Quick Junior 15g Actuator Plane

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This is a page for the Quick Junior plane I built to test the E-Tec 90mAh cell in actual flying conditions. The plane currently weighs 15g. Wings are Bob Selman 3.5" chord foam wings, 12.5" span. Tail is 2mm Depron sanded down to 1mm. Fuselage is 1.3mm CF tube from Dave Lewis. Propulsion is a Didel 6x12mm 4.5 ohm pager geared 6.7:1 with a 4.8x3.1 CF prop. Actuators are Bob Selman MiniAct. Radio can be any integrated RX for actuators such as the JMP Combo, DU RFFS-100, or the Coural RX. Currently I have an RFFS-100 in the plane.

At present the plane is being reconstructed with no dihedral, a shorter pylon, and ailerons. Control will be via a JMP Combo receiver with the 4th channel add-on board. It has not flown yet. More details to come ...

A construction article and plans will be in the December 2003 Inside Story column on the Ezone. I'll include a link when the column comes out.


Todd Woodhouse, who hails from near Anchorage Alaska, built a Quick Junior almost exactly according to the plans. It came in at 14.8g. He used sewn hinges and pull-pull rudder. He made his own ball bearing gearbox. He also made his first CF prop from the CF prop molding kit from Bob Selman Designs for this plane. Nice work Todd!

John Stennard in the UK, and RCMF and QEFI contributor, has built a Quick Junior and is experimenting with different wings and motors. First up was a built up covered wing. Currently it has the Didel 4.5 ohm pager in the new Falcon gearbox and the Selman foam wings.

Billy Stiltner, who drew the plans for the Quick Junior, was the first to make one. His is made from contest grade balsa and weighs a bit more for the airframe. However, he used ~0.5g actuators and a lighter receiver. So, all up weight for his plane ended up coming in at 13.2g. He's also using the Didel 4.5 ohm pager motor. He colored on a nice flame job with marking pens.
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