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Welcome everyone! Here you will find links to individual class websites that contain assignments descriptions and summaries of what we did in class. What you will NOT find here, of course, is class notes -- you will have to obtain those from friends in case you were absent. Most handouts will be posted unless otherwise stated.

TEACHEREASE - TeacherEase is our online gradebook.

Link to TeacherEase

FOLDIT - Foldit is a protein folding game that can contribute to our knowledge of how proteins fold. Visit the Foldit homepage.

STUYVESANT CHEMISTRY PRE-LABS - For some Chemistry labs I will assign a pre-lab assignment so you aren't completely lost when you come into lab. Stuy Chemistry Labs

WRITING A FORMAL LAB REPORT - My old professor in college, D. Mowshowitz, wrote some pointers on how to structure a lab report. Reminder that you do not need to do background research nor do you need to have a "references" section for your reports. How to Write a Lab Report