A Kim Possible Fanfiction
by Greg Fisk (aka "Slyrr")

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Chapter 29:

Coming to a point

Chief Sakituya sat in the seat of a jet plane, looking horribly out of place in his Native American garb and Blackfoot headdress. He was looking rather green and breathing heavily, an airsickness bag held open in front of him.

'You all right?' said Grimm Probable, leaning over from his seat across the aisle.

Sakituya nodded weakly. 'I will be fine.' he said quietly. 'I am simply... not used to this method of travel.'

Grimm shrugged. 'You said we needed to get there quickly. This is the fastest jet we could rustle up. And it wasn't easy getting permission from Dad to have it flown in the middle of a national emergency.'

Sakituya merely nodded.

Grimm couldn't hide a smirk. 'For someone who took to flying the Ksikkihkíni so easily, I'm surprised you're having so much trouble.'

The Indian Chief chuckled. 'There seems to be a difference when I am not the pilot.' he said, then leaned back, dabbing at his forehead with a handkerchief.

Grimm said nothing more, wanting to let him rest. Instead he checked on Rueful, who was nibbling through the plastic edge of a small bag of pretzels. In the two seats ahead of him, he saw the tops of two heads - Monique and Enrique. Enrique had quietly asked Grimm to have Monique seated next to him, though Monique was too busy taking care of Rufus to pay much attention.

His communicator beeped and he turned it on quickly. 'Make it fast Jade,' he said, 'It's dangerous to keep an open line while they're running the Jammer.'

'We just finished the second Counter-Jammer and brought it on line.' she said. 'I siphoned off a little protection, so we should be secure.'

Grimm breathed a small sigh of relief. 'I'm counting on you and Wade to make sure the Army has a clear procedure on building more of them.' he said. 'The bigger we can make our protective dome, the better our chances of actually making it through this mess.'

'I was wondering why you left us behind.' Jade said, sounding a little resentful. 'I was kind of getting used to doing field work, you know...'

'If things go south, you may get your chance.' said Grimm with a frown. 'By now Maze and Monkey Fist have probably hit dozens of major cities all over the world. That translates to hundreds of millions of golems. Even if we had Counter-Jammers covering the whole earth, they'd still have the numbers to put up a whale of a fight.'

'Not to mention they've still got control over all the satellites.' Jade muttered. 'All the Counter-Jammers can do is block their Yono beams. It's not looking good.'

'No.' said Grimm.

'Why are you flying out anyway?' said Jade. 'It's risky going out in the open. They could hit you in transit.'

'We should be all right.' said Grimm. 'Our flight path is out of the way of any major cities. If I know Monkey Fist and Drakken, they're probably gloating about all the cities they're taking over. I doubt they're paying attention to occasional airplanes.'

'And where are you going?'

Grimm shook his head. 'Not now. All I know is Sakituya said it was important. I'll tell you more later - if there is a later.'

Jade nodded, then the screen blacked out.

Grimm looked over at the Indian Chief again. His eyes were closed, and he looked like he was still fighting back nausea. He sighed, looking down at Rueful, who seemed tense, as if he were excited about something, or anticipating something.

'I hope you're right about this, old timer....' he thought, settling in for the flight.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

In the dark cavern of their lair, Monkey Fist looked out over the humming Ultra-Atmospheric Jammer, and Dr. Drakken, who was flitting back and forth between tables and computer keyboards.

'How is our toy holding up?' he asked. Though his tone was light, the thought that the UAJ might konk out in the middle of their operation worried him a great deal.

'Perfectly.' said Dr. Drakken, sounding both impressed and annoyed. 'I oversaw the construction myself - what did you expect?'

Monkey Fist ignored the question. 'Will it last long term?' he asked.

'Of course.' Drakken sniffed. 'There's power enough for several days use...'

'Then I think it's time to give you a small reward for your patience.' he said. 'How would you like to watch us petrify all of Middleton?'

Drakken's face brightened. 'A chance to see my old roommate Possible as a lawn ornament!' he said wistfully. 'That does sound like fun!'

'Set Middleton as our next target.' said Monkey Fist, smiling. 'Then sit back and enjoy the show.'

Drakken began chuckling wickedly and punching buttons on the keyboards. After a few seconds though, Monkey Fist heard a jarring whirr, followed by a high-pitched double beep. He saw Drakken frowning, and typing a little faster. The whirr and the beeps sounded again, and several times more as Drakken continued to type, now looking frustrated.

'Problem?' he asked.

'Something's preventing me from targeting Middleton.' he said, glowering. He typed again for a few seconds, and paused. 'I can target around Middleton's coordinates... but I can't target the city itself!'

Monkey Fist was now frowning as well. 'Try the coordinates I gave you for Japan.' he said. He waited as Dr. Drakken resumed typing. After a few more seconds, the whirr and the beeps were heard again. Monkey Fist narrowed his eyes as Drakken continued to labor, but the frustrated look did not leave his scarred, blue face.

'So they found a way to protect Yamanouchi as well.' Monkey Fist thought. 'Very clever, Probable. But no less than I expected from you....'

'This is off the heezy!' Drakken grated. 'It's like there's some kind of bubble around these coordinates that the Jammer can't zero in on!'

'Are there any other zones you can't target?' said Monkey Fist, trying to keep the anger out of his voice.

Drakken shrugged and shook his head. 'I'll need an hour or so to write up a program that will detect any areas we can't target.' he said. 'Without one, we'd have to hunt every coordinate manually...'

'Then make one quickly.' said Monkey Fist, turning away. 'In the meantime, we continue taking out the densest population centers as we planned. Target Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, Tehran, Mumbai, Berlin and Mexico City. Once those are filled with our slaves, we will have them march against their outlying towns. Then we will target other cities until the countries either surrender... or we grind them into dust.' He strode away to the lift that led up into the Immersion Chamber.

As the elevator rose, Monkey Fist tapped his fingers and glared off into the dim caverns beyond where the Jammer stood, it's spiked summit spreading up through the large hatch in the cavern roof. 'Well played, Probable.' he thought. 'So you found a way to block my satellite attacks. So be it. I would rather crush Yamanouchi with my own hands, anyway. If you think you can hide from me there, you're grievously mistaken. As for Possible - her precious Middleton won't escape either. Upperton and Lowerton are well populated and relatively close. I shall simply send our slaves from there to Middleton and raze it to the ground!'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

The Yamanouchi School was not devoid of technology. The students were not allowed to use electronic devices most of the time as it disrupted their meditations and ability to concentrate. But they did have devices and electricity, which were only occasionally used to gather news and information.

Master Sensei stood in a small, sequestered stone room situated in one of the buildings near the back of the school. The room was dim, and the flickering glow of the television danced across the walls. To every channel he turned, scenes of chaos reigned.

The hour Monkey Fist had given in his ultimatum had long passed. And most of the world governments had either scoffed at Monkey Fist's demands, or said they needed more time to discuss diplomatic alternatives.

And the assaults had resumed. There was a constant stream of news reports describing the attempts of cities to fend off their golem attackers. There were large statues including monuments and landmarks; human sized statues built as decorations and memorials; and even smaller statues including garden gnomes. All had been brought to life by Maze's enchantment. There were other reports of major cities being bathed in a strange yellow light from the skies - and all communication from those cities died.

A man was on camera, cowering behind his microphone, but still reporting. 'This is A.U. Dibble reporting live from Upperton, just outside of Middleton. Not since the Diablo robot attacks last year has this reporter seen such chaos and destruction!' he said, raising his voice over the tumult behind him. Citizens were fleeing down the sidewalks as the local police and militia did battle with advancing ranks of golem statues. The policemen’s' guns were useless, and they were being overrun, with golems heaving their squad cars and barricades aside like toys.

Dibble kept speaking breathlessly, standing his ground in front of the camera even though the police were in full rout behind him. 'MIDX news has also learned that representatives from several countries in the United Nations are calling for negotiations with the criminal known as Monkey Fist. It is expected that several underdeveloped countries, with limited military capability, will surrender outright. With Monkey Fist's terrifying weapon seemingly able to strike at will and cripple entire cities, even industrialized nations like the US are hesitant to gather their forces in large numbers.'

A clutch of retreating policemen nearly trampled Dibble as they rushed past. Golems appeared right behind him lumbering in pursuit. Dibble's calm finally seemed to give way and his voice rose to a shout as he leaned closer to the lens. 'In the midst of all this panic, the minds of Middleton residents are all asking one question - where is Kim Possible??' The camera lurched and tumbled, and the picture burst into static.

Master Sensei turned off the television set. He looked quietly over at a darker corner near the door. The Mystical Monkey was there. The silence drew out, until Sensei finally spoke. 'He will be coming.' said the ninja master.

'It too soon.' said the Mystical Monkey, shaking his head. 'She not ready.'

'She must be ready.' said Sensei. 'Only the Chosen Ones can defeat them now, and only she can return the Chosen One to this world. With all the Earth in chaos, there will be no one to help the Yamanouchi School when Monkey Fist returns to finish the Yono's work. And if Kim Possible should fall here, then all hope is lost.'

'It not just Monkey Fist she need to be ready for.' said the Mystical Monkey, still looking doubtful. 'The real storm still coming. And Chosen One gotta be ready when that happens.'

'The Chosen One believes in her.' said Sensei. 'I think, if you believe in her as well, she may surprise you.'

The Mystical Monkey stared. 'So now the student all grown up and giving the master good advice?' he said. 'You more wise in your old age. That really annoying!'

There was more silence. At last, the Mystical Monkey heaved a great sigh, then turned and tottered towards the door, his staff clunking at each step.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Maze stepped out of the Immersion Chamber, looking tired and winded. He sat on a raised metal bench set into the circular wall of the chamber, breathing deeply. 'The next wave of statues have been brought to life.' he said. 'But I must rest for a while. Even with the machine, it is not easy.'

'I hope you are not too weary.' said Monkey Fist. 'After all - conquering an entire world takes time and effort. There are hundreds of cities to account for, and golem slaves to establish in all of them.'


'I will endure.' said Maze, still looking weak, but determined. 'Once you have used the Yono's power on the next cities, I should be rested enough to resume the labor. Have any more countries given in?'

'Things are going well on that score.' said Monkey Fist. 'Media in France have said that their government is already talking about surrender - well, that was no surprise. Several smaller nations in Africa have already given up, and in South America as well. After our attack on the Kremlin, all of Russia is in an uproar. Fear of our attacks are leading them, and other countries to scatter their armies, which only serves to weaken them. The people are terrified, and are already demanding negotiations.'

'All well and good.' said Maze darkly. 'But that does not achieve my ends. You say that Otaatoyiwa has somehow been blocking our attacks on Washington and Middleton...'

'The United States won't surrender overnight.' said Monkey Fist. But we have the advantage. Once more nations have fallen beneath our heel, the US will eventually stand alone. Their government will bicker about negotiations and diplomacy while we pick off city after city, until the people force their leaders to give up.'

'And then my tribe will possess their lands once again.' said Maze, his eyes gleaming.

'All that and more.' said Monkey Fist. 'As I said, the entire continent will be yours to do with as you wish - so long as you leave the rest of the world to me. Judge now if you thought I was exaggerating. What is happening now is only the beginning. Before long, the entire world will lie at our feet. You will rule your people, and I will take my place as the ultimate Monkey Master!'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim ascended the steps to Toshimiru's dojo, carrying another bag of Nacos. After her latest sessions with the Mystical Monkey, she had felt an odd submissiveness. She had no longer raised objections to what she was seeing in her visions. She simply had watched as other scenes from her and Ron's lives played out before her eyes.

But even afterwards, when she was alone in her room staying caught up on her schoolwork, she could still see the visions flashing through her mind in choppy scenes. It was as if her vision quest was continuing wherever she went, even without the Mystical Monkey there to trigger them.

She wasn't sure how much longer the Mystical Monkey wanted her to keep going through this, and she wasn't sure if she even cared any longer. And it was in that state of mind that she paused and looked around before entering the dojo. The school was quiet - utterly quiet. As her eyes swept around the courtyard, she realized she couldn't see anyone. No one seemed to be training, indeed the school seemed deserted.

There wasn't even any air stirring in the surrounding trees, which was odd in the high mountain setting. Every leaf seemed utterly still. She entered the dojo and saw the Mystical Monkey standing by the Buddha statue. She set the Naco bag down next to him, then stepped back and waited.

The Mystical Monkey made no move, he simply kept staring at Kim as if he were making up his mind about something. After a minute, she ventured to speak. 'Not hungry today?' she said.

The Mystical Monkey glanced briefly, but longingly at the Nacos. 'Later.' he said, and he seemed more focused and he turned back to her. 'Follow me, Kim Possible.' He left the bag where it was, and shambled towards the rear exit of the dojo.

Kim was surprised. This was the first time she remembered the Mystical Monkey calling her by name. She followed after him as he moved through the courtyard of the Yamanouchi School, and back again to the meditation area behind the school near the mountain walls. Kim eyed the fountain suspiciously, but the Mystical Monkey passed the fountain and went straight to the roughly hewn rock face. 'What's going on?' she asked. He had stopped in front of a large stone door she had never noticed before. It opened silently before him. 'You aren't going to try and dunk me in a bigger fountain, are you?'

The Mystical Monkey looked at her rather seriously. 'No more training, red.' he said, shaking his head. 'Now it time.' He shambled off through the door and into a series of corridors, motioning her to follow.

The corridor he was leading her down was muffled and silent, and dark except for a few torches guttering in holders along the stone walls. She felt a curious sense of foreboding. 'All that was training?' she said quietly. 'Training for what?'

The Mystical Monkey looked back at her, his face both worried and sad. 'To save the Chosen One.' he said.

They entered a wide, open chamber with a high vaulted ceiling, intricately carved. There were no windows and besides the way they came in, there was only one exit, an arched doorway that appeared to lead down another corridor darkened by shadows. In the center of the chamber, the Mystical Monkey stopped and looked up at Kim, sighing heavily.

'This something you gotta do alone now, red.' he said, and Kim could almost feel the nervousness in his voice. He looked down towards the darkened corridor and shuddered slightly. 'Down that hallway, you'll find a room. Chosen One's worst enemy will be there. Only way to bring him back is to defeat his enemy - and you the only one who can do it.'

Kim stared at him, then at the corridor. 'Monkey Fist is here?' she said. 'When did that happen?'

The Mystical Monkey looked even more worried. 'Chosen One's enemy been here the whole time, red. You just not ready to fight yet. But if you not ready now - you never will be.' He motioned her towards the arched doorway.

Kim strode resolutely towards the corridor, her footsteps echoing through the wide chamber. She paused beneath the archway for one brief moment, looking back to the Mystical Monkey, who seemed small and distant as he stood alone in the chamber staring at her. Then she turned and plunged into the darkness.

The Mystical Monkey sighed and looked down. 'Good luck, red.' he muttered quietly. 'I hope you know - I want Ron's enemy beat as much as you do.'

Kim could see nothing as she walked down the corridor. There were no torches in this hallway and the darkness was absolute. She slowed her pace, putting her hands in front of her in case she ran into anything, listening all the time for any sound ahead of her. She kept her footfalls as soft as she could. If Monkey Fist was here, she didn't want to give him the upper hand by revealing herself too quickly.


She felt a lot more confident than before. Here at least was something she could understand - something she could relate to. Fighting an enemy and defeating him. She still didn't understand how her spiritual journey was supposed to be good training for a simple donnybrook, but if beating Monkey Fist was what it would take to free Ron, then she would do it. She kept all of the things she had learned while fighting the golems foremost in her mind as she made her way down the corridor.

'Just scratch out the first symbol - no wait, Hebrew is written backwards - the last symbol - emet becomes met. Then he'll be helpless.' she thought. It sounded easy, but Monkey Fist was still agile and much stronger. Her aim would have to be true. She might only get one shot before Monkey Fist caught on to her strategy.

After what felt like several minutes, she saw a dim light ahead of her. As she kept walking, the light grew, taking shape as another arched door - a white rectangle with a rounded top that was plainly where the corridor ended and led into the next room. She slowed down and crept forward as silently as she could....




Chapter 30

Who is Ron Stoppable's worst enemy?

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