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Abbot Herbert L mill worker 325 N Monongahela
Alexander Jennie 716 N Monongahela
Alexander Robert H mill worker 716 N Monongahela
Alles Frederick W mill worker 319 N Monongahela
Altmiller William E shipping clerk National Tube Co 412 N Monongahela
Angela Lewis miner 54 Vermont
Arnowitz Max grocer 204 N Monongahela McKeesport PA
Beluscak John mill worker 6 Erie
Beluscak Joseph mill worker 2 Erie
Bernat Michael laborer 224 Fairview
Blose Laurence H denist McKeesport 404 N Monongahela
Bond Richard laborer 56 Erie
Bondman Percy mill worker 4 Erie
Brenell Lewis mill worker 11 Erie
Brooks Ernest chauffer W A Cornelius 411 Harrison
Bushart Frederick C mill worker 405 Harrison
Calder Elizabeth 325 N Monongahela
Caldwell Ralph N railroader 608 N Monongahela
Callahan Alice J 600 N Monongahela
Callahan James G machinist 600 N Monongahela
Callahan John T engineer McKeesport Connecting RR 600 N Monongahela
Callahan Lawrence yardmaster P&LE RR 600 N Monongahela
Callahan Margaret B 600 N Monongahela
Callahan Mary A 600 N Monongahela widow John
Carter William railroader 50 Vermont
Caughey Anna B 306 N Monongahela
Caughey Mattie 306 N Monongahela
Certelle Emido mill worker 8 Erie
Childers George W foreman 210 N Monongahela
Clark Harry M secretary-treasurer McKeesport Tin Plate Co 508 N Monongahela
Clarke William machinist 211 Arch
Cochenour John J mill worker 204 Marie
Connors Julia 319 N Monongahela widow Timothy
Craiz Joseph A mill worker 412 N Monongahela
Cruthers Edna G teacher Glassport Schools 224 N Monongahela
Cruthers Edward E conductor P&LE RR 224 N Monongahela
Curtin William J superintendent PRR Co 224 N Monongahela
Dasmol Frank mill worker 19 Erie
Davis Charles C foreman P&LE RR 212 Arch
Davis Ida E 309 N Monongahela
Decemon Frank 54 Vermont
Dejack George mill worker 8 Erie
Dorsic mill worker 58 Erie
Dungue George mill worker 209 Harrison rear
Edmundson Clem 766 N Monongahela
Edmundson Marion M lawyer 764 N Monongahela
Fife Walter P clerk 400 N Monongahela
Fife William G mill worker 400 N Monongahela
Finley Margaret E 522 N Monongahela
Finley Thomas E lawyer McKeesport 522 N Monongahela
Fischer Frederick J mill worker 204 Marie
Forsythe Colin mill worker 218 N Monongahela
Forsythe Grace telephone operator 218 N Monongahela
Forsythe Mary 218 N Monongahela
Forsythe Nellie telephone operator 218 N Monongahela
Forsythe Sara 218 N Monongahela widow Colin
Fraas Christopher grocer Glassport 704 N Monongahela
Frantz Mary Frantz&Jeffries McKeesport 413 N Monongahela
Furst Carl mill worker 216 Marie
Furst Samuel mill worker 216 Marie
Furst William H mill worker 216 Marie
George Joseph mill worker 48 Vermont
Gibbons Gertrude telephone operator 28 Vermont
Gibbons Michael E mill worker 28 Vermont
Griffin Harry C 231 N Monongahela
Griffin Hezekiah C clerk McKeesport Connecting RR 229 N Monongahela
Griffin Vite E real estate agent Real Estate Agency Glassport 229 N Monongahela
Groft Don A radiator repairman McKeesport 210 N Monongahela
Hammel James R tin worker 310 N Monongahela
Hardy J Elmer railroader 303 N Monongahela
Harper Daniel laborer 32 Vermont
Harper Miller F laborer 401 Harrison
Harris James railroader 28 Vermont
Hartman Charles N treasurer Hartman Hardware Co McK 225 N Monongahela
Hester Catherine 206 N Monongahela widow John
Hewitt Eva R stenographer 309 N Monongahela
Hewitt James salesman 309 N Monongahela
Hewitt James R salesman 309 N Monongahela
Hickey Philip mill worker 226 N Monongahela
Hickey William L railroader 28 Vermont
Hoak James G laborer 419 N Monongahela
Hoak John W laborer 419 N Monongahela
Hoak Thomas J laborer 419 N Monongahela
Holroyd John A mill worker 409 N Monongahela
Horton Martha cook 209 Marie
Hunt Caroline T teacher Glassport Schools 216 N Monongahela
Hunt Henry H mill worker 216 N Monongahela
Huntey John mill worker 12 Erie
Jeffries Marion L switchman National Tube Works 413 N Monongahela
Joyce Edward 408 N Monongahela
Joyce Edward F repairman 408 N Monongahela
Joyce John J conductor PRR Co 408 N Monongahela
Judy Raymond R plumber 604 N Monongahela
Judy Walter I brakeman P&LE RR 604 N Monongahela
Kashner Charles A pattern maker 305 N Monongahela
Kashner Harry W apprentice 305 N Monongahela
Keim Henry J mill worker 407 Harrison
Keim John W foreman National Tube Works 407 Harrison
Keim Walter 407 Harrison
Kennedy Harry B engineer 406 N Monongahela
Kidd Baldwin moulder 407 Harrison
Kidd Clay laborer 409 Harrison
Knauss Nellie J clerk Westinghouse 301 N Monongahela
Knauss William J 301 N Monongahela
Kurth Elek laborer 15 Erie
Kurtzrock Robert mill worker 214 Arch
Labon John mill worker 3 Erie
Lartene Alfred mill worker 1 Erie
Leech Mary 421 N Monongahela widow George
Lees James 209 N Monongahela
Lehman Edward A mill worker 323 N Monongahela
Lewis Edgar P carpenter 201 N Monongahela
Lidstone George H bookkeeper McKeesport Tin Plate Co 214 N Monongahela
Little Irene M 401 N Monongahela
Little John C Enterprise Laundry McK 401 N Monongahela
Lynch John laborer 403 Harrison
McClure James H lawyer McKeesport 226 N Monongahela
McDermott Philip brakeman 408 N Monongahela
McGee Homer H ammonia stillman 766 N Monongahela
McMullen Alice stenographer 24 Vermont
McMullen Edward mill worker 24 Vermont
McMullen Edward Jr mill worker 24 Vermont
McMullen Elizabeth clerk Post Office Glassport 24 Vermont
McShane Edward heater Marie nr Reed
McShane Frank mill worker Marie nr Reed
Mailey Edward F chief clerk Hoop Mill 421 N Monongahela
Malleck George mill worker 13 Erie
Manual John laborer 4 Erie
Margison Emery laborer 226 Fairview
Massie Tillie mill worker 410 Arch
Morgan Charles W heater 315 N Monongahela
Murphy William railroader 50 Vermont
Nagel Anna clerk 201 N Monongahela
Nagel Nellie clerk 201 N Monongahela
Nichols George R clerk 766 N Monongahela
Nicol John F consulting engineer 228 N Monongahela
Parkins Henrietta teacher Glassport Schools 215 Arch
Parkins Henrietta 215 Arch widow Robert
Pastor George mill worker 322 Marie
Pelot Joseph mill worker 7 Erie
Potaman Andrew mill worker 9 Erie
Potaman Veronica glass worker 9 Erie
Rajnik John laborer 212 Fairview
Rajnik Belle F laborer 522 N Monongahela widow Robert A
Renzie Albert N foreman 10 Erie
Riley Ruth M clerk 215 Harrison
Rock D F mill worker 52 Vermont
Rusnic Joseph mill worker 17 Erie
Ryavik Michael repairman 226 Fairview
Schmidt Frank river pilot 209 Marie
Selmon Charles E electrician 300 Marie
Senn Steven mill worker 1 Erie
Shaffer Joseph L Shaffer Electric Co McK 321 N Monongahela
Sharick John laborer 224 Fairview
Shaw Albert mill worker 311 Harrison
Shaw George D mill worker 311 Harrison
Shaw Mary A 311 Harrison widow William
Sheffey Samuel mill worker 410 Arch
Shelton James laborer 408 Arch
Shelton James Jr laborer 408 Arch
Smith John R mill worker 322 Marie
Sobatian Xiovanpino steel worker 14 Erie
Sowden William J autos 327 N Monongahela
Stevens Joseph dispatcher Pittsburgh Railways Co 201 N Monongahela
Stewart Eva V stenographer 500 N Monongahela
Stewart William roller 500 N Monongahela
Stimmer Bessie bookkeeper 210 Arch
Stimmer Jennie clerk 210 Arch
Stimmer John A laborer 210 Arch
Stimmer Stanley mill worker 210 Arch
Stimmer William pipe fitter B&O 210 Arch
Sword James A C clerk 300 N Monongahela
Tasso Analdo steel worker 14 Erie
Thorngate Harry J US Army 307 N Monongahela
Thorngate Laura Mrs 307 N Monongahela
Thropp Robert mill worker Vermont nr Harrison
Vernie Tony laborer 5 Erie
Vincent Reed promoter 512 N Monongahela
Vincent Robert B clerk National Tube Works 512 N Monongahela
Vincent Samuel M promoter 512 N Monongahela
Walton Mary B 226 N Monongahela widow William
Walton Nancy clerk P&LE RR Pittsburgh 226 N Monongahela
Warner Elizabeth Mrs 315 N Monongahela
Werner Norril J conductor PRR 516 N Monongahela
Wheeler Lucille clerk Nugents Department Store 403 Harrison
Williams Odea operator Pittsburgh Coke & Coal Co 307 N Monongahela
Wilson Boyd B building contractor 201 N Monongahela
Wilson J William carpenter 219 Marie
Wilson Logan laborer 32 Vermont
Wooden William H machinist 211 Harrison