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Dain Bramage formed in December 1985 out of the remains of the band Mission Impossible but the roots of the band go back further than that. In 1984 David Smith was playing drums in a band called Freak Baby when the band decided to add a second guitarist - enter Dave Grohl, who had recently met Freak Baby bassist Brian Samuels at a local show. Freak Baby rehearsed with Dave G. and liked how everything was sounding, so they went into the original Laundry Room Studio that Fall and recorded a demo with David Smith on drums, Dave Grohl on guitar, Bryant Mason on guitar, Brian Samuels on bass and Chris Page on vocals.

This lineup lasted about 6 months, when one day as rehearsal was wrapping up Dave G. asked if he could play drums. David S. grabbed the bass (he was really a bass player, but by virtue of owning a drum kit got the job on the skins) and Bryant and Chris joined in (Brian had already gone home). The four guys were really happy with the way things went and reformed as the four piece know as Mission Impossible. The new lineup was a vast improvement, and they began playing more shows. Mission Impossible went into Laundry Room studios and re-recorded some of the Freak Baby songs and recorded some new tracks. Soon after they recorded this demo, they hooked up with the guys from the DC band Lunch Meat. They ended up playing some shows together and hung out in DC a lot. Eventually they would go on to release a Lunch Meat/Mission Impossible 7" on Dischord Records.

Mission Impossible continued up until Bryant and Chris graduated from high school and headed off to college. At this point Reuben Radding entered the scene in the infamous first jam in Dave G.'s living room in Springfield, VA. After that first jam they had 6 or 7 songs together (Reuben just improvised vocals). The rest is history.

Dain Bramage ended in March 1987 when Dave G. quit without any warning to join Scream. Reuben and David S. tried to form a new band but in the words of Reuben "...after you've spent a couple years with Dave Grohl as your drummer it's easy to feel like no other drummer exists". Dain Bramage was no more.

Meanwhile, Reuben's writing was getting more complex and strange, and he began jamming with an already-formed unit that included former Samhain drummer London May. That project eventually dissolved and London moved to L.A. but before he left, Reuben, David S. and London did record some of Reuben's material. Those songs were never released, however. Later in 1987, David S. moved to New York City and played in a few bands like Fun House and Carey's Problem (Carey's Problem released one LP/CD). Reuben eventually followed David S. to New York City in 1988 and started playing acoustic bass in groups like Myth Science and Refuseniks. Dave Grohl's musical path had him drumming for Scream and Nirvana, finally winding up playing guitar (among other things) in the Foo Fighters. I'll leave the rabid Grohl fans to chronicle all the smaller parts of his life and times...

In 1991 David S. moved west to Eugene, Oregon to attend the U of O and go deeper into environmental work. Busy with school and exploring the Oregon wilds, he stopped playing music for about a year and a half, but then played in an unamed project for about 6 months (they played at Max's in Eugene, once.) After completing his degree, David S stayed in Eugene and joined up with an improvisational collaboration of musicians known as the "Sunday Brunch Breakdown." SBB played at many parties in Eugene, but eventualy 'brokedown' when the members of the band began leaving Eugene. David S has since moved to Seattle, Washington and is playing bass regularly. Reuben worked with a variety of musicians in NYC but also moved west in August 1996. He too eventually wound up in Seattle. Dave Grohl used to call Seattle home, but now lives in LA.

Reunion? Well, the guys do try and get together whenever they are all in town together...Who knows what lies in the future!

Over time I will be adding more to the page. I'm also hoping to contact any other Dain Bramage fans out there. Feel free to pass any stories, corrections or other information along to me.

I want to take this time to thank David Smith and Reuben Radding for offering their help and support for this page. We are working together and will continue to add as much as possible in the future.

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