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Chapter 38:

Why wasn't there a Senior Prom episode of Kim Possible?


In the days that followed, Kim spent the passing time in a euphoric blur. She had other missions before the end of the school year, but they seemed fun because Ron was there. School was still tough, Barkin was still Barkin, and Bonnie was still snarky. But none of that mattered - because Ron was there.

She almost felt giddy at times, and had to fight to control it so she wouldn't act totally moonstruck when she saw him. Whether passing him in the halls between classes at school, or fighting alongside him on missions, she relished every moment she spent with him.

She'd often heard the saying, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder', but had never really understood it until then. Ron's disappearance, the long road of hardship and self-discovery she had endured to find him, had given her a new appreciation for him that she had never realized was so strong.

She found herself actually looking forward to doing homework, because it involved Ron being at her house, helping him to get caught up. The watchful eyes of her parents kept her focused on the homework itself, but being close to Ron somehow made going through books and solving problems feel as if she were curling up in front of a warm fireplace.

And there were other sources of good vibes as well. Monique had a definite spring in her step a few days after Kim and Ron had gotten back together. Kim didn't ask her why. She knew it was because the business where her mother worked had been given a grant by an anonymous source to rebuild and repair the damage caused by the Ubergolem.

It gave Kim a strangely warm feeling, knowing she had been able to donate Mr. Matter's money to help out her best friend as well as several others who had been affected by the golem attacks. Strange, because it was help she had given without any of the usual camera and media fanfare she got after her missions. But it felt good all the same.

What was more, the media had reported that several other philanthropists had heard of the anonymous fund, and donated to the repair effort as well. When Kim told Ron about it, he had offhandedly, but shrewdly said that sometimes all it took for people to pitch in and help out was for someone to lead the way.

( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - )

It was a short while after another school day. Kim and Ron were in a booth at Bueno Nacho getting a bite to eat before going off to their jobs. As the time drew towards when they had to leave, Kim sidled next to him and kissed him. Her surroundings seemed to fade away as she held his hand and their lips pressed softly together.

She finally drew back from him an inch or two, keeping his hand held tight in hers. 'Ron?' she said softly.

'Humnh?' Ron answered, sounding dazed.

'Next time order the butterscotch sundae.' she said.

'OK.' said Ron dreamily.

And she kissed him again.

'Ew!' came Bonnie's disgusted voice. She had been in line behind a few other students ordering their own meals, only a few feet away from the booth where Kim and Ron were seated. 'I'm out of here, I just lost my appetite!' she said testily.

'Grow up.' said Kim between kisses, not even looking towards Bonnie.

With a growl of exasperation, Bonnie stormed out of the restaurant. Tara and a couple other members of the cheer squad followed her.

'Come on, they kept it clean.' said Tara fairly. 'It's sweet.'

Bonnie snorted. 'I hope they never break up again.' she muttered.

Tara was surprised. 'That was almost nice.' she said.

'It's not for them.' said Bonnie, tossing her hair. 'Breaking up and getting back together made them even more disgusting than they were before. If it happens again, I don't think I could stand it.' And she stumped off in the direction of the mall.

( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - )

Like after the Diablo robot attacks, the world seemed to go back to normal rather quickly. Countries across the globe worked to repair the damage, and soon fell back into their normal patterns of quarrelling, rivalry and snarkiness.

But through it all, through school, missions, work and real life, Graduation was looming closer. Kim didn't dwell on it, because there still seemed like plenty of time before it happened. Ron was on track to finishing his homework. She was glad, because she wanted them both to graduate together.

Kim was coming home after cheer practice at the end of another school day. She was looking forward to later in the evening when Ron would arrive to continue with his homework. She was thinking wistfully about the moments when their hands might brush together to check some problems, or their heads would lean close while looking over a book....

'Mail, Kim.'

Kim went into the kitchen where her Mom was sifting through bills, coupon leaflets and other envelopes. On the counter was another pile of envelopes, and Kim sighed before scooping them up. 'More college applications?' she said. 'They're sending so many - how can I make up my mind when they keep piling choices on me?'

'You'll manage.' said Mrs. Dr. Possible fondly. 'You always do.'

Kim was thumbing through the envelopes when she suddenly froze. Among the official looking college letters and a couple of credit card offers, there was a plain green envelope. It listed only her name, and in the place where the return address should have been, there was nothing but a bold, purple question mark.

After running it through her Kimmunicator scanner and determining it wasn't booby-trapped, she opened the letter and fished out a single sheet of paper. She looked it over for a few seconds, then shook her head. 'I don't believe this...' she muttered.

( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - ) ( - )

Ron was over later in the evening. He and Kim were seated on the living room couch with school books and papers spread out around them on the coffee table and the cushions. At the moment though, Ron was reading through the letter.

To Ms. Kim Possible:

The DoD, working in conjunction with Black Ops, have arranged for a sanctioned return visit to the city of ??????. This is in gratitude for your recent assistance in thwarting the golem attacks, and aiding the departments of National Security in defending the United States from the super villain known as Monkey Fist.

You, your partner Mr. Stoppable, and a select group of friends and relatives are therefore cordially invited to attend Senior Prom at ?????? High School.

Should you accept this invitation, you agree to disavow any and all knowledge of the existence of said city, and place yourself under a non-disclosure agreement to never divulge this information to anyone. No electronic devices will be allowed, and all invited guests are to be informed that this is a simple VIP visit to another school.

Inform your computer technician, Wade Load, if you accept. Arrangements will be made through him, and one of our own experts.


Ron's mouth was wagging open as he finished. 'Is this from who I think it's from?' he said.

'Oh yeah.' said Kim with a rolling of her eyes. 'Check out the post script.'

Ron looked and sure enough, there was a hand written note at the bottom of the type-faced letter.

PS - Don't ask me why they're doing this. I'd just as soon let you rot in Middleton. So do us all a favor and tell the DOD to buzz off. - GP

PPS - As an added dis-incentive, they're planning to make you sing during the talent portion. Where they got the idea you had any talent is a mystery to me.

Ron let out a short breath that might have been a chuckle. 'So...' he said hesitantly, 'Are we gonna go?'

Kim imitated his half-chuckle. 'I had enough of them while you were away.' she said. 'The only reason I'd want to go back is to bust them, but I get the feeling they're arranging the circumstances to make tracing them impossible - again.'

'Oh.' said Ron, putting the letter down.

Something about his voice made Kim pause. 'Do you want to go?' she said.

Ron was scratching his head shyly. 'Well, the thing is, I never got to visit the place myself. I saw parts of it from the Spirit World, but it's not the same as being there.'

'But why would you want to?' said Kim.

'I know it would be awkweird.' Ron shrugged. 'But the prom rehearsal looked kind of fun. I'd like to see how the real thing plays out. Besides it's not the first time we've hung out with the bad guys. There was the time Drakken turned good. And Christmas when we had dinner with him. There was the time when Miss Go was in town, and when we helped Junior hook up with Bonnie...'

'Those were isolated incidents,' said Kim, leaning back into the couch. 'But... I guess so. Still, having our Senior Prom in Riddleton?'

'Sure, why not?' said Ron. 'I mean, it's not like there are a bunch of people out there who would be wondering why we didn't have Prom in Middleton.'

'Maybe.' said Kim. 'And it does sound like it would annoy Grimm.' she said, mischievously. 'Assuming he's not trying to reverse-psyche us into going there as a trap.'

'With Wade setting it up, what could go wrong?' said Ron optimistically. 'Besides, how could they trap you? You can do anything!'

Kim found herself considering. 'Well... with the world's greatest backup along for the ride, I guess I would be safe.'

Ron blinked. 'World's greatest?' he said. 'Who?'

Kim pulled him suddenly into a tender kiss, which she held for several seconds before slowly letting him go. She stared deeply into his eyes, enjoying the pleasured but befuddled look on his face.

At last he blinked. 'Oh... that guy.' he said, and relaxed as she swooped in for another kiss.

'A-hem!' came a deep voice, noisily clearing his throat. Kim and Ron pulled apart as Mr. Dr. Possible walked through the room on his way to the kitchen. His newspaper was folded and tucked under his arm and he was staring at them with narrowed eyes. 'I can still have that space probe readied, young man.' he said firmly. 'Studying doesn't require that sort of contact!'

Ron skittered a couple feet away from Kim, saluting. 'Yessir, Mr. Dr. P!' he said nervously. Both he and Kim raised their books again and resumed the worksheets Barkin had given them. After a few minutes in silence, Ron said in a low voice. 'So... what do you think?'

Kim's eyes fixed on the letter and its envelope. The large bold question mark seemed to leap up at her....



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