A Kim Possible Fanfiction
by Greg Fisk (aka "Slyrr")

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Chapter 18:
Or: Control+Alt+Shift

Kim quietly entered Wade's room. She had viewed it so many times from the other end of Wade's webcam, that it seemed strange to find herself standing in real life before the very backdrop she had seen through her Kimmunicator. Wade was silhouetted against his computer monitor, typing quickly. He turned and nodded at her before looking back at his screen. 'So how's the patient?' she said.

Wade brought up several files, spread across three monitor screens. 'Grimm's back to normal as far as I can tell - at least normal for him. None of him is stone anymore - bio readings are all in the green. He's perfectly healthy.'

Kim sniffed and shook her head. 'So he's officially back. That's just great.'

Wade smiled. 'Well, he wasn't really gone all that long. But now that he's back, maybe we can get some more answers. I'm still not clear how he managed to communicate with us as a golem - and there are other questions too.'

'He hasn't spilled?' Kim said. 'It's been nearly a day since we released him from the spells.'

Wade shrugged. 'He said he wasn't ready yet.'

Kim frowned. 'He's had plenty of time to rest up. He even came to classes at school. Once today is over, he's got to start talking.'

Wade looked interested. 'He went to school?' he said. 'How was he?'

Kim sighed.

Kim had attended each of her classes with Grimm following after her. But unlike his first day, when he had been energetic and snarky, today he had seemed more like a zombie. His face remained expressionless, his eyes downcast, as if he no longer cared about what was happening around him. He only seemed distantly active in following her.

This of course had made Bonnie even more interested, but he utterly ignored her while he sat dormant on the bleachers during cheer practice, despite the fact that she was putting on her best moves. Later at Club Banana, he was so silent and still during Kim's shift that she wondered if he had really been released from the golem enchantment.

'He didn't do... anything.' Kim said. 'I mean he took notes and stuff, but... there was no conniving as far as I could see.'

'Weird.' said Wade. 'And even weirder that it seems more suspicious when he's acting normal than it does when he's up to something.'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Jade threaded her way around Kim Possible's house, looking for Grimm. She had been worried about him ever since he had been freed. Not worried because of anything he was doing - but because of the things he wasn't doing. He had hardly spoken once he'd woken up after his collapse in Wade's garage. He had been almost docile while they conducted their medical scans.

Jade had gotten a room for herself at the Middleton Plaza, despite odd looks from the clerk and staff when she checked in alone. Grimm had returned to Ron's house. But Jade hadn't had to put up with Grimm asking if she'd taken the normal safeguards when arranging her room. She had been obliged to do it on her own initiative, for Grimm didn't seemed to care anymore.

The school day after his release from the enchantment was over, and Jade was getting anxious. It wasn't like Grimm to do anything without a plan, and he hadn't called to establish one. She felt too awkward knocking on the door to the Stoppables or the Possibles to ask if they knew where he was. Instead, she took out her scanner and did a mid-range sweep.

Grimm's communicator signal wasn't at Stoppable's house, nor was it inside the Possible house. But she zeroed in on it, holding a steady position about forty yards behind Kim's place. Jade skirted around the yard, behind the garage, and found herself approaching a wooded area across a grassy stretch behind Kim's back fence.

Grimm was sitting on the rim of a slight rise which formed a sweeping incline that went down into the glade. Rueful was scurrying around, but looking at Grimm occasionally. Before Jade was within twenty feet, she heard his voice.

'What do you want, Jade?' he said, and he sounded tired and annoyed.

She approached timidly, and saw he was rubbing a band of gauze wound tightly around his left hand. 'Just checking in.' she said. 'How's the arm?'

Grimm sniffed, then pulled the gauze back. Jade winced as she saw an ugly cut on the back of his hand, along with three red weals that looked like burn marks - each of which corresponded to the symbols Maze had branded onto him when he was made of stone. He pulled the gauze back into place and turned away, looking into the shadows under the trees.

'Well you've been in worse.... scrapes.' she said, with a weak chuckle. Grimm didn't answer, and the silence stretched out. Finally Jade couldn't wait any longer. 'Look, Possible and her gang keep pestering me. They want to know exactly what happened - and frankly I'm kinda curious myself.'

Again, Grimm said nothing. Jade pressed on. 'The 'leave-me-alone-I've-been-through-a-lot' routine is only gonna work for so long, Grimm.' she said. 'Talk to me before you talk to them if you want. You know I'm on your side - I want to help.'


'You can't help.' Grimm said quietly. 'No one can help.'

'How do you know?' said Jade, frustrated. 'What did Maze say to get you all mopey like this?'

Grimm sighed. 'He said... he couldn't bring back Rhonda. He said the shadow-medicine that banished them is irreversible.'

Jade gasped. She almost reached out to put a hand on his shoulder, but stopped, biting her knuckles. 'He... he could have been lying, you know what a snake he is.' she said.

'He's not lying.' Grimm said. 'I could tell.'

'But... forcing him was our only hope.' Jade said. 'Unless the Great Bear gets off his kiester.'

'Yeah.' Grimm nodded.

'So.... what do we do?' Jade asked.

There was another silence. 'I don't know.' Grimm said at last. 'I don't know anything anymore. I only know that.... I can't give up.'

'Why?' said Jade, and she was surprised to feel a tear rolling down her cheek. 'If we've really played out everything we could do... then that's it, isn't it? It's over...'

'No.' said Grimm firmly. 'I saw her, Jade.'

'What...?' Jade said.

Grimm's eyes were closed and his head was down, as if he didn't want to look Jade in the eye. 'It happened just when Monkey Fist hit me with his power.' he said. 'I saw Rhonda - I swear it was her. She was reaching out to me - calling my name.'

Jade bit her lip, trying to think of a sensitive way to ask the obvious question. 'You're sure you weren't....'

'Just seeing things?' Grimm said, with a mirthless chuckle. 'Or just imagining something I wanted to see? I thought maybe that was it. Except I saw her again - when I was a golem, trussed up in Wade's garage.'

'But... how?' said Jade. 'You were made of stone - animated by Maze! Are you saying you could still... see and hear?'

'A true golem doesn't have... a spirit for lack of a better word.' said Grimm. 'I do - so do all the people Maze and Monkey Fist have shanghaied. They're imprisoned and enslaved, but they're still alive. I know it because that's what happened to me. And I'm telling you, I saw Rhonda again in the garage.' He paused, and his voice became almost soft. 'She was begging me not to give up. She said... I was the only one who could save her.'

Jade sat down next to him, her head whirling. 'But how are we gonna save her?'

Grimm shook his head helplessly. 'Beats me.' he said. 'But we have to think of something. She's counting on us - and we have to give it our best shot.'

Jade sat quietly next to him. After an uncomfortably silent minute, she spoke again, looking shy and embarrassed. 'Uh, Grimm?' she said, her voice hesitant. 'You said you could see and hear things when you were a golem. How much do you remember?'

Grimm paused, looking at her. 'Everything.' he said. 'It was like... when you're dreaming, and you know it's a dream. You know you should be able to control it, but you can't. But... I could see and hear it all.'

Jade looked even more uncomfortable. 'That stuff I said before they broke the enchantment,' she said, her voice sinking lower. 'You know I was only saying that to... mess with Kim and Wade, right? I mean, it's not like I... like I love you guys or anything...'

Grimm sighed, putting his hand on Jade's shoulder. 'Yeah... I know.' he said softly. 'You did great, Jade.'

The sun was sinking lower as a cool breeze waved the grass around them. 'Well, if we're gonna save Rhonda, we still need some kind of plan.' said Jade. 'And the only reason we even came out here in the first place was because you hoped hanging out with Kim would lead you to Maze. Now you say that plan was a bust. Does that mean we can stick a fork in Middleton?'

Grimm stared at the trees, deep in thought. 'Yeah.' he said. 'We're done here.'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim had arranged for Monique and Wade to come over that evening for an 'intervention' in which they hoped to break Grimm's wall of silence. Once they had all arrived, she was surprised when Grimm and Jade showed up on their own as if they were the ones who arranged the meeting.

As he spoke, Kim watched him closely. Grimm seemed to have fully recovered, at least physically. Though Kim thought he seemed somehow quieter and grimmer.

Grimm told them everything Maze had said during their encounter in Basalton, and his subsequent visions of Rhonda. Kim was struck with a momentary jealousy - how come Grimm, a total jerkface, had seen his GF while she hadn't seen Ron? Wade looked doubtful, Monique looked hesitant. Rufus and Rueful both looked hungry.

'So your brilliant plan was a total waste?' said Kim. She was half gloating in her voice, pleased to see a chip of Grimm's untouchable shell flaked away, but saddened because in this one matter, she had secretly hoped he would succeed. 'Not even Monkey Fist and Maze can bring back Ron and Rhonda?'

'At least not that they know.' said Grimm. 'As powerful as they've become, they still have their limits. There are things about their powers that maybe they haven't guessed - which means there may still be a way to bring Rhonda back.'

'And what way is that?' said Monique, as always keeping things linear.

Grimm looked embarrassed. 'I don't know yet.' he said.

'I want answers!' said Kim. 'How did you know to tip us off about the golem enchantment? How did you know breaking it would cure you? And if you couldn't do anything without orders from Monkey Fist or Maze, how did you speak to us?'

Grimm glared at her. 'In the order you asked,' he said curtly, 'I knew it was a golem enchantment because I saw exactly what they did to me. When Maze branded me, I had the best seat in the ballpark to see the marks and guess what they meant. The legend of the golem is obscure, but it's not exactly a secret. And I didn't know that breaking the enchantment would cure me, any more than you did. But you said it yourself - there was no other way to test it. For all I knew I could have wound up a lawn ornament. But it was worth the risk and now we have more information than we had before. As to how I spoke to you... that wasn't me. It was Rhonda.'

He looked away, his face slightly reddened. 'When she asked me not to give up, she... gave me strength. I can't explain it any other way. Knowing she was counting on me, it gave me the power I needed to act.' He looked at the back of his hand, where the gauze was still wrapped tight over his wounds. 'Even so, it wasn't easy. A golem can't disobey his master's commands, and it took all the will power I had to even speak that one word without being ordered. That's why I passed out once I was freed. When I said all my will power, I meant it. But I could never have done it without her.'

Kim ran her hand through her hair. 'But for all that, we're still back at square one.' she said. She didn't want to seem insensitive, but she also was struggling through her mistrust and dislike towards Grimm. 'No way to bring Ron back ourselves. No way to get Monkey Fist to do it. And no way to even find them. And now that you're not a golem anymore, we don't even have any evidence to give to Global Justice.'

At the mention of Global Justice, Grimm snorted and rolled his eyes. 'Just as well they don't get involved.' he said. 'What could they do anyway?'

'They've got resources and manpower.' said Kim. 'And heavy artillery, if it comes to a golem smack down.'

Both Grimm and Jade laughed softly. 'Heavy artillery won't count for beans.' Jade said.

'Why not?' Kim answered.

Grimm's eyes narrowed. 'Possible, are you really that clueless? You've got a ton of geek friends. Your cousin's a geek. Your hacker's a geek. You're dating a geek. And you're saying none of it's rubbed off on you? Ask your techie, he knows what I'm talking about.'

Kim turned to Wade, who looked abashed, but nodded in agreement. 'He's right Kim.' he said. 'Even a geek newbie knows a golem can't be damaged by anything except magical weapons.'

'Word up!' said Jade. 'Why do you think everything you've thrown at them bounces off like ping-pong balls on a tank? Unless Global Justice has a stash of +1 bullets, they'd be nothing but meat on the table.'

'But the Moo Goo gun can hold them in place.' said Kim. 'We can use it to glue them down, then scratch out the Aleph symbol, just like we did with you.'

'In a combat sitch, that won't be as easy as it sounds.' said Jade. 'Who knows how many golems they've got in total? We've only got so much goo, and It takes time to synthesize more. I wouldn't want the Moo Goo gun to be our only hope in a pinch - would you?'

But a sudden thought occurred to Kim. 'Magical weapons.' she said quietly. 'What about the Lotus Blade?'

'There were only two persons on Earth who could use it.' said Grimm. 'Monkey Fist...'

'...and Ron.' said Kim, gritting her teeth. 'But Rufus has Mystical Monkey Power too. When Ron 'fessed up about what happened at Yamanouchi, he said that Rufus used the Lotus Blade to bowl through a bunch of Monkey Ninjas.' At this, Rufus jumped onto the table, striking a heroic pose and nodding eagerly.

Grimm shook his head. 'He's a scrapper, yes. But he doesn't have enough Mystical Monkey Power to unlock the full potential of the Lotus Blade, and he can't generate enough force to break a golem.' Rufus stuck out his tongue, looking peevish.

'So where does that leave us?' said Monique. 'You've shot down a lot of ideas, but I don't hear you coming up with any!'

'That's because I don't have any.' Grimm snapped. 'All the stuff you've suggested might be enough to slow Maze and Monkey Fist down - if we could find them. We might even make a good fight of it - but with Maze's shadow magic, and with Monkey Fist using the Yono's power, I don't think it'll be enough to stop them.'

A heavy silence fell around the table. Everyone was looking down, deep in thought. 'So... what then?' said Monique at last.

Kim looked up, her eyes firmer. 'For now, let's sleep on it.' she said. 'We'll hold another jam session tomorrow.'

Grimm didn't answer.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

The door closed behind Grimm and Jade as they left Kim's house. Mr. Dr. Possible strolled by, newspaper unfolded. 'Finally - the bad guys have gone home for the day.' he said. 'Let's try to forget about them with some villain ice cream!'

Kim, Wade and Monique stared.

He caught himself, slapping his forehead. 'Ah... vanilla ice cream.' he ended sheepishly before making his way towards the kitchen.

The three stayed in the entryway to the house in a mini-huddle. 'So do you buy anything he said?' Kim muttered.

Wade shrugged. 'This is Grimm we're talking about.' he said. 'I kind of assume everything he says is a half-truth, but I can't see any reason why he'd be lying about this. Maze and Monkey Fist put him through the wringer too.'

'All I got from that meeting was he's got nothin'.' said Monique. 'So maybe we don't need him anymore.'

'That's a positive thought.' said Kim, smiling.

'But the things he said about Ron,' said Wade. 'That would mean we really can't bring them back...'

'That I don't buy.' said Kim firmly. 'There has to be a way - and we'll find it.' Wade and Monique didn't answer, but nodded. 'For now, go home and rest up.' she continued. 'Let's see what ideas we can make without their help.'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

As they left Kim's house, Grimm and Jade made their way back to Ron's while Jade used her communicator to call a cab. 'So...' she said hesitantly. 'Why didn't you tell her?'

'Tomorrow.' said Grimm. 'Pack everything up and make sure you wipe any and all electronic evidence that we were here.' he sighed. 'If I'm gonna start flying by the seat of my pants, I at least want to make sure no one can tell where we started from.'

'You know you can count on me, right?' said Jade, though she looked hesitant.

'You're sure you want to stick this one out?' Grimm said. 'From now on, there is no plan. I don't know any more what's going to happen than the garbage collector. I have no idea when or how I'm gonna fix this - I only know that I have to keep going.'

Jade breathed out, tapping her foot. 'Pant seat technology - my favorite kind.' she said.

Grimm almost looked grateful. 'OK then.' he said. 'If you're really sure, then it's time for you to put it on.'

Jade blinked. 'Put... what on?'

Grimm smirked. 'The last outfit you'll ever need.'

A shirt, pants and a pair of gloves and shoes later, Jade stepped out of the bathroom at Ron's house, looking very self-conscious. Her blue shorts, her shirt and her bracelets were all gone. Instead, she wore a mission outfit identical to Grimm's and Rhonda's, only fitted to her size. She turned around with her hands on her hips. 'Does this thing make my butt look big?' she said.

Grimm sighed. 'Jade, you're skinny as a rail - you look fine. Besides, if you're going to keep doing field work you need something more practical.'

'I know, it's just... different.' she said, jogging in place for a second or two. 'These things are baggy, it feels like I'm wearing Hammer pants! And I'm used to my sandals, I can't wiggle my toes like I used to!'

'Give it a day and you won't even notice they're there.' said Grimm. 'Trust me.'

Jade shot him a wincing stare. 'Isn't that what got us here in the first place?'

Grimm looked deadpan back at her. 'Your cab's here,' he said. 'Let's close up shop.'

does this make my butt look big?

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim had said good night to her family and gone to bed. But as she prepared for sleep, the words Grimm had spoken kept circling through her mind.

'He told me he can't bring them back. That there's no way to bring them back.'

She hadn't flinched when he said it, and hadn't let anything on to Wade or Monique. But now that there was no one there but herself, the words sank deep into her. The thought that it might be true, that she would never see Ron again, spawned a feeling of deepest loss. It had been just over two weeks since Ron's disappearance. But it felt like much longer.

She had tried not to think much of how Ron might be feeling. She didn't know what he was going through. Did it hurt being where he was? Was he frightened? And if he really was stuck there forever....

She stood with her hands clenched, her fingers trembling. 'I have to be strong.' she thought. 'I have to be the strong one so Wade and Monique won't lose hope. I'm Kim Possible - I can do anything. I never lose - I never let anything get to me and I can't let anyone see me being weak....'

She saw the picture of Ron on her computer desk. Somehow his eyes and his smile seemed sad.

'....there's no way to bring them back.'

Kim checked to make sure the blinds were drawn, checked to make sure the door leading up to the loft was locked. Then she laid down on the mattress and cried herself to sleep.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Ron saw a brief, blurry vision of Kim lying on her bed. It was as if the scene was on a railway car that sped by, giving him only brief impressions. 'There goes another one!' he said, smiling.

'I saw Grimm and Jade a while back too!' said Rhonda. 'Did you get Rufus to send a message to Kim?'

'I told him, but I'm not sure how he'll carry it on.' Ron said. 'He could write for a while after he got hit with the brain booster, but that wore off a long time ago...'

Rhonda clucked her tongue. 'Well, if we can learn how to 'hang around' when we see them again, maybe we can figure something out. Got any more positive vibe ideas?'

'Well there's one....' he said. 'But it's kind of unusual. One of the trust-building exercises at Yamanouchi was one where you had to agree with everyone in your squad.'

'Waitasec!' said Rhonda. 'Trust-building exercises? At a NINJA school?'

'Hey, they do bushido stuff too!' he said defensively. 'They're not all about fighting and sneaky-ness!'

Rhonda rolled her eyes.

'Well, when I was there I gave them my ideas to 'Ron-inate' the exercise. I had them centralize it by building a yurt at one end of the courtyard...'

'What's a yurt?' said Rhonda. 'That doesn't sound like a real word.'

'It's like a hut, but it sounds cooler.' said Ron. 'But anyone who was in the yurt was only allowed to say positive things and agree with other people. I called it the yo-yurt.'

Rhonda winced, then sighed and ran a hand across her forehead. 'That was a long way to go for a tired joke.' she said. Ron took up the lotus position, motioning her to do the same opposite him. She sighed and crossed her legs beneath her, face-to-face with him.

'Deep down, you seem like a pretty nice girl.' Ron said, though he looked uncomfortable.

Rhonda blushed and looked away. 'Shut up...' she said.

'Ah-ah-ah! Positive things, or agreement!' Ron said. 'You want to see Grimm again, don't you?'

Her face flushed even redder and she still didn't meet his eye. 'Yo.' she muttered.

'Your turn.'

She sighed, casting her eyes back and forth, then said haltingly, 'It was... cool of you to help me out while we're here.'

'Yo!' Ron said, smiling. 'I thought your bear powers were totally kickin', right up until that whole banishing thing.'

'Yo.' said Rhonda, pumping her fist half-heartedly in the air. 'Your monkey mojo isn't bad either. Has Kim ever seen you using it?'

'Yyyyyo....' Ron answered, shaking his head, then he got a mischievous gleam in his eyes. 'Are you and Grimm going steady?'

Rhonda buried her face in her hands, but the skin that showed between her fingers was beet red. She also shook her head. 'Yo.'

'Would you LIKE to?' he said slyly.

Her voice became very weak. 'Yo.' she said, nodding. 'What about you and pom-pon?' she said quickly, as if trying to move the focus off herself. 'Do you like her?'

'Yo!' said Ron firmly. 'Totally yo!'

'Are you in love with her?'

Ron's jaw went slack as a thousand memories flashed through his mind in an instant. Meeting Kim in pre-K. Playing games and hanging out with her all through elementary and Junior High. Sticking by her side as she was accidentally called on an odd job through her website. A job which somehow led to years of adventures too bizarre to have imagined. Seeing Kim swept off her feet by Eric, then having her in his own arms on the dance floor at Junior Prom. Then the press of her lips against his. He liked her - he always had liked her.

But did he love her? Somehow, having the question sprung on him like that made him hesitate. He had been totally comfortable with an unspoken understanding between Kim and himself, that they really, really liked each other. And the next step after that... Was it love? And was it something he was ready for?

'I....' he said, and was surprised to feel his hands shaking. 'I.... yo.' he said. Then he blinked, as if somehow, something he had always known but never admitted suddenly clunked into place within him. 'Yo....' he said again, wistfully.

Now Rhonda was the one who looked sly, reaching across and punching him on the shoulder. 'Does she love you?'

Then again, a memory lanced through his mind. He and Kim were trying to stop a military train that was speeding towards destruction. The previous few days after being hit with the memory device, Kim had gradually recalled all her memories - except about one thing. But on the train she suddenly looked at him and said, 'I remember that you're my boyfriend - and that... I think I love you!'

At the time, he had been so glad to have her memory back that he hadn't considered exactly what she said. But now that Rhonda had asked, he noted that Kim hadn't said 'I love you', only 'I think I love you'. Was it just because they had been too shy to say it flat out, or was it something else? Was he over-thinking things? Or deep down, was Kim not sure if she really loved him?

'I.... don't yo.' he said, shrugging. And somehow, the mists surrounding him seemed to become darker.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

The next morning, Monique turned up at Kim's house soon after breakfast and they both waited from Grimm. When it got to only five minutes before school started, Kim lost patience. 'Where is he?' she said, pacing back and forth while Rufus stared at her.

'Chill, girl.' said Monique. 'The fact that he's annoying you when he's not even here shows he's totally back to normal.'

But Kim was throwing open the front door, finally seeing Jade and Grimm coming up the sidewalk. 'Where have you been?' she snarled. 'You may not care about missing classes, but I do!'

'I'm not going back.' Grimm answered. There was no sarcasm or snarkiness in his voice - he was cold and matter-of-fact in his tone, which made Kim pause.

'What's the sitch?' she said.

'The sitch is our deal is over.' said Grimm. 'We'll be out of your hair in a few hours.'

'Excuse me?' said Kim, storming up to him. 'Over? What makes you think the deal is over?'

Grimm frowned. 'The deal was I hang out here until we found Maze. We did that. Now that we know he can't bring them back, there's no point...'

'The deal was put in place until we get Ron and Rhonda back.' said Kim firmly. 'They back yet?'

Grimm stared, and Jade looked back and forth between them nervously.

'Until Ron is home safe, we're sticking to you like cheese on Naco.' said Kim. 'It was a pain and a half putting up with you, and I'm returning the favor until the deal is done.'

Grimm rubbed the back of his wounded left hand, staring hard into Kim's eyes. 'If that's what you want, then you'd better be prepared for changes.' he said.

'I'm prepared for anything because I can do anything.' said Kim. 'What changes?'

'Changes to the way you normally operate.' said Grimm. 'Here's the skinny - right now, Maze and Monkey Fist are probably wondering how we managed to track them down to Basalton. They also know you have weapons that can immobilize their golems. And more importantly, they know we've been working together.'

'Why should that make a difference?' said Kim.

'They were fine when they thought we were separate - feuding - and flailing around in the dark. But now they'll start thinking of us as an organized threat.' He looked up and there was a dangerous gleam in his eyes. 'A threat they'll want dealt with. They've proved they can make targeted strikes using Monkey Fist's powers. It's only a matter of time before they target you.'

Kim felt a sinking in her gut. As much as she hated to admit it, Grimm was probably right. 'What can we do?' she said. 'Wade's system lets us know when they're using their Jammer - but we haven't figured out a way to stop it yet or track them down to their hideout.'

'From your house, there's nothing we can do.' said Grimm. 'You're too high profile. Everyone knows where you live. And with their Jammer, they could petrify your whole neighborhood to get to you. I was leaving so they couldn't get both of us at once, but if you insist on sticking close, then our only option is to drop off the radar and go somewhere they can't find us.'

Monique stared at him, looking annoyed. 'That so, Mr. Big-Bad-Boy?' she said, 'And where exactly might that be?'

A sly look returned to Grimm's face. 'A place that can't be targeted by a satellite system because it's not on the map.' he said. 'A place I can make adequate preparations, and for that I'm gonna need my peeps.'

'Wait a minute,' Monique said, doing the time-out sign. 'You got peeps?'

'I got peeps.' he answered.

'Are they good peeps?' she asked.

'They're good.' he said, nodding.

Monique looked suspicious. 'And... they're not evil?'

Grimm smirked. 'Oh, they're evil. But they're good.'

Monique's face collapsed into a confused expression. 'OK, what the heck are we talking about?' But Grimm was already heading towards the door.

'Hold it!' said Kim, going after him. 'I said we were both in on this to the end, and I meant it!'

'Suit yourself.' said Grimm, walking out and motioning Jade to follow.

'Where are we going?' Kim said angrily.

'Home.' he answered, and left Kim's house without another word.

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