Replace or Upgrade Bearings in the Powerdyne BD11A



Note:  Some people may choose to replace the bearings themselves.  This is not recommended for beginners.  If they are hammered in they could be damaged or they could be seated crooked.  There are more than a few options for bearing replacement and general servicing/overhaul of the Powerdyne by experienced professionals.



Steve (ssms5411) found this info on bearing options if you choose to round up the replacement bearings yourself.  They are from Bearing Works.       760-776-9595


They make the small ceramic bearing #c6202rspk for approx. $48.00 each and the large bearings out of steel, which do not need to be ceramic since they don't see most of the load like the small bearings do. Large bearing part# is 6205zz for approx. $15.00 each.

You can visit the Bearing Works website and check out there catalogue but you will have to call them to place an order.  Keep in mind that this is just the bearings and does not include servicing the Powerdyne.  You will have to do that yourself or find a machine shop that can remove the old ones and press the new ones in.




You can buy a 4 bearing + Kevlar belt kit on ebay for $120.  These are ABEC7 bearings. (Stock Powerdyne bearings are ABEC5)  The ABEC7 bearings are an upgrade over the stock bearings.  There are a couple of people offering similar kits.  One such seller is drswilms2.  Just go to , cars and truck parts, and type in “Powerdyne.”  You will find the Kevlar belt for sale and also this overhaul kit.  He includes instructions for removing/replacing the bearings yourself when you order.  The actual labor rebuilding the Powerdyne superchargers is not difficult, and can be done with hand tools. What is very time consuming is figuring out HOW to do it, and how to prevent damaging your supercharger in the process. This is where my detailed instructions including photos become absolutely invaluable.”



Another Powerdyne service available through ebay mtrmn347sells a similar kit as above for $120 but it can be upgraded to ceramic bearings for an additional $75.  You can also deal with them directly at

They can also rebuild the Powerdyne head units for you.

Complete Powerdyne overhaul service (replace all 4 bearings with SKF bearings and new genuine GATES Kevlar belt includes shipping)..............$350

Powerdyne BD-10 & BD-11 replace / upgrade to BD-11A shaft and impeller..........$545

Powerdyne UPGRADE to gear-driven XB-1A.....$2235 outright.......$1935 w/BD-11A trade-in

Like New/Refurbished Powerdyne BD-11A head unit only..............$1045

Rebuilt Powerdyne BD-11A head unit only..............$745”


     The next company (Thanks for the find MT) is rather unique in that they have an optional service where they shim the Powerdyne impellor so that it performs more efficiently.  Here is some of the literature from


“Our experienced techs will open your Powerdyne up, inspect it, clean it, replace all 4 bearings and the belt, re-assemble it, bench-test it, and return it to you. Our turn-around is fast, most of our customers receive their supercharger within 1 week from the time we receive it.

We use ABEC-7 dust-sealed stainless steel deep-grove bearings (Powerdyne uses an ABEC-5 rated bearing). Our bearings are rated at 7 tons - beyond the workload and more durable than the older OEM Powerdyne ceramic bearings. Because our bearings have tighter tolerances, they whine a bit more than the OEM bearings, but most owners report an increase in blower boost output. We also install a true Gates® Kevlar® belt, making our rebuilds stronger and more durable at a lower price!”  $325.00 + 
$36.00 shipping


928 Motorsports also features their exclusive impellor shimming and venting service.


“Less heat, More Power, and Longer Service Life for only $119.00

     To get more CFM and boost from your Powerdyne, most users will go to a smaller pulley. That works, but it is not the ONLY way to get more performance form your Powerdyne.
     If you use bearings with tighter tolerances (like we do), an experienced technician can carefully shim out the impeller so it is closer to the casing. This reduces blow-by - and more of what air the impeller moves gets pushed out to your motor - just like we want.
     Next - we need to carry away more of the heat from the bearings in the Powerdyne case. They receive no oil from the motor, and can only cool themselves by dissipating heat into the aluminum casing. If they overheat, the lubricating oil breaks down, and the picture below shows the result.
     In our Venting process, we mill and drill your supercharger cover to accept 2 high-quality stainless steel vents - positioned exactly where the internal belt can act like a fan and circulate the air thru the supercharger. Each vent filters the air to 100 microns (to prevent dust and dirt from entering) yet allows more than 60 CFM of cool air to pass over your bearings.
     The vents are highly-corrosion resistant, will never tarnish or yellow, and are designed to handle more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit!

     Venting your Powerdyne is the best way to get longer service between rebuilds - a 928 Motorsports exclusive!”


     We might have a problem with the vents, however.  In the below picture you can see the vent on the right.  It will end up VERY close to the idler pulley when the blower is mounted on the car.  I don’t think any F Body L36 Powerdyne owners have done this mod yet.  Perhaps some more investigation is in order. 


Oh yea…. they also offer IMPELLER RESURFACING: if your impeller has hit the casing, we can resurface the impeller and casing in most cases for $45.00. For more information on this service, CLICK HERE.



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