Automate UPS Shipping/Tracking/Billing  Procedures

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Proven Methods that Reduce Typing

  1. Enter your invoice number, order number or customer number to display the consignee's address. This eliminates typing new
    consignees into the UPS WorldShip software. (UPS Online Connect)

    1. WorldShip can use ODBC  to read your order entry file to display the ship to addresses.
      1. ODBC - Open Database Connectivity is a widely accepted application programming interface (API) for database access.
      2. File formats include .TXT, .CSV, .MDB, SQL, even Fixed Width Files.
      3. Use the translator to interpret unmatched fields
      4. Over 100 fields can be imported, only five fields are required. View the fields

    2. Use BAR-CODES to scan Customer ID numbers or invoice numbers.
      1. Bar-coding Customer ID's in an Excel Spreadsheet is easy and cost nothing.
      2. Many accounting programs now can print barcodes on Pick-and-pack slips.

    3. Print all Shipping Labels Automatically with (IMPORTED BATCH MODE or DISTRIBUTION LISTS)
      1. WorldShip uses ODBC  to read your shipping file that contains the consignees names and address you want instant labels for.   Example:
      2. Your have 600 labels to print,
      3. Printing one label at a time takes: (30 seconds each = 5 hour of labor)
      4. Print labels using a BATCH (file) takes: (5 seconds each = 50 minutes printing, 5 minutes of labor)
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Methods that Improve Tracking Capabilities

  1. Track a package by an invoice number or order number. This greatly improves the process of responding to a customers inquire. All your shipping personnel have to do is enter an invoice number or order number in the (Reference 1 or Reference 2) field of WorldShip:

    1. All your employee's can track  packages while a customer is on the phone.
      1. No need to call the Shipping Department for a tracking number.
      2. No need to  key-enter an 18 digit tracking number when you can track by your order/invoice number using WWW.UPS.COM. Track by Reference Number
      3. View a proof of delivery with the signature of the consignee UPS Online Store sample

    2. Would Customer Service benefit from searching a shipping history file?
      1. UPS Online WorldShip can export just the fields you want employee's to view.

    3. What about an e-mail sent automatically to your customer when their package is sent?
      1. UPS Ship Notification provides tracking information... see an Example

    4. Let your customers track their shipments right from your Web site using your own reference or order number
      1. See how UPS Online Tools can benefit your company and customers UPS Online Tools

  2. Can't locate packages after they arrive? Use Trackpad   to track internal packages/letters or any delivered item.

    1. Trackpad Pic & LinkTrackpad Hand-held computer to capture data.
    2. Obtain internal Signatures  upon delivery to each department.
    3. Search for packges delivered by name, department or by tracking number.
    4. No more, hand written logs of Tracking numbers.
    5. No more, being accused of loosing a package that was delivered.
    6. Drastically improve {Mailroom Productivity}.
    7. Send e-mail's to Consignee's that their package has arrived.
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