Clarence Urbanski, and Brownie Pasinski.
Joseph "Magwa" Witkowski was also selected as Tackle on the All Western Pennsylvania Independent All Star Team with the following members receiving Honorable mentions: - Coach Lawrence Packard, John Sherman, Red Stripp, Jack Czuba, Dewey Leary, Bill Kalina, Andy Edding and Robert Pokropski.
In 1926, the Odds again were one of the leading contenders of this District and copped victories over such high calibered teams as Monessen, Thomas Club, Monongahela, Brightwood, Christy Park, Shamrocks, Tiffany Tigers, Charleroi and Blaw-Knox, only to lose out in the finals to the Clairton Indians for the District and Monongahela Valley Championship. The club roster and coaches were practically the same as the year of 1925.
In the years of 1927 - 1928 and 1929 the Glassport aggregation was represented by first class teams an had taken in new faces to take over the reigns of its predecessors. Although this team captured no championships, it was always found to be up among the leaders and always was feared as one of the most dangerous clubs to any championship contenders in this District. The team members of this year with the above mentioned also included Stanley Ejchost, Edward Price, John Kessler, Joseph Vozar, George Martiss, Neal McGowan, Hartley Greinert, Michael Mayawa, Lloyd Greinert, Thomas Henderson. Al Potersnak, Bob Regan, "Dad" Kopsick, Joseph Podwiga, J. Melcarsky, Freddie George.
In 1930 up to and including 1936, the Odds underwent a new change. Coached by Joseph Pickett a Duquesne University graduate, the team was one of the strongest, youngest aggregations in the District. This team was composed mostly of young high school talent and played against such teams as McKeesport Olympics, Al Duffy Tube City Brewers, Port Vue, Crimsons, Bloomfield and Greensburg Eagles. The players of these years were as follows:- Joseph Ejchost, Robert Vazinik, Willow Zeleznik, Steve Karczewski, Hugh Wesolowski, Joseph Ross, William Schmidt, Walter Pasinski, Peter Zeleznik, Joseph Zebak, John Sabo, Steve Novak, Edward Pasinski, Nicholas Siudela, Fritz Dworek, Nick Sherman, Walter Jaskolski, Stanley Dworek, John Tansky, John Charney, Edward Pater, Anthony Stetz, Stanley Waskowitz, Jeff Carns, Edward Lehman, Babe Lehman, Chick Stinner, Frank Porto, Steve Dzurenda, Frank Topoleski, Marius Larcinese, Frank Witkowski, Joseph Saffa, Pete Frobuck, Edward Daerr, F. Segedi, Frank Spanbauer, John Spanbauer, Frank Roberts, John Nowakowski, Phil Derflinger, Murray Bico, James Perrin, George Hospodar, Joseph Chuia, Brownie Cenderoski, Walter Telega, Bernard Pomocki, Frank Skierkoski, Paul Snyder - Deceased, Ben Nixon - Deceased, Peter Lucot, Earl West, Brownie Picketts, Henry Marini, Richard Davis, Mike Murn, Jake Cvetan, Gus Mikades, Wlater Meyser, Lawrence Reisnauer, John Blicharski, J. Sauers, Jim Poczaski, Joseph Coma, Joseph Bennet, Anthony Iacone, Albert Dansak, "Pug" Bartko, Nuchie Ponzo and "Tweet" Coddington.
Going back to the year of 1933, the Odds were coached by Charles "Foote" Zeleznik and Michael Shyosky acted as manager.
In 1934, Joseph Pickett again retained the coaching position and Cash Pickett and Nick Siudela were managers.
In 1935, the Odds captured the Allegheny County League Championship winning over such favorite clubs as Pitcairn, Mohawks, Bloomfield Eagles and Peters AAA.
In 1937, the Odds returned with an entirely new set up. The team was mostly composed of small and inexperienced players. Joseph "Lefty" Ejchost and Steve Dzurenda coached the team while Cash Pickett held down the position of managerial berth.
The team of this year will be practically the same as in 1937 but will include a few heavier and older players. The enthusiasm of this years team is very strong and determined and by the outlook should be a successful one. With such players as -- Robert Pater, Nick Trunzo, Ed Wasinski, Bob Trunzo, Edward Topoleski, Joseph Siudela, Vic Trunzo, Andy Kaczka, "Red " Andrews, Nick Sherman, Joseph Trunzo, Harry Blicharski, S. Coddington, Steve Pasinski, Brownie Pickett, Nick Martino, Felix Milkoski, Carl Roberts, Joe Ross, Tavalaro, Tye Klimek, Joe Wichmanowski, Edward Jaskolski, John King, D. Natalie, Joseph King, Frank Tisson, Stanley Winkler and N. Ross will be one of the District contender to another championship.
In 1930, the Odds organised a Basket Ball team with the following as members:- Michael Shyosky, Willow Zeleznik, Joseph Zeleznik, Frank Topoleski, Steve Siudela, Andy Slafka, Harry Kwiatkoski, Leo Pokropski, Nick "Monk" Sherman, Nick Siudela, Arthur Smith, Peter Zeleznik, Harry Witkowski, George Saffa and John Tansky.
In the year of 1932 with practically the same members, the Odds captured the Borough Chanpionship.
The Odd club sponsored a Volley Ball team in 1933 and captured the Boro Championship.
Some of the prominent men, who will probably never forget the Odds spirit are as follows:-
To climax one of the greatest sporting clubs in this valley, they have secured such men to speak as the above mentioned and also -- Hon. Judge Egan.
The Silver Anniversary of the Glassport Odds Club of Twenty-five Years of continuous sporting activities will take place on SUNDAY -- SEPTEMBER 11TH., 1938 at WRIGHT'S NEW FLOWER GARDEN on ROUTE 48 in McKEESPORT. DINNER will be served at 6:30 P. M.
Roy Quinn - General Chairman
Willow Zeleznik
Michael Shyosky
Nick Siudela
Cash Pickett

McKeesport Daily News Article Dated November 14, 1944

Odds and Brentwood In Homecoming Tilt
The Glassport Odds Club will observe its 31st year of football activity tomorrow at the Ninth St. grounds when it plays the Brentwood Amici outfit in the Odds annual homecoming game. Former Odds' players and sports notables will be on hand. The kickoff is set for 3 o'clock.
The Odds had their first football team in 1913. victor Jaskolski coached the outfit and Joseph Pazick was manager. In 1922, the Odds were managed by Leo Pokropski and John Siudela.
Played for Title
In 1925, the Odds were undefeated during the regular season, then met the Twenty-seventh Ward Traders for the independent championship of Western Pennsylvania. The first game ended in a tie, the second was won by the Traders, 13 to 3.
Odds who were selected on the all-independent team were Quarterback Sammy Weiss, Captain Joseph witkowski, Dr. Charles Storer, the late Fritz Quinn, Stanley Vazinik and Stanley Sydeski. Clarence Urbanski and B. Pazinski were given honorable mention.
From 1930 to '36, Joseph Piekut was head coach. In '35, the Odds won the allegheny County League championship. In 1937, Steve Zurenda, former quarterback, and "Lefty" Ejchost, end, became the new coaches. Several lean seasons were encountered, both financially and in the win column. Nick Sherman., paratrooper, killed in action in the invasion of France, played on these teams.
New Manager
In 1938, Stanley Winkler (missing in action in France) took over the managerial reigns with Joe Trunzo aiding him.As player-manager, he succeeded "Cash" Picketts who had resigned.
In 1939, Steve Zurenda became sole coach and Joe Trunzo sole manager. The Odds had two of their most formidable teams in 1940 and '41. Previous to these successful seasons, lack of interest by the townspeople and poor equipment almost caused the team to disband, but earnest endeavor by Zurenda and Trunzo with financial aid by Joe Witkowski kept the team together.
Despite the loss of many players to the colors, the Odds had another successful year in 1942, winning 9 and losing 2, and battling Stowe-Rox Cadets to a scoreless deadlock.
Lost Entire Squad
The entire squad of 22 players was inducted into the service before the next football season. Undaunted, the team kept going and with one of the youngest teams ever to represent the Odds on the gridiron, the Glassporters had one of their most successful seasons, winning six games, tying one and losing one and that to an aggregation of former college stars, the Army Engineers of Carnegie Tech. This year marked the advent of Burgess Bob Shaw as team sponsor.
Coach Zurenda was faced with the identical situation for the third stright year when all but five of his '43 year team were inducted. Enough players were rounded up to have a team and the Odds of 1944 joined the Honus Wagner Conference. After suffering a defeat in their first game, the Odds have copped four straight wins, three in conference competition and have a strong chance of copping conference honors.
The Odds now have 117 men in the armed services.

Letter Dated September 29, 1947
Dear Editor:-
The Glassport Odds will celebrate its 34th. year of continuous football activities with a "HOMECOMING" tilt on Sunday - October 5, 1947 at 2:00 P.M. at the Ninth Street Grounds in Glassport against the strong and formidable Beaver Falls team.
This year's Odds is one of the finest independent football teams ever fielded in the district. Although their branch of competition is called "SANDLOT", the Odds, in each contest thus far played put on an exhibition of offensive and defensive football, that was worthy of some of the teams playing in the professional league.
This is the thirty-fourth consecutive season the Glassport Odds have been represented on the gridiron, and during this long career they have always been recognized as true sportsmen, who played the game hard, but played it square, and they have always been considered as worthy opponents for any team, regardless of weight.
The Odds in all the years on the gridiron has never had a sponsor. It has been self-sustaining with every member working hard toward a goal of true and clean sportsmanship. In 1947, the Odds took under its wings in a merge, the Glassport Semi-Pros who played one season. The managerial position is held by Pete Frobouck, former sponsor of the Semi-Pros, while the coaching staff is composed of Andy "Greeky" Jakomas, Steve Zurenda and John Kovacevich. This years Odds team is another champion calibre type who has thus far won three straight games downing such formidable teams composed of former scholastic and collegiate luminaries as Garfield Vets, Pittsburgh Corsicans, the all-colored aggregation and the strong Uniontown Coal Barons.
This years Odds are composed of such stars as P. Siudela, Mehalcik(John "Sours" Mehalcik), Milkovich, Kurta, Trunzo, J. Krol Jr., E. Ickiewicz, Fuller, Kurta, Popp, Jefferson, Pater, Wiernicki, Zoom Laughlin, Mihalko, Schonberger, Franks, Potersnak, Brooks, Zyra, Evanovich, Kuffner, Glodowski and Kaska.
A banner crowd is expected as many notables will be on hand who were former players of the Odds. These are as follows: Judge S. A. Weiss, Judge John P. Egan, Judge Kennedy, Dr. Storer, Dr. L. Pokropski, Joseph T. Witkowski, "Butch" Stulginski, William J. McIlvane, Executive Vice-President of the Copperweld Steel Company and other executives from the Pittsburgh Steel Foundry, the United States Glass Company, the Coslov Iron and Metal Company, the Compressed Steel Company along with businessmen from the community.
Judge John P. Egan has not missed an Odds "Homecoming Day" for the past five years. He claims that it was in this district in independent football where he got his start as a referee.
Other oldtimers of the Odds who will be on hand are Vince Jaskolski, organizer of the Odds, John Zidell, Stanley Vazinik, Clarence Urbanski, Rupp Pasinski, Barney Morrow, Spike Pforsich, Norman Quinn, J. Regan, M. Hawaii, R. Jones, Brownie Topoleski, J. Lang, Leo Jaskolski, August Quering, S. Cebery, Robert Marcus, A. Edding, Joseph Kuzio, Adam Maraski, Ben Sherman, S. Siminski, D. Laurie, Roy Quinn, B. Kalina, J. Maraski, J. Sydeski, Leo Crawley, Frank and Charles Willard, Sox Reed, John Czuba, F. Tacik, D. Herlehy, N. Black, Judy Martis, J. Booklightner, L. Tacik, S. Bill, J. Sherman, C. Zeleznik, J. Petras, C. Leibel, M. Zeleznik, Duke Sherman, G. Potersnak and Bob Pokerr...
(The remainder of the letter repeats the history of the Odds)

Letter Dated December 15, 1948
Mr. Miller, Glassport News Reporter
The McKeesport Daily News
McKeesport, Pa.
Dear Editor:-
The Glassport Odds Club will celebrate the closing of their 35th. year of football activities by honoring the 1948 team with a Banquet to be held on Saturday - December 18th. at 6:00 P.M. at Mazur's Hotel.
Odd's History
The Odds were organized in 1913 under the leadership of Victor Jaskolski who coached and Joseph Pazick who managed the team. Their sole purpose was to give the people of Glassport a fine team - built up of true sportsmen and which will be a credit to the Community as well as the people. The Odds have lived up to their promise and today are considered one of the finest independent clubs in the District. In all the thirty-five years on the gridiron, the Odds never had a sponsor. It has been self sustaining with every member working hard, in which ever his capacity could serve him, toward a goal of true and clean sportsmanship.And during this long career, they have always been recognized as true sportsmen, who played the game hard, played it square, and were always considered a worthy opponent for any team regardless of weight.
The other members of the team of that year were as follows:- John Zidell, August Quering, John Lang, Leo Jaskolski, Brownie Topoleski, Robert Marcus, Stanley Sieminski, Ben Sherman, Dr. Hodgson, Andy Edding, Adam Murawski, Joseph Kuzio, Frank Willard, Leo Crawley, Spike Pforsich, Dewey Lerie, Walter Boor, B. J. Kalina, Stanley Sydeski, C. Leibel, J. Petras, and Sox Reed.
Every year the Odds were considered contenders to Championship calibre and were a threat to all District teams. They are well known along the Monongahela and Pittsburgh District and as far as Akron, Freemont, Warren and Weirton. The brand of competition has generally been called, by the sports writers, as "Sandlot" but, the Odds, in all these years has put on an exhibition of offensive and defensive football that was worthy of some of the teams today playing in the professional leagues.
The Club, today, can look back at a record of accomplishments. It has had tough oppositions, financial set-backs, equipment shortages, other teams being formed to dominate, they fielded a team during the two World Wars but had withstood all these bumps and kept moving along with true sportsman spirit.
It has one of the finest Service Flags ever seen, dotted with more than 117 stars, representing both World Wars, with each individuals name listed across the star. This is one of the Odds proudest possessions. As it is the only service flag of its kind and permission had to be secured from the War Department for its manufacture.
It has a notable list of outstanding personalities who at one time played with the Odds - such as:- Judge S. A. Weiss, Judge John P. Egan, Dr. Leo Pokerr, Dr. W. Hodgson, Dr. C. Storer, J. T. Witkowski and Joseph Piekut.
As aforementioned, the Odds were organized by Vince Jaskolski who coached while Joseph Pazick managed the team. It also fielded a team during the first World War.
In 1922, the Odds were managed by Dr. Leo Pokerr and John Siudela. During these years a champion calibre team was being developed. In 1925, they were undefeated during the regular season and met the Twenty-Seventh Ward Traders for the Championship of Western Pennsylvania. The first game ending in a tie, while the second was won by the Traders 13 to 3. A trophy was presented to the Odds by Mr. Patrick Morrissey, who owned and operated the only Garrick Theater on Glassport and today resides in New York. This trophy will be displayed at the Banquet. The players of that year were:- Joseph Witkowski, Clarence Urbanski, Judge Weiss, Lawrence (Rixey) Tacik, Charles Zeleznik, Norman Quinn, David Herlehy, Barney Morrow, John Stinner, Stanley Ejchost, John Czuba, Mike Black, S. Dudley, Fred George, Stanley Vazinik, Edward Price, Steve Bill, Brownie (Rupp) Pasinski, Dr. Storer, Butch Stulginski, Dad Kapczyk, Judy Martis, F. Quinn, John Sydeski and M. Hawaii.
In the same year, the following were picked on the All-Western Independent Team:- Judge Weiss, Quarterback; Captain Joseph Witkowski, Tackle; and Dr. C. Storer. While Lawrence Tacik, Stanley Vazinik, Stanley Sydeski, clarence Urbanski, Brownie Pasinski and the late Fritz Quinn received honorable mentions.
From 1930 to 1933 the team was coached by Charles Zeleznik and Robert Pokerr and managed by Mike Shyosky.
In 1933 to '36, Joseph Piekut handled the coaching position while Mike Shyosky and Nick Siudela managed the team. In 1935, the Odds won the Allegheny County League Championship. During these years the Odds were composed of:- Joseph Ejchost, Ben Pomocki, Willow Zeleznik, Frank Topoleski, Nooky Sherman, Nick siudela, Edwin Pater, Joseph Saffa, Steve Zurenda, Peter Zeleznik, Robert Pater, Frank Ross and William Schmidt.
Then in 1937, the team was coached by Steve Zurenda and Joe "Lefty" Ejchost and was managed by Kazimer Piekut and nick siudela. Several lean years were encountered both financially and in the win column.
In 1938, the team took on a younger element with Stanley Winkler handling the team with the aid of Joseph Trunzo, who was player manager, then stepping in as manager after the former resigned.
For seven years, from 1939 to 1946, Steve Zurenda bacame sole coach and Joseph Trunzo managed the club. In 1940 and '41 were the most formidable teams. Prior to that time lack of interest by the townspeople and poor equipment almost caused the team to disband but by earnest efforts of Zurenda and Trunzo along with the financial aid of Mr. Joseph Witkowski, the team kept together. From then on, the team again began to hit the spotlight.
Despite the loss of many players, who were called to the service, the Odds had another successful year in 1942. winning 9 and losing 2 games and battling the strong Stowe-Rox Cadets to a scoreless deadlock.
Then in 1943, the entire squad of 22 players were inducted into the service before the football season. Undaunted, the team kept going with one of the youngest teams to represent the Odds on the gridiron and the Glassporters had another of their successful seasons winning 6 games, tying 1 game and losing 1 and that to the former college star aggregation -- the Army Engineers of Carnegie Tech.
Coach Zurenda was faced with the same situation for the third straight year , when all but five of his 1943 squad were inducted. However, enough players were rounded up to have a team and keep the Odds continuous representation on the gridiron unbroken. In the next three years, the Odds were representatives of the honus Wagner Conference and proved themselves an asset not only to the league but the townsfolk as well.
In 1947, the Odds merged, taking under its wing an infant of one season, the Semi-Pros of Glassport. The team was managed by Pete Frobuck and coached by Andrew Jakomas, Steve Zurenda and Kalsovich.
While in 1948, the past year, the team was coached by Lawrence (Rixey) Tacik and Reggie Pater and was managed by Clarence Urbanski and Julius Slafka. The team was represented in the Daily News South-Western conference and against the more experienced college teams has proven itself worthwhile of any honors given out on the gridiron.
During all these years, the Odds had played such outstanding clubs as:- McKeesport Olympics, Twenty-Seventh Ward Traders, Brownsville Semi-Pros, Christy Park, Clairton Indians, Port Vue Quackers, Freemont Pros, Akron Awnings, Carrick Eagles, Lawrenceville Mohawks, Majestics Radio, Millvale Amicis, Pitcairn Mohawks, Moundsville Independents, Bessemer Conquers, Washington Generals, Warren Red Jackets, Weirton Pros, Greensburg Ludwigs, Bradley Eagles, McKees Rocks Cadets, Burnes AA of New Kensington, Dravosburg Amity AA's, East Pittsburgh Firemen, Duquesne Indians, Monessen Ravens, Monongahela, Vesta-Burg and Masontown.
So for reasons and records aforementioned it is no wonder that homage should be paid by all true sports loving townsfilks to a club which has been self sustaining for thirty-five years of continuous sport activities and brought credit and honor to the town.
Every year the team sponsored a "Home-Coming Day" and one celebrity who had never missed the Odds Day was Judge John P. Egan, who received his first experience in officiating the local Sandlot games.
Andrew Slafka
N. G. Siudela

Letter Dated December 20, 1948

Miss Rule, Glassport News Editor
The McKeesport Daily News
McKeesport, Pa.
Dear Editor:-
Judge S. A. Weiss and Judge John P. Egan, both jurists of the common Pleas Court, gave principle talks at the Odds Club banquet held on Saturday at Mazur's Hotel in which twelve Glassport High School Seniors of the Football squad and thirty members of the Odds 1948 footbal team and staff were honored and received sweaters from the club.
Over 250 Odd members and guests were present at the banquet to help in their little way to pay honor to a grand group of boys and sports.
Both Jurists, in their talk, congratulated the Odds Club for their spirit and foresight in honoring these boys, More so, the younger boys, the seniors of Glassport High School who will graduate this coming summer. The sweaters, Judge Egan said, were not given to you boys tonight for winning all the games or being champions; because in my book you're champs all the time even if you lose all the games, but with appreciation from the Odds Club who are trying to instill in your minds a thought of leading a clean life and getting a good start. You, the Judge continued, are all young, energetic and full of spirit and life, he urged the boys to go to college after graduating or take up a course in which you will progress in the world and become gentlemen and true sportsmen; so that you know what the word "respect" means and practice it and become a credit to society and the community. He elaborated on Juvenile Delinquency and mentioned a few cases which came before him of young boys and with grave sorrow had to place these young men away from society in order to protect others from meeting the same fate.
He further commended, the Odds Club, for honoring you boys tonight, and in this way gave you a chance to progress along the right track in life, and not waited until school closed and you graduated because then it might-have-been too late. He advised them to take heed of the previous speaker's (Judge Weiss) offer, of sending boys to college, and captalize on it. Go to college or business school, study and work hard and make something of yourselves.
He urged every young and old person should join such an organization as the Odds Club and, in each individual's little way, not only in sports but in other phases of life, can help along the progress of promoting better understanding and love between people because only through such an organization as this one, and I can see the faces of all these gentlemen seated here tonight, that true sportsmanship prevails and only by such fine gestures as displayed here tonight will the people and the community benefit.
Judge Weiss elaborated on the sports angle and experiences of clean sportsmanship. He offered to help any boy through school who is willing and shows his earnestness in learning and becoming a professional man. His first experience which helped him along in his Law Practice School was at Mr. Leo Sherman's home. That's where the Odds organized and true sportsmanship always prevailed and we often held "Kangaroo Courts". He closed by urging each boy to decide on a profession now, before school closes, fufill that decision and become a credit to society.
Other speakers were Joseph T. Witkowski, Tax Collector of the Borough; Roy hickes, Glassport High School Principal, who gave the boys a warning by stating that the letter "G" displayed on the sweaters also stands for "Gentlemen" and on behalf of the boys thanked the Odds Club for their thought in honoring the High School boys and for the sweaters; Vince McKeeta, High School football Coach; Clarence Urbanski, President of the Odds Club; Charles Zeleznik, Secretary; John Trunzo, Treasurer; Lawrence (Rixey) Tacik, and Regis Pater, coaches; Julius Slafka, Business Manager; Joseph Zeleznik, Chairman of the Affair; Roy Quinn, Manager of the 1925 Championship Team; and, Robert Shaw, Burgess, who was Toastmaster for the evening.
The 1948 Odds football team members who received sweaters were: - John Krol, Jr., Felix Zyra, Stanley Kaska, Joseph Kuzio Jr., Clement Zyra, Andrew Kurta, Pete Milkovich, Charles Mihalko, Mike Popp, john Popp, John Sauers Mihalczyk (JOHN "SOURS" MEHALCIK), Robert Tudek, Calvin Brooks, Dan Natalie, Allen Kuffner, Stanley Barry Tyszkiewicz, Joe Jenkins, Joseph Franks, Coaches Lawrence Tacik and Regis Pater, Managers Clarence Urbanski and Julius Slafka and Thomas Anuszkiewicz, Trainer.
The High School Seniors who were honored guests and received sweaters from the Odds Club were:- Richard Petrulak, Henry Nero, Kenneth Jones, William Bell - Manager, Matthew Rozanski, Robert Dudley, James Jefferson, Walter Cross, James Murray, Theodore Hilko, Roman Tudek and James Andresky.
Judge Weiss also honored members of the Odds Club with a "CERTIFICATE OF HONOR" in recognition of true sportsmanship and past achievements in helping progress the sports of the Community. Those receiving the Certificate were Lawrence (Rixey) Tacik, Stephen Zurenda, and Regis Pater.
Movies of the Odds games with the Monessen Ravens and the Weirton Pros were shown by Joseph Zeleznik who also took these pictures. He also showed the movies of games of the outstanding colleges in the country.
The Odds Service Flag and the Trophy were on display at the Banquet. Tribute was paid to all deceased members of the Odds Club.
N. G. Siudela
Andrew Slafka

Note: Notations in red are not part of the original information but have been provided by others as "corrections".

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