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Eagles:  Training Camp is Underway!!!

Flyers: Nice Run, Guys!!

76ers:  Good Run, Guys!  

Phillies: 7/26: Phil: 5 Marlins: 10  

               Next Game: @ FLA 7/27 1:35p

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CastleCon 16: July 4-6, 2003

Shore Leave 25: July 11-13, 2003

GenCon: July 24-27, 2003

FANEX 17: Aug. 1-3, 2003

Otakon: Aug 8-10, 2003

Star Trek: Aug 8-10, 2003

Horrorfind Weekend: Aug 15-17, 2003

T-Mode 2003: Aug. 15-16, 2003

TCEP 10: TCEP X Machina: Aug 29-Sept. 1, 2003

SPX 2003: Sept. 5-7, 2003

Baltimore Comic-Con: Sept. 20- 21, 2003

Gamefest-Richmond: Sept. 19-21, 2003


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Welcome to the wild, wacky, and sometimes weird world of the GrayMouse Inn!  Allow us to introduce ourselves! I am Grayhawk, and along with my wife, Mouse, I run this waystation for the weary web traveler. Watch where you step, our children (and future proprietors, no doubt) Mouseling and Hawkling are running about!


Contained herein you will find numerous tidbits of interest that we have gathered during our travels throughout the worlds, as well as some that we have arrived at on our own! So sit back, check out the menu, and order up whatever your heart desires!



I have again updated the local convention listing.  Please, support your local cons!  

Still looking for a good website for the Philadelphia Wings (Lacrosse Team)! Anyone got one?  Please let me know.

Thanks to Daphne & Fuzz for turning me towards Movable Type.  If only I had time to implement it! 

For those who care, the list for Frankie's Birthday can be found here!



26 July 2003

Well, I was right.  I didn't leave work until 1 am, and my part-time gig is about 1 hr from home.  Then I had to be back there at 10 am.  So, I never had a chance to update this...thing...yesterday.  

Looking for the latest Friday Five & Saturday Scruples answers?  Scroll down...

So let's start off with some gaming news from White Wolf!  Announced at GenCon today:

Atlanta, GA; July 26, 2003 -- After 12 years of buildup, White Wolf Publishing is bringing its award-winning World of Darkness to a climactic end in an unprecedented series of game supplements and tie-in novels. This is the Time of Judgment.

Read the full press release here.

There's still time to support VillaSantiago in the Blogathon!  Help them help the Prince WIlliam County chapter of the American Red Cross!  

I've mentioned several times recently that you should register for Tad & Craig's Excellent Party 10: TCEP X Machina.  I don't think, however, that I've mentioned exactly *why* you should do so.  

TCEP is billed as a "Relaxicon".  Some conventions have a focus on costumes, literature, science fiction, anime, or what have you.  That's a bit too focused for us.  The idea here is for people to hang out in a hotel for a weekend, relaxing.  Many of the people there relax by playing games.  But there's more you can do.  Read, talk, float in the pool, do puzzles, stand on your head, whatever!  The idea is to relax.  Sure, you could relax at home, but you have to cook, clean, and deal with the general details of your life.  

At TCEP, you get away from all of that.  Leave mundania behind for a long weekend and enjoy yourself.

Besides, we're a pretty cool group of people to hang out with.  At least I think so.  

And now: The Friday Five! (o ick!)

1: If your life were a movie, what would the title be?

"Where Am I Going, And Why Am I In This Handbasket?"

2: What songs would be on the soundtrack?

Not sure, but artists would include Rob Zombie, Jimmy Buffett, Kiss, David Lee Roth, and Huey Lewis & the News.

3: Would it be live-action film or animated?  Why?

Oh...Live action.  It'll be easier to bring out the essential humanity and pathos... (WTF?)

4: Casting: Who would play you, members of your family, friends, etc?

Well, since this is a fantasy, John Candy.  No comment on anyone else.

5: Describe the movie preview/trailer.

Sorry.  No clue whatsoever.  I can't imagine making a movie about my life.

>drum roll< And now...the Saturday Scruples (these have to be easier!)

1: You're on a committee to award a $100,000 prize.  One of the two front runners is a former childhood friend whose career has eclipsed yours.  Do you steer your prize to the other candidate?

No, unless the other candidate is honestly more deserving.  If I had a problem with this childhood friend, then I would have excused myself from the committee as soon as I learned of his participation.  Ergo, I feel that I could remain impartial.

2: Your marriage is under strain.  A friend recommends an illegal drug that expands your love, understanding, and sensuality.  Do you try it?

No, for several reasons.  What good is fake understanding, love and sensuality?  This won't help the marriage...just set it up for a bigger fall.  Another reason is physiological:  Drugs don't have the same effect on me, and their duration is a lot shorter.  

3: A friend gets drunk and confides that a month ago he injured a cyclist and didn't stop.  Do you report your friend?

No, but I encourage him to do the right thing.  OTOH, if directly asked about it, I'm not going to lie either.  

And that, my friends, is that.  If you haven't checked out the new Teen Titans cartoon on Cartoon Network, do so.  It's pretty cool.







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