A Kim Possible Fanfiction
by Greg Fisk (aka "Slyrr")

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Chapter 30:
Kim Possible

Kim peered out from the doorway into a room that was even wider and larger than the one she had left behind. It was full of what looked like fluted columns that stretched up to the ceiling, which was veiled in shadows. Between each column there were glittering shapes, and she couldn't quite tell what they were. The room was dim, but she could still make out the entire length and breadth of it. It was circular, with a dome-like ceiling that rose up at least forty feet from the floor, which was paved with wide stones.

But she could see no sign of Monkey Fist, and felt slightly annoyed. Was the Mystical Monkey just pulling her leg again? He'd fooled around so much during her 'training' that she couldn't help wondering if he was just kidding about this being the culmination of her mission to save Ron.

She walked warily out into the chamber, but all was still and silent except for the patter of her footsteps, which echoed loudly, despite her efforts at stealth. She reached the center of the chamber, looking around for anything that looked like a door. It was then that she noticed the spaces between each set of columns contained mirrors.

There were dozens of them, each casting back her reflection. But each image looked different. She saw one mirror reflecting herself as she had been in Pre-K, another showed herself in her cheerleader outfit, another in her old mission clothes, another in her prom dress, another in her battle-suit. Each one matched her movements, posture and expression.

Then she turned, hearing a distant set of footsteps approaching. There was one spot between the columns that did not contain a mirror - a dark doorway leading down to places unknown. Echoing footfalls came from that space and Kim went into a fighting stance. The footsteps sounded close, too close for her to dash back into the corridor without being seen.

The footsteps grew louder, and a figure emerged from the darkness across the chamber. Kim gasped. A trim, athletic figure stepped forward. Purple clothes with a hip pouch - a head of red hair and a pair of emerald green eyes.

Kim's mouth fell open in amazement as Kim Possible entered the room, saw her, and immediately went into a matching pose. They stared at each other, their fists clenched, their eyes narrowed. Finally, the Kim who just entered smiled faintly.

'So you're the one I've gotta beat, huh?' she said. 'Fighting myself - how Star-Trekky. How's it hangin, Kim?'


Kim stared back. 'Bright and breezy.' she answered, gritting her teeth. 'Though I think this is more Star-Warsey than Star-Trekky, Kim.'

'Guess it is, Kim.' Kim answered. 'Look, can I call you Kim-i-i?' It gets confusing if we both call each other Kim.'

'Hey, I'm the real deal!' Kim snapped as they began circling each other slowly. 'You can be Kim-i-i!'

Kim-i-i shrugged. 'I'm fine with that - I always thought it was cute when Ron called him Sackey-i-i.'

The taunt about Ron stung Kim. She supposed she should have guessed something like this would happen - it seemed like the sort of thing that would happen in mystical dojo - confronting your inner self. Still, unless the Mystical Monkey was playing some kind of trick, it meant he thought that she was Ron's worst enemy. All the visions she'd experienced with the Mystical Monkey came flooding back to her - all the shabby, condescending treatment she had given to Ron, and to so many others. If Kim-i-i was some bizarre physical manifestation of those negative traits, and if beating her was the only way to free Ron, then she'd mop the floor with herself no matter how weird it felt.

'All right Kim-i-i,' she said, edging her way closer, 'We both know why we're here.'

'One of us does.' Kim-i-i said, smirking in a manner that rivaled Grimm in its sheer cockiness. 'Looks to me like the other is just as clueless as ever.'

They were both within easy striking distance now. Kim paused. She was curious to see what kind of move her doppelganger might try against her, and waited. Kim-i-i also paused and chuckled. 'You want me to make the first move?' she said. 'You've been hanging out with Grimm too much. Maybe you should call him in to pinch-hit for you.'

'Just bring it, if you think you can.' Kim growled.

With a blurred flash, Kim-i-i struck. Kim blocked it easily, and they both circled and re-positioned themselves. Then Kim lashed out, and Kim-i-i parried the blow. They circled again, saying nothing. Kim punched and followed up with a roundhouse kick, which Kim-i-i sidestepped and ducked, going smoothly into a counter attack with her own punch and kick combo. But Kim-i-i was no more successful than Kim had been.

They circled yet again, their eyes fixed on each other, watching for any sign of an opening. Kim felt the tension, but also the old giddy thrill of a challenging fight. They both feinted and struck a few more times, almost playfully, to see if the other would make a mistake, but they both moved, attacked, blocked and countered perfectly.

And then they were fighting gloriously, moving backwards and forwards through the mirrored chamber in a graceful dance of attack and defense, of advance and retreat. In nearly every attack, she thought for an instant that she was going to land a blow, only to see Kim-i-i block, or dodge. And she herself came close to being hit several times, but managed to deflect or avoid Kim-i-i's blows at the last second.

As she fought and countered, Kim was struck by how different this battle was. It was nothing like fighting Shego. While Kim felt that Shego was her equal in a fight, her style was entirely different. Shego's moves were nearly all geared around the abilities given by her glow - whether it was powering up her sharpened fingers with cutting energy, or setting herself up to throw a fire blast.

And again, it was different than fighting Grimm. While Grimm was skilled in Tai Shing Pek Kwar, his moves were nearly all defensive, meant to tire out his opponents and leave them vulnerable to a sudden counter strike. Fighting Grimm involved him using a lot of banter to distract his opponents while getting them to doubt their abilities.

  kim vs kim

But fighting herself was another matter entirely. There was a general balance between attacks and blocks, but the skill level was a total match. They both knew each other’s moves and strategies, and as such, none of them seemed to be working. She fired her grappling line into the roof of the high cavern and swung herself in an arc that swept around the wide circular chamber. She built her momentum and looked down to see where Kim-i-i was so she could angle her attack.

And she saw that Kim-i-i was swinging in the opposite direction on her own grapple line. Their kicks met in mid-air, their heels smacking against each other hard and painfully. They kicked off against each other, flipping and tumbling back down to land neatly on the stone floor.

'Where'd you learn that?' Kim said, her arms at the ready again.

Kim-i-i smirked. 'Same place you did.' she said. 'Duh.'

They both charged again, leaping and kicking, and blocking as they passed each other in mid-air. They landed, pivoted and rushed at each other to begin another chess match of attacks that all seemed to end in stalemate. And so it seemed to go on and on, each of them fighting to find a weakness in the others' defenses while their shouts echoed around the chamber and their images were reflected a dozen times from the surrounding mirrors....

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

In the cavernous depths of their mountain lair, Monkey Fist looked over the computer projected map of the world which showed which countries had made overtures of negotiation, and the ones that were still resisting.

But so far, none of the resistance seemed to reach a level that concerned him. The golems were immune to bullets, knives, grenades, tanks, even missiles. They never got tired; they could easily survive harsh environments, even underwater. They couldn't be poisoned or starved, and they never disobeyed orders - they were the perfect soldiers.

He supposed that he should have given the nations of the world a little longer than one hour to consider - but then it had been his first time delivering a global ultimatum - he had to allow for opening night jitters. Still, he reasoned, why should he give them more time? Surely they must have seen by now that any attempt to resist was useless. Best to keep up the pressure and gain faster results. And already, he was smugly pleased with the results.

Several dozen large cities across the globe had met the same fate as Beijing, New York, Moscow, and their other early targets. By his count, they now had several hundred million golem slaves at their command, and the other nations of the world still hadn't even found a way to battle their first wave of animated statues.

True, the targets he was really anxious to hit were being shielded somehow. He had no doubt it was the work of Probable's and Possible's hacker friends. His attempts to use the power of the Yono to petrify the Yamanouchi School had been thwarted. But, there was always the direct approach. With the level of tumult and global panic he was observing through Drakken's satellite feeds from the Ultra-Atmospheric Jammer, he felt confident enough that the time had fully arrived to step out and run an errand...

Maze was just getting up from resting after animating another wave of golems through the Jammer. It wasn't getting any easier. He remembered how simply animating one statue used to drain him so severely he needed an hour at least to recover. But the Ultra-Atmospheric Jammer was able to transmit that energy and beam it through the world's satellites to the point where he could affect entire cities. It was a much more efficient and effective way to focus his power, but the Jammer did nothing to reduce the strain of using that power.

He sighed, readying himself for another effort. Monkey Fist had said he would have several other cities ready by the time Maze had finished resting, along with a list of coordinates so he would know where to target. He saw Monkey Fist approaching, dressed in a black ninja outfit, different from the one he had been using over the last few weeks.

'You are wearing your old outfit again.' said Maze curiously. 'I thought you said your stone hands had difficulty with the claspings.'

'I made a special effort in this case.' said Monkey Fist with a slow smile, 'A long-awaited hour soon approaches when I will take my revenge on Kim Possible. I simply wished to dress properly for the occasion.'

'Indeed?' said Maze, his eyes narrowing. 'You speak as if you are leaving the lair. Need I remind you that you work under my direction - and the work is not yet complete? My people are still not under my rule, and until that happens I will not release you from the Yono's curse.'

'This won't take long.' said Monkey Fist, waving his hand. 'The cities I have petrified should keep you more than occupied during my little excursion. I will return soon to resume the labor. In the meantime, Dr. Drakken can assist you in directing our minions in their attacks.'

'I will be in the rear caverns selecting a suitable team of slaves to accompany me. When I come back, I will require you to open a shadow passage that will transport us to these coordinates.' He indicated a computer screen showing an image of a mountainous region with trees.

Maze considered. It was true that it would take him some time to animate golems in several different cities, and he would most likely have to rest between each use of his powers. 'Where exactly will you be going?' he said.

Monkey Fist was striding past the generator, away into the dimness of the inner caverns. He paused and looked back. 'To school.' he said quietly.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim and Kim-i-i had momentarily paused the battle and were simply standing at the ready position a few paces apart, staring at each other. Both were panting heavily, sweat was beading on their foreheads and running down their cheeks. Their stale-mated duel had stretched out for over half an hour, until without either of them speaking, as if they both had simply run out of steam at the same time, they had stopped for a breather. As she regarded her opponent, Kim couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

The giddy thrill had worn off, replaced by a growing frustration. With her every move being matched by Kim-i-i, Kim felt that the battle was endless, and would come down to which of them would first collapse from exhaustion.

She remembered what the Mystical Monkey had said - good guys want it more - that why they always win. Kim had never wanted to win more badly then she did right now. But Kim-i-i looked just as determined, just as intense. It was like she was fighting for something very important, something more than just victory.

Kim felt a surge of anger. Were her 'evil' counterpart's negative traits that important to her? Were they something she had carried and nurtured to the point that her double would fight this hard rather than give them up? She launched another flurry of attacks, and Kim-i-i rose to meet her, each of them striking, countering and blocking with mirror precision.

'Always gotta be the best, don't you?' said Kim, snarling.

'You know it!' Kim-i-i answered, smirking. 'But I guess you would, wouldn't you?'

Kim felt her strikes getting weaker with her weariness. But Kim-i-i seemed equally weary, with her own attacks becoming less powerful. Kim vaguely remembered one of Grimm's taunts about her fighting style. 'You fight like a stick of TNT. There's one big blast of energy, but if you can't finish the job in that one burst, you've got nothing left.'

But still she fought on - and on. She punched, kicked, blocked, leaped, flipped, vaulted, tried every trick she knew and even a few she hadn't remembered using before. But Kim-i-i seemed her total equal in every regard. Time passed and the battle continued until Kim was no longer certain exactly how long it had gone on.

She was gasping now, and so was Kim-i-i. Both were bruised and disheveled, their hair tangled, their outfits frayed at the cuffs of their sleeves. 'Why are you fighting so hard?' Kim panted. 'Is being number one that important to you? Why can't you give it up, just this once?'

Then Kim-i-i's eyes glistened with sudden tears. Kim blinked in surprise as two thick drops rolled down her eyes, mingling into the shining sweat that was already on her face.

'Don't you understand?' Kim-i-i said, her voice breaking. 'I can't give up! I have to beat you! It's the only way I can save Ron!'

Kim stood dumbstruck, unsure of what she had just heard. 'What?' she hissed.

'I swore I'd do whatever it takes to save him.' Kim-i-i said, glaring at her with a look of ferocious determination. 'I don't care how strong you are - I love Ron, and if I have to beat my evil self to a pulp to bring him back, then that's just what I'll do!' and she charged forward with a cry that echoed through the chamber.

'Wait...' Kim said, going on the defensive for the first time, 'Wait!'

'You think you're all that?' Kim-i-i snarled, unleashing a whirlwind of punches and kicks. 'Well you're not!! You never were!!'

Kim managed to block all of Kim-i-i's strikes, but those were nothing compared to her words, each of which drove into her very core. 'Wait!' she shouted, trying to make sense of it all.

But Kim-i-i seemed to be ignoring her now, utterly focused on what she was doing and saying, regardless of what Kim was doing.

'How could you treat Ron like that for all those years?' Kim-i-i shouted, tears streaming down her face. 'After everything he's done for you? There was so much you could have done to build him up - and instead you kept him down because you couldn't bear to have the spotlight on anyone but yourself!'

Kim struck back furiously. 'Shut up!' she yelled. 'That's not true! I've helped him...!'

Kim-i-i didn't relent; her hands and her feet were a blur of motion as she continued to strike at Kim. 'Oh you were fine when the spotlight was on him for a minute or so,' she said, her teeth gritted. 'But you didn't care because you thought he was just a stumble-bum who got lucky! You knew he'd screw up again and the attention would go right back to you where it belonged - right? And if it stayed off you for too long you went right into super-villain mode! You'd cheat, spread rumors, anything to get back on center stage! And the only times you actually wanted Ron to step up was when you could use him to get what you wanted!'

Kim was blocking desperately. Kim-i-i's strikes were unlike anything she'd ever faced. There was only one thing that could be driving it - and that was because Kim-i-i was fighting for something other than herself. 'Shut up!' Kim shrieked. 'I don't believe you!'

Kim-i-i had her backed up nearly to the opposite wall. 'Why won't you give up?' she said, crying even as she continued to strike. 'Why won't you let me save Ron? Is being number one that important? What kind of monster are you?!!'

And at last Kim-i-i landed a punch. Kim flew sprawling back, landing at the foot of one of the mirrors, and as she stood back up, she saw her reflection and flinched - because her skin was a livid blue. She saw Kim-i-i's reflection behind her as well. She seemed to have a pure, white glow surrounding her.

'No...' Kim said, turning to face Kim-i-i again.

'Don't you get it?' Kim-i-i said, looking down at her and shaking her head. 'I'm not evil Kim - you are!'

Kim shrank back against the mirror, looking away from her reflection to the skin on her arms. It was blue, and she started trembling. 'No.. No! It's not true!'

'You're Ron's worst enemy - and I have to defeat you!!'

Kim snarled at Kim-i-i. 'How can you say that?' she said, suddenly aware that she was crying herself. 'I'm not Ron's enemy, I love him!'

'Then why won't you let the evil go?'

And Kim looked back into the mirror, seeing herself staring back at her, her face as menacing and twisted as anything she had ever seen on Shego, or Drakken, or Monkey Fist. Kim-i-i was standing right behind her now, no longer attacking, but staring at her with eyes that pierced her like swords.

'You went out into the world to fight evil,' said Kim-i-i. 'How could you have brought it home with you? You welcomed it into your mind and your heart, because you thought it made you stronger, smarter and better! You didn't use death rays or doomsday machines to try and take over the world - but you were more than happy to use photo-ops and popularity contests! But when anything got in your way, you were as ruthless and manipulative as Drakken ever was! And Ron was always right there for you to step on whenever you wanted to look a little taller - wasn't he?'

Kim slid down, burying her face in her hands. 'No... That's not true, it can't be!'

'And you're still fighting to hold on to the evil.' said Kim-i-i, her voice now sounded almost pitying. 'You know what you have to do to save Ron, but you still can't bring yourself to do it! You have to let me save him!!'

And Kim understood. To save Ron she had to do something she'd never done before in her life. She had to give up.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Ron and Rhonda were surrounded by the formless, shadowy void of the spirit world. But they were both seeing Kim's battle against Kim-i-i, as if through a fogged window. Ron had been cheering for Kim loudly at first, but during the battle he'd lost track of which Kim was the real one several times and had to pause while he tried to tell them apart.

But as she saw Kim falter against Kim-i-i, and heard her accusations, Ron's mouth fell open in disbelief. 'Kim-i-i is a jerk!' he said. 'Kim's not evil - talk about whack!'

And as the fight continued, and he saw Kim fall to her knees with Kim-i-i prevailing against her, and invoking Ron to do it, his voice fell to a whisper. 'I didn't want this.' he said, shaking his head. 'Why is this happening to her? I never blamed Kim for anything bad that happened to me - I never blamed her for anything...'

'I don't think this is happening because you blamed her.' said Rhonda's voice softly. 'I think this is happening... because she blames herself.'

And even as Ron was watching, the chamber, Kim, and Kim-i-i became clearer and clearer to his eyes. Since he had been banished to the spirit world, nothing he had seen in any visions had seemed as close to being solid as they were now. He tried to lay his hand on Kim's shoulder, but was still unable to touch her. 'Kim...' he said softly, 'I don't know if you can hear me, but please. Don't hurt yourself because of me...'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim-i-i raised her head. 'He's close.' she said. 'He's always been right there beside you. Please let me win! This isn't for me - it's for the boy I love!'

'But how can I?' Kim said, unable to look herself in the face any longer. 'I don't lose! I'm Kim Possible - and I never lose...'


'You'd be surprised.' said Kim-i-i, holding out her hand. 'There are some victories that only make you weaker. Once you let the evil go, you'll wonder why you ever wanted to hold on to it in the first place. Kim - you can do anything. Just this once - for Ron - let it go.'

Kim laid her hand in Kim-i-i's hand and broke down, sobbing. 'You win...' she cried. 'I just want Ron back, that's all I ever wanted - I'm sorry!'

And Kim was alone in the mirror room, kneeling on the floor, her tears dropping heavily onto the brown stone. 'I'm sorry...' she wept, her voice sounded in a muffled echo through the chamber.

And then came the soft patter of approaching footsteps, and the wooden clunk of a staff. 'Congratulations, red.' said a gentle voice behind her. 'You win.'

She turned and saw the Mystical Monkey sauntering towards her from the doorway where she had entered, his staff tapping at each step. He was smiling, though his eyes were looking at her with pity. She was still sobbing, and she wiped her eyes with her glove. 'I... won?' she said. 'But I can't win, I have to give up so she can win...'

'And so you did.' said the Mystical Monkey. 'But she is you - so you still win. I gotta say, I was worried red. I hoped you would win, but there were times when I not sure you wanted to.'

'What do you mean?' she said. 'Of course I wanted to win...'

The Mystical Monkey shook his head and tutted. 'Spiritual journey, red.' he said. 'This not about beating up Monkey Fist or anyone else. This about you doing something you never done before - changing your mind and your heart - and really meaning it.'

Kim wiped her eyes again, but her sobbing had ebbed out. 'Why didn’t you just tell me that right away?' she said.

The Mystical Monkey shrugged. 'If I had - what would you have done?' he said.

'If it was just a matter of clicking my heels three times and saying 'There's no place like Ron', I'd have done it in like a second!'

'Funny you should mention Wizard of Oz!' said the Mystical Monkey, looking delighted. 'What good witch say when Dorothy ask her that same question?'

Kim shook her head. It had been ages since she'd seen the movie.

The Mystical Monkey put his face right up to hers so they were almost nose to nose. 'She say, it not enough to just say you want to go home. If I told you to say you sorry and you want him back - would you have really meant it? Or would you just say, 'OK fine, me sorry, now where he at?'

Kim lowered her head. Strong and piercing, the memory came back to her. 'When you want Chosen One back as badly as you wanted to breathe, then you will be ready.'

'I'd have thrown in, 'so not the drama', but yeah.' she said softly.

'And then you go right back to the way you were before.' said the Mystical Monkey. 'But not now. What I tell you, red? Good guys always win because they want it more - they suffer for it! That way they not forget! That way it mean something when they make a promise!'

'Why me?' said Kim. 'Why did I have to go through all of this just to be... sorry for stuff that happened in the past, sometimes years ago? It's not like Freshman Me and Senior Me were the same person - I've been changing. And other people who date have things they're sorry for. Out of all the couples in the world, why me?'

The Mystical Monkey shrugged. 'Yeah, not every girl on Earth go through what you did. But not every girl have a boyfriend who get banished to the spirit world by an evil shaman. That just the way it shook out for you, red. Sorry.'


Kim didn't look up. She felt the Mystical Monkey's finger under her chin and heard him speaking kindly. 'Buck up, red. There some people who would rather die than admit they wrong. Or worse - they let other people die rather than admit they wrong. Those the worst kind of people. They cling so hard to pride and the evil and they won't let it go. But you did it, red. And that a victory you can really be proud of.'

'But is it enough?' she whispered. 'I said I was sorry and I meant it. How can I make sure that if he comes back I don't just start treating him the way I always used to?'

The Mystical Monkey looked away, shaking his finger in the air. 'Ah....' he said quietly. 'Now that a tough riddle - not because there is no answer - but because the answer something that no one want to hear.' He looked back into Kim's eyes, his gaze suddenly bright and piercing. 'It take hard work, effort, guarding yourself every hour, every day! You ever get into a fistfight and someone bash you upside the head? It kinda hard to remember to turn the other cheek, right?'

Kim nodded.

'Then you gotta do what you can to remember, red. Even when things get tough. I did my best here to make sure it something you not forget easy. The rest up to you.'

Kim looked up at him. 'I understand.' she said simply.

The Mystical Monkey nodded. 'I know.' he whispered. 'And now I think.... you done everything that can be expected.' He paused and then held out his furry, knobby hand. 'So how about it, red? You want Chosen One back now?'

And Kim felt another sob welling inside her, a springing of emotional desperation which left her feeling every bit as breathless as she had when she thought she was drowning in the courtyard fountain. 'Yes!' she said, dashing the tears from her eyes.

The Mystical Monkey smiled and shuffled towards the center of the chamber. As he crossed the room, he waved off-handedly. 'By the way, pay no attention to the people behind the curtain!'

Kim turned to the side, seeing movement to her left out of the corner of her eye. Grimm Probable was walking into the room through a dark space where one of the mirrors had vanished. Behind him were Monique and Enrique. And behind them were Master Sensei and someone else she didn't recognize - a short, kind faced man who was dressed like an Indian Chief.

Sensei looked at the Mystical Monkey. 'Is all prepared, wise one?' he said, bowing to him.

'You betcha!' he answered, his eye glancing at Sakituya. Then he tapped his staff on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. 'Hey, big guy? You listening?'

There was a sudden explosion of bluish light in the chamber, and every mirror on the wall sent beams criss-crossing everywhere. A sphere of blue light grew until it revealed the gigantic form of the Great Bear Spirit, who sat on his haunches on the opposite side of the chamber, facing the Mystical Monkey like a tennis opponent.

'I have indeed, old friend.' came a deep rumbling voice that seemed to sound from everywhere. 'You have done well, as always.'

The Mystical Monkey waved dismissively. 'Yeah, yeah, yeah,' he said, 'You think you so cool with the big entrance. Let's do this thing.'

As if they were doing something they had long prepared for, Sensei and Sakituya took places on either side of the Great Bear and the Mystical Monkey. The Mystical Monkey was cracking his knuckles, and looked over at Kim and Grimm.

'What you two waiting for?' he said, smiling. 'Get in the circle - they your Chosen Ones - and it your love that gotta power this!'

Kim and Grimm glanced at each other, then Grimm stood between Sakituya and the Great Bear, while Kim stood between Sensei and the Mystical Monkey. The Monkey and the Bear began a series of low, soothing chants. She couldn't understand what they were saying, but an inexplicable feeling of stillness and peace seemed to wash over her, like warmth from a heater after coming in from a cold day outside. A white glow seemed to rise around them as the spirit entities continued to chant, a light that surrounded them all like a pale white dome. It was a light unlike anything Kim had ever seen before. It seemed to shine through her, making everything seem pale.

The Mystical Monkey and the Great Bear Spirit seemed like bright, white flames to her eyes, radiating brightness. Master Sensei and the Indian Chief had a similar glow that seemed to come from within them as they lent their voices to those of the Bear and the Monkey.

It might have been more understanding that Kim had gained in her battle with Kim-i-i, or perhaps some insight granted by her participation in the ritual itself, but Kim realized with a start that it was their spirits she was seeing.


She looked at her own arms and hands and saw a light kindled within herself, that seemed to be joined to the glistering dome that surrounded them all, connected by wispy, curling threads of light. She looked over at Grimm, and noted with some satisfaction that his spirit seemed darker than hers.

The Mystical Monkey and the Great Bear continued their low, mumbling chant for some time, until the pale light around them became stable, steady, and somehow more solid. The chanting stopped and all became very silent, but tense. 'Ok.' said the Mystical Monkey. 'Red? And not-so-red? You remember how you felt when you really, really want your Chosen Ones back?'

Kim and Grimm nodded.

'Hold that thought.' said the Mystical Monkey, then he raised his arms toward the ceiling.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

The swirling, murky shadows that had surrounded Ron and Rhonda for so long were suddenly broken. They shielded their eyes as a tiny pinprick seemed to tear the veils of darkness apart. After spending so much time in the shadows, the tiny rent seemed to blaze like a white star, though there was no heat.

There was a sound like rushing wind and the rip became wider and wider. They both unknowingly held hands. 'I think this is it...' said Ron. 'You ready to check out?'

Rhonda nodded, but did not answer. After spending so long in the spirit world, with only each other for company, the thought of deliverance - so long hoped for, so long denied. It seemed too much to hope for that it was really happening, like a dream she might wake from only to find herself alone in the dark once again.

Ron was walking forward towards the light, which was now a wide gaping doorway with vague shapes moving beyond. And his hand was pulling her with him. She followed his guidance and moved into the light...

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim shielded her eyes. Something was approaching as if from a distance, though it came from the center of the circle where they all stood. She saw a figure so bright, so piercingly white that it hurt her eyes to look at it. And it was moving - walking towards them, with another figure beside it. As she kept her arms raised against the shining glare before her, she saw her own spirit again, and it seemed dull and gray in comparison to the shining entity that was approaching her, like a creature made of light. She was wondering what new being this might be, when the figure suddenly stopped and raised one arm in the air, letting out a great shout.


And the blinding light faded. And Ron was standing in the middle of the circle, with Rhonda Fatigable standing next to him. His arm was raised and he was smiling as if he had never left.

Chapter 31


Author: Happy New Year! No, this isn't a trick or a tease - they're really back after so many chapters apart! No riddle next chapter either - the title is 'Reunions', and there will be reunions long-awaited as Kim and Ron are back together to face the menace of Monkey Fist and Maze. What will the reunion be like? After so much time apart - can anyone say 'pathos'? But even with the return of Ron and Rhonda, will it be enough? Don't miss the next chapters coming up as the new year starts off with a bang!

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