project unleashed
cuz i like to go fast bitch
project unleashed
cuz i like to go fast bitch

Project Unleashed Mod Guides
     These guides may not include specific data concerning all years of the forth generation v6 camaro/firebird.  Be advised that these are just intended as basic guides and not to be considered as replacements for professional shop manuals nor as a final word/method concerning any of the particular modifications performed in the making of this pictorial guide.   In all cases these guides are either ‘what worked for me’ or in some cases they may be standard and widely accepted v6 f-body community methods-techniques or even ‘famous’ mods that can be found by searching other internet forums/ websites relating to the 3800 L36 V6 F-body.  In either case it is expected that anyone attempting to use any information on this site to modify or repair their vehicle that they already have a strong automotive/mechanical aptitude as many aspects of these guides will be general in nature and in some cases very advanced.  i.e. If you wish to remove your valve covers or throttle body to perform a mod found on this web site you should already have a service manual for your vehicle and the tools required for properly completing the service project.  In other words…you should already have access to the torque specs for your vehicle and know how to use a torque wrench, among other things.   

    The goal here is to put many of the v6 F-body common and also super charger related modifications and related component install ‘self help guides’ on one site.

     Don’t just take my word for it….  Visit my LINKS page for more sources for caring for and modifying your particular Camaro or Firebird.

     Thanks to all those who have helped ‘learn me’ in the ways of the modern Firebird.   Most of the techniques and info regarding the below modifications came from the very helpful and knowledgeable forum members at  and the other tech forums on my links page.  I have also learned a great deal from the personal web pages of other F Body enthusiasts.  YO!  You guys rock!

This section will start with general performance modifications and move into super charger related modifications.

Air Intake:  Go HERE for free smooth air lid mod, custom smooth air bellows and some air intake alternatives.   (1999 + models )

Replace stock 195* thermostat with 180*    HERE

TB Coolant Bypass  (free mod)         HERE

Remove passenger side engine lift bracket    HERE

Upgrade stock rockers with aftermarket high ratio rockers (Intense Racing 3rd GEN 1.9 Aluminum Roller Rockers)    HERE

Replace stock valve springs with aftermarket valve springs     (under construction)

1.9 Ratio Rocker Report  (A review as posted at     HERE

Basic 3800 L36 valvetrain modification info.  What they may not tell you at the 'aftermarket parts store' but things you need to know before you start changing the cam, springs, pushrods, timing chain, etc. and things start to break on you.  (under construction)

Basic L36 Exhaust Overview      HERE

Replace stock exhaust system with LT1 V8 3” system     HERE

Replace Fuel Pump with gas tank still in car     HERE

Gain access to back side of interior fuse panel for electrical connections      HERE

Connect external mp3 player (or satellite radio/DVD player, etc.) to Monsoon Deck       HERE 

Check out “Project Viper” for great guides on Rear End swap, Headers, tuning basics and much more… HERE


Introduction to Widbands and Tuning:
     by Bill “AllTheGoodNamesAreGone”       HERE

HP Tuners: 3800 Tuning Guides by Viper04af     HERE

Basic and Advanced tuning topics and fixes such as:
    Torque Management removal, Fan on/off temps, Shift Points, Rev Limiter, etc. and MUCH MORE  HERE  
(  )

For many other tuning topics, info and fixes you can also check out what the V8 dudes are doing       HERE

Now that you want to learn even more about wideband tuning check out the tutorial videos at LM101.


     This next section regards installing an RKSport/Powerdyne BD11A super charger on a 3.8 L V6 F-body.   The kit used on this subject car was intended for 1995-97 model years and has been adapted for use on a 1999+ model year vehicle.  Much of the following info in these guides is still very relevant to either model of vehicles and is intended as a supplement for the manufacturers instructions, not a replacement.  This section will deal heavily with popularly recommended mods for prepping the car to run forced induction.

Before you start on this project you should study up on the differences between a naturally aspirated engine (NA) and a forced induction (FI) engine.  A great place to start is right here…

Check out their TECH section for many more important topics regarding supercharging your vehicle.

Powerdyne Checklist       HERE

RKSport/Powerdyne supplied parts list:  New or used this is what you should get with your kit.

Have you heard of the MCAANDA instructions?  It’s a great supplement to the, … ahh… um… instructions that come with the RKSport kit.       HERE  

Don’t forget to pick up the grayman addendum while you’re at it.   HERE

Download the RKSport Powerdyne instructions for the 95-98 HERE and the 99-2001+ (?) kits   HERE

Throttle Body PCV bypass     HERE

Colder Spark Plugs – NGK-TR6 info      HERE

The John_D Power Wrap   Reduce belt slippage  HERE
   (Thanks John, you da man.)

Get the belt tight     HERE

Goodyear belt size chart    HERE

Connect to vac lines for FMU and boost gauge, (1999+ w/ straight TB)          HERE

Install electric fuel pressure sender in fuel feed line    HERE                                 
Install mechanical boost gauge, electric fuel pressure gauge and air/fuel gauge in full pillar pod      HERE

ASPRacing Grooved Pulley vs. Smooth Pulley -- check out review      HERE

Convert different year RKSport kits to your year vehicle or for help integrating the stock air box or for custom discharge tubing ideas go                  HERE

Are you missing a Third Mounting Bracket?  If so go    HERE

Installing the Powerdyne on a 2002 v6 F-Body   (temp page)  HERE  

Powerdyne BD11A Maintenance

Replace internal drive belt on Powerdyne BD11A blower unit    HERE

Replace/Overhaul bearings on the BD11A blower unit    HERE