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For all who would like to work as an official with Gopher State, call, fax or write to:

Darrell "Bozo" Wincek
6307 61st Ave N
Crystal MN 55428

Board of Directors
Tony Dooher - Steve Makowske - Tim Litfin
George Winn - Clark Worthington - Greg Swan
President: Mike Madden
Secretary/Treasurer: Darrell "Bozo" Wincek
Legal Advisor: Paul Nesvig


Bozo and Mike

with Gopher State's

Award of Excellence from the MSHSL 2014


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 Baseball and Softball Umpire Fees 2014

           Last/Latest newsletter - January Letter for Baseball & Softball 2014
          School Contacts  
  W-9 form for Minneapolis City Conference 
 Template for Officials Generic ID Card  2010 (.pdf)


        Most Misunderstood Basketball Rules
  Baseball and Softball

                  Umpire Line-Up Card management - Softball  (pdf version)

          Umpire Line-Up Card management - Softball (PowerPoint version)

                Approved Composite Baseball Bats 2010-11 

                 Umpire Application form for new Umpires - Baseball - Softball

          Umpire Information form for returning Umpires - Baseball - Softball 2014

                Template for Officials Umpire ID Card   (.pdf)

                 Umpire Signals - Baseball and Softball National Federation  

         Illegal Softball Pitches - Softball 2012

         Illegal Softball Pitches - Softball 2011

         Baseball Balks Federation Rules 

          Softball - Three Umpire System

          Softball-Two Umpire System - Starting in the Slot

          Baseball - Three Umpire System

          Baseball - Two Umpire System

           Umpire Basic Communications - Pre-game

          Umpire Common Misconceptions in Softball

          Umpire Common Misconceptions in Baseball

The following templates are Microsoft Word files. Right click on one and choose to Save Target As... You will now have saved the template to your own computer, to modify in any way you choose; add names, print cards, etc.

                       Template for Officials Umpire ID Card   (.doc)


Membership - see Gopher State Officials under the Documents tab on Got Officials 

The well dressed football official  Updated 2011

Mentor Program for Basketball

Mentor Newsletter 

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How Gopher Started

Don't forget to register with the High School League before June 15th 2014!

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