Joanne Brady

Joanne Brady

Hockessin , Delaware

International Instructor/Choreographer


No matter where she teaches, Joanne Brady is remembered for her instruction, her humor and her infectious energy!  While passing her class, you’ll probably hear, “Yes, Joanne!” coming from the mouths of eager, enthusiastic students;  so, it’s no wonder Joanne has earned herself a star in the dance instructors’ hall of fame!  She has been nominated for numerous awards and has had many of her dances published in magazines around the world.  She recently won two (2) prestigious awards at the first Dancer’s Choice Awards in Las Vegas , 2005.  Joanne was nominated and WON both the Female Instructor of the Year and Female Personality of the Year awards. This was a humbling experience for Joanne mostly because all the votes were from the “Dancers”, in Joanne’s opinion, the glue that holds the dance community together.


Joanne began teaching 13 years ago, after taking private lessons. She recruited dancers for a weekly TV show “The Country Video Dance Show” in Wilmington , DE and the rest is history!  She has choreographed countless dances and has traveled, extensively, throughout the world.  She says her most interesting places to teach have been Wales , Scotland , Australia , and at the Millennium Dome in England for 27,000 people where 5,000 of them were dancers!  Even with all her traveling, Joanne still has time to teach 6 classes a week in Delaware . Two of those classes being geared toward “Active Adults” in local senior centers and beginners. 


Joanne is now retired (from the daily work force) but worked for 16 years teaching moderately to severely handicapped students and worked another 18 years as an administrative secretary in school transportation.  Joanne says she is an avid reader (but mostly in airports) as she spends much of her time, now, traveling to teach and judge.  Don’t miss taking a class from this comedic dynamo!  You’ll be glad you did! 

You can reach Joanne at:; email: or phone (302) 239-5914.

Line dancing is a million miles away from her previous jobs.  Joanne taught Special Education to handicapped and disabled children for sixteen years as well as being involved in Delaware Special Olympics for over 10 years.  Joanne is also an accomplished musician who plays several instruments and at one point in her life, gave private instrumental music lessons to children.


As parents will know, getting two children out of the house in the morning on time is a nightmare.  After leaving her classroom position Joanne moved into a secretarial position in the school district’s transportation department.  She had the onerous task of coordinating some 16,000 student’s bus routes to and from school.  She retired from the state of Delaware in August 1999 after 28 years of service.  She then proceeded to work part time for a school district in Maryland, retiring totally in Oct. 2003 to travel and teach.


Joanne has choreographed more then 15 dances, many of which have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world.  But Jo is best known as a “teacher”.    She will be the first to admit that she enjoys and thrives on teaching much more then choreographing.  She enjoys giving beginners and seniors the benefit of her knowledge and her philosophy is very simple….She believes that line dancing should, ultimately, be a FUN, leisure activity.  “If it becomes too intense then people drift away and find something else to do” she wisely observes.  If it becomes too serious “it frightens off the beginner; the very people who will keep the dance community alive…might scurry back to their seats and never be seen again.”


When the opportunity to work with Scooter Lee came along, Jo was worried about her husband’s reaction to her being away from home; however; he was and still is very supportive.  “I’ve been married to Bob for 26 years.  I adore him; he’s simply the best.  He’s not a dancer but travels with me when he can in the US, Canada and abroad.  We didn’t have any children but I have a 16-year-old nephew and a 14-year-old niece that I adore and sometimes dote on like they were my own.”


Joanne Brady makes a positive impression on everyone she meets.  Her teaching is always full of humor and she is never too busy to talk and spend time with the dancers.  When Scooter Lee first met Joanne she told her “You possess a great gift which you have no idea you have.”  Prophetic words indeed. 

Line dancers who have had the good fortune to meet and learn with Joanne Brady know that Scooter is right!