Chapter 3
Grimm Probable

Night fell gradually over the base. High above in the sky, a jet plane soared and two silent figures leaped from the jet. Two parachutes unfurled and the figures descended. The first landed neatly on the roof to the weapons facility. The second tripped as it landed and let out a squeal, quickly muffled as the first figure laid a hand over the other's lips.

The two figures dashed across the roof. From their backpacks, they unloaded several orb-shaped objects, then donned two gas masks. The first figure dropped an orb into each air conditioner vent, while the second threw one orb off the edge of each corner of the building. There was a sudden hissing, and with amazing swiftness, a grey mist billowed from the vents, and rose from each side of the facility.

The soldiers and guards barely had time to cough once before they fell unconscious to the ground. The mist spewed into every room in the base, and within moments, everyone was comatose.

The cieling inside the main weapons storage rooms was blasted apart. Debris and dust crumbled down, and then the two figures dropped to the floor. They stood in front of a reinforced vault door. The first figure clamped a box-shaped object to the door just next to the massive wheel which served as the vault handle.

Suddenly, the dark room was lit with a blaze of light. 'Hold it right there!' Kim stood, confronting the dark figure with Ron at her side. The other figure stood at the edge of the light, still half-hidden in shadow. 'You've just entered a no-creep zone!'

The figure tapped the box on the vault door and Kim saw that it was some kind of timer. The digital readout began ticking down. 'No-creep zone?' said the figure. 'That was totally unhip.' He turned around.

Kim's first impression was that he looked somewhat like Josh Mankey. But there were differences. His face was slightly more rounded. He was shorter, but looked more athletic. His eyes were hazel and his spiked hair swooped forwards, not back. He was wearing a black shirt and brown cargo pants - exactly like theirs. He smiled wryly at them.

'You're late, Kim Possible.' he said. 'I expected you to try and stop me before I took out the guards. At least then they would have been awake to help you. I suppose you thought it would be cooler to jump me inside the base. So the drama.'

'Who are you?' Kim asked, staring at the newcomer.

'Grimm.' he said, smiling broadly. 'Grimm Probable.'

'No way!' said Ron. He turned to Kim. 'He's... he's like you with a Y chromosome!' He turned to Grimm again. He couldn't be sure in the light, and found himself asking before he could stop himself. 'Is your hair red?'

Grimm frowned slightly. 'It's auburn. Deal with it.'

Ron jumped forward. 'Well we still outnumber you Mr. Auburn-hair! Deal with that!'

'Outnumbered?' said the second figure. 'What am I doofus-boy, chopped liver?'

A shadowy figure flipped forward. 'Whaauuuuuuahh!' came a squeaking voice. 'Whaaaauuuuugh yayayayayya!!!' Then the figure tripped and fell down beside Grimm. It was a girl, who looked about Kim's age. Her face was more oval than rounded though. Her blonde hair was pony-tailed and her face sported freckles on either cheekbone. She wore a black shirt and cargo pants, identical to Grimm's outift. She flipped up onto her feet and struck a fighting pose next to Grimm.

'Smooth entrance, Rhonda.' said Grimm with a faint smile.

Kim and Ron gaped. 'Rhonda?' said Ron, his voice rising to a squeal. 'No way!!'

'That's right, losers!' said the girl, striking various kung-fu poses. 'Rhonda Fatigable is in the hay-ouwwwwse!'

'I don't believe this!' said Kim.

Grimm shrugged. 'Hey - she's a bit of a klutz, but she always comes through in a pinch.'

Rhonda's face shone brightly. 'Been best friends since Pre-K!' She and Grimm tapped fists and smiled.

'This is freaking me out!' said Ron, waving his hands around frantically as if he were being attacked by bees. 'Next she'll be saying she spent one horrible childhood summer at camp!'

'What?' Rhonda said, her face blanching. 'Who... who told you that?' Beside her, Grimm sighed and shook his head.

Ron's mouth fell open. 'Was it... Camp Wannaweep?'

'No! Kamp Kwitcherbeliakin.' said Rhonda, her face falling.

Grimm covered his face with a hand. 'Oh man,' he said, 'do not get her started on Kamp Kwitcherbeliakin....'

'Worst summer of my life!' Rhonda wailed, a faraway look in her eyes.

'And yet you won't stop talking about it....' Grimm muttered.

'Stop it!!' Ron squealed. 'You guys are totally ripping us off!'

Grimm stared icily at him. 'Hey, we were here first.' he said. 'That means you're ripping us off!'

'Sorry to break up the awkwierdness,' said Kim. 'But you're both are tresspassing - and that's more than enough to put your ripped-off butts in jail!'

Grimm raised an eyebrow. 'You really are unhip.' he said. 'And stupid if you think you can stop us. You see that timer on the wall of the vault? Once it hits zero this vault will crack wide open and all the weapons inside it will be ours for the taking.'

'Not gonna happen!' Kim said, standing at the ready.

'Gonna!' said Rhonda.

'Bring it on.' said Grimm, twitching his fingers in a 'come get me' gesture. 'I've been looking forward to matching skills with you since we set up this caper. You're about to learn the difference between all things possible - and all things probable!'

Kim advanced slowly. 'You sent that note - to lure us here!'

'Wait a minute!' said Ron, staring at Grimm. 'You read Teen Scene?'

Grimm paused a moment, then turned to Rhonda. 'I told you not to use Teen Scene to paste up the letter.' he said, shaking his head. 'It's too girly.'

Rhonda dug the floor with her toe. 'But the perfume samples are so nice...'

Kim dashed forward, flipping and landing in front of Grimm. She lashed out with a quick strke, but Grimm neatly blocked her. She followed with roundhouse kicks, but Grimm leaned almost casually so they missed him.

Ron looked at the vault door. He had a clear run at the timer, and started dashing across the room towards it. He didn't doubt for a moment that Kim would mop the floor with this Grimm character, but he figured it couldn't hurt to break Grimm's little toy. But as he circled the room and made for the vault, Rhonda landed in front of him, blocking his way.

'Sorry doofus-boy, but no one interrupts the G-man at work!' said Rhonda, striking a pose that looked more comical than combat-ready.

'Hate to break it to you, but your boyfriend's going down!' said Ron, putting up his best Monkey Kung-Fu stance.

Rhonda's looked suddenly uncomfortable. 'He's not my boyfriend!' she said, a pink tinge flushing on her cheeks beneath her freckles. Then she started screaming, high and shrill. 'Hoyaaaaaaaah! Ya-ya--ya-ya-yahhhhh!' she cried, leaping to the attack.

Ron spun around and went into a defensive crouch. 'Boooyaaaaaah! Wah-wa-wa-wa-waaaaaaah!!' he squealed, then leapt to meet her.

They half-collided, half tumbled in mid-air, both of them landing in a tangled crash on the floor. They rose up, both of them still wailing their battle-cries, and their arms became a blurry mirror as they both began slapping at each others hands, their faces turned away from each other, their eyes squinted shut, trying to break through each others defenses.

'Hey! Ow!' Ron squealed. 'Ow! Ow ow ow ow ow!!!'

'Ouch!' Rhonda said. 'Ow! ow ow ow ow ow!!!'

'Rufus!' Ron shouted. Rufus darted out of Ron's pants pocket with a high pitched 'Heyahhh!'

But at the same moment, Rhonda cried out too. 'Rueful!!' Her backpack zipped open and a small weasel scurried out, crawling down her shoulder. It jumped into the air with a shrill 'Hiyaaaa!!!' Both animals collided, just as Ron and Rhonda had done, and fell to the floor where they both began slapping at each other in nearly perfect imitation of what their masters were doing.

'Ow! No.. ow! ...way!' Ron said, gaping while still fending off Rhonda's slaps.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim stared in amazement. Ron and Rufus were both being occupied by Rhonda and Rueful. The timer was still beeping it's countdown.
Grimm stood between her and the vault. 'Come on, Kim.' he said coolly. 'Those two can sort things out for themselves. If you want to stop me - you'll have to get past me on your own.'

'Not a problem,' she said, going into her fighting stance. 'Haven't you heard? I can do anything!'

Grimm raised an eyebrow. 'Oh really?' he said, with a faint smirk. 'Then prove it. Can you surrender?'

Kim paused. If she said no, she'd be contradicting what she just said - but if she said yes....

Grimm let out a soft, barking laugh. 'Gotcha there, didn't I?' he said.

Kim growled. This guy was really getting on her nerves. She flipped, jumped and launched at him in her best flying kick. But Grimm merely shifted his stance and she tumbled harmlessly past him. She continued the roll, landing steady on her feet, then backflipped, jumping at him again. He ducked smoothly and cartwheeled to the side before standing up and facing her again, still with that relaxed smile on his face, as if he found the whole thing amusing.

Kim approached him more cautiously. She was not afraid. She had never been afraid of anyone, and she wasn't going to start with this bizarre opposite. But she had become almost used to the cheerleader leap and flying kick combo catching her opponents flat-footed, and found herself momentarily baffled that it wasn't working on Grimm. 'Nice moves.' she said evenly as they circled each other.

'Thanks.' Grimm said, smiling. 'Wish I could say the same to you, Kim. But frankly, your moves are slipshod and amatuerish. I was told you were 'all that' - but you're not!'

Kim froze. 'Drakken.' she said softly. 'You work for Dr. Drakken?' She glanced quickly to either side, expecting Shego to charge into the fray.

Grimm only smiled that cool and calm smile at her. 'If you want answers, you know how to get them. Or maybe you can only beat your opponents by boring them into submission!'

With her teeth gritted in fury, Kim charged at him.

Ron and Rhonda were still slapping each others hands.

'Ow! Ow ow ow! Owwwwww!' Ron yelled.

'Ow ow ow! Ow! Owwww!' Rhonda wailed.

'Ow ow! Hey! Hey! Come on, this is getting us nowhere!' Ron said, pulling back for a moment.

Rhonda pulled back too, staring angrily at him. 'Agreed!' she said.

They both stood, panting and staring for a moment. Then just as quickly, they stepped forward and started slapping again.

'Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow ow ow!! Ouch! Ow!!!'

Meanwhile, Rufus and Rueful were circling each other, both growling and baring their teeth. They met and clashed, rolling and twisting in a fighting ball of naked pink skin and soft brown fur. Rufus emerged on top, grasping one of Rueful's feet and tickling it hard. 'Koochie-koochie-koo! Koochie-koochie-koo!' he squeaked gleefully while Rueful let out a high pitched, chittering laugh. Tears of hilarity were leaking from Rueful's eyes, but he twisted his long body and grabbed one of Rufus' feet, tickling it with his furry paws.

'Katoochie! Katoochie!' Rueful said, and Rufus twitched and began laughing. They both rolled and twisted as they tickled each other's feet, both laughing fit to burst. And all the while, the timer on the wall continued it's insistent countdown.

Kim threw punches and kicks in rapid succession, but found each blow neatly countered by Grimm. He still seemed relaxed, almost like he thought she was funny. 'You split your focus in too many directions, Kim Possible.' said Grimm, with the air of teaching a lesson to a student who just didn't get it. 'You're not as good as you might be. Your fighting style is just one example. I can tell that you know at least ten different styles....'

'Sixteen!' said Kim proudly, squaring off against him again and trying to manuver him into a position better to strike.

'Whatever.' said Grimm, shrugging. 'But I can also tell what you're thinking. Do I strike with Bajiquan or Huquan? Should I feint with Tae Kwon Do or Zi Ran Men? You've studied so many different styles they all get muddled in your brain and you can't decide which one to use until it's too late.' He spoke calmly, even as he continued blocking blow after blow.

Kim felt a surge of anger as he spoke, and struck harder, faster. But Grimm blocked each move she made. 'You're half-way decent at sixteen forms of kung fu.' he said. 'I've only studied one - but I've mastered it! The most flexible and all-encompassing form of Kung Fu - Tai Shing Pek Kwar!'

Kim stared in shock. 'Monkey Kung Fu?' she said. 'No way!!'

'That's why you can't touch me, Kim. I know Tai Shing Pek Kwar so well I can counter any of your half-baked moves. You may be able to do anything - but you don't do anything very well!'

Kim felt hot fury boiling up inside her. She launched a flurry of blows, just as she had on the night in Bueno Naco headquarters when she was fighting Shego. Her hands were a blur of motion and she redoubled her efforts. But Grimm weaved and sidled away from each blow with seemingly relaxed ease. Then he suddenly lashed out with one outstretched palm, and Kim fell sprawling back onto the floor. Grimm slowly reverted to a ready position as Kim got to her knees and stood up.

'So.. you've got no problem hitting girls?' she said darkly, feeling a sharp pain in her ribs.

Gimm smirked. 'What can I say? I'm an enlightened guy. When girls ran around all those years saying they wanted 'equal treatment', I thought they were serious.' He looked down at her as she continued getting to her feet. 'Were you actually going to try and hide behind the old 'don't hit me, I'm just a girl' routine? How pathetic can you get? Better try something else Kimmy. The clock is ticking!'

Kim looked over Grimm's shoulder to the timer on the wall. Counting down to zero. She pulled out her hair dryer/grappling hook launcher and fired it into the cieling. She saw another grappling hook hit the cieling only a few feet away from her own. She started swinging around in a smooth arc, seeking to speed around Grimm and reach the timer from the side, but as the winch in the dryer pulled her up, she found Grimm swinging right beside her.

She lashed out with a kick, but her leg and Grimm's crossed in mid-air. They both arched and kicked, and wound up pushing off from each other. Kim flipped and landed, with Grimm landing a few feet in front of her. He was still standing between her and the timer.
'Try something better.' he said with a wink.

Kim looked at the timer, guaging the distance. She pulled the scrunchie from her ponytail and with a flick, she sent it flying toward the blinking red button on the timer. At once, Grimm took something out of his pocket and with a smooth motion he threw it. It struck Kim's scrunchie in mid-flight and deflected it neatly away from the timer. Kim stared in stunned disbelief as the object he had thrown skidded to a stop on the floor.

'Was that... a boy scout knife?' said Kim.

Grimm was staring too. 'Was that... a scrunchie?' he said.

They stared at each other. 'Tick-tock, Kim Possible.' Grimm said, going back into a ready stance, waiting for her next move.

'Wade!' said Kim, whipping out her Kimmunicator. 'I need a remote deactivation!'

'I'm on it!' said Wade's voice.

Grimm had pulled out his own communicator. 'Jade - we've got static!' he said.

'I'm on it!' said a voice through the speaker.

Kim gaped. 'Jade? No way!!'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Wade was typing quickly, going through routines and safety locks which protected the timer device from remote tampering. Whoever had set it up was good, but in just a few seconds he'd have it hacked....

A window opened on his monitor, showing a young girl, who looked about the same age as him. She looked asian, thin and pretty, and had colored streaks in her spiky hair. 'I don't think so, hacker-boy!' she said, smiling. He saw her typing on her keyboard.
Immediately, one of the safety locks he had disengaged was re-sealed, then another. She was blocking his intrusion attempts, re-writing the code....

'Bring it on, hacker-girl!' he said, smiling and cracking his knuckles. Both of them hunched over their keyboards, typing madly. For several moments, they dueled electonically, with Wade cracking codes and penetrating safety routines, only to find new ones being laid in place, and others re-sealed.

He sweated, glancing up, seeing that she was glacing at him, beads of sweat running down her own face. He kept at it, keeping on the pressure. All the while, he used every other tap of his hands to keep probing, trying to find her IP address.... Finally he thought he had it, and launched the spike program he had been preparing while he dueled with Jade.

In her dark computer room, Jade's computers suddenly went off, the monitors fading black and a couple of them sparking. 'Oh man!!' she said angrily.

'Ha!' Wade said, flush with triumph. She had been good, but he had used their duel to distract her while he readied his trap. It would take Jade some time to restore her systems, and in the meantime he would be free to...

Suddenly his own monitors turned off, his computers suddenly deactivated. Only his main screen remained on, with a jpeg image of Jade's smiling face and underneath it, the words 'You've been JADED!'

'Oh man!!!' Wade said in dismay. She had planted her own bug in his system, and he hadn't even noticed. He started working feverishly, rewiring his system, trying to restore power. He hoped Kim could manage, because this time he couldn't do anything to help her...

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim looked around desperatly. Ron and Rhonda were still engaged in their ridiculous slap-fight while Rufus and Rueful continued tumbling around the room. Her Kimmunicator had gone black. Wade was gone, and the timer was still counting inoxerably to zero. She was face to face with an enemy who seemed able to counter her every move, and for the first time in her life, she felt worried that she couldn't stop him.

'It's just you and me, Kimmy.' he said. 'No friends to carry the water for you this time!'

She leaped at him with a desperate cry, her foot extended in another flying kick. For a moment she thought it would connect. But Grimm deflected it with another circular sweep of his arm. His other forearm connected with her chest and he whirled around, slamming her to the floor and pinning her.

The timer clicked to ten.... nine.... eight...

She struggled widly, but Grimm countered and twisted her arm behind her as she rolled, pinning her against the floor again.
seven... six... five... four...

Kim could see the timer and felt a wash of fear creep over her.
three... two... one...

The timer hit zero with a loud buzzing sound. But nothing happened. Grimm flipped backwards and away from Kim, standing on the pile of rubble beneath the hole in the cieling. 'Rhonda, we're done here!' he said.

She broke off from her contest with Ron and dashed to him, standing by his side. 'Rueful!' she shouted, and the weasel darted away from Rufus, across the room and leaped onto Rhonda's shoulder.

Kim surged to her feet. Ron, panting heavily, sauntered over beside her, Rufus scurrying at his heel. The vault remained closed fast, but Grimm fired his grappling hook into the air. The line went taut and Rhonda put her arms around his neck. 'You... weren't after the weapons?' Kim said.

Grimm smiled. 'I couldn't care less about that junk,' he said. 'I was only sent to make sure you were kept busy while my client made his own move. The timer was just to let me know when he was finished.' The winch in his grapple-gun whirred. He, Rhonda and Rueful shot up through the hole in the cieling.

Kim gritted her teeth, taking out her own grapple-gun and firing again. 'Come on!' she shouted, taking Ron by the hand. They both flew upwards as the winch pulled them. It wasn't too late - she could still head them off. But Grimm reached in his pocket with his free hand and took out another pocket knife, sending it in a whirling arc where it neatly severed the line of Kim's grappling hook.

Ron wailed as they crashed in a graceless heap on the floor. They got up, a cloud of dust rising around them, the rope from her grapple gun falling in coils on top of them. From far above, they heard a gloating shout.

'Hey, Kim!' Grimm's voice echoed down. She and Ron looked up. Grimm was leaning over the edge of the hole in the cieling, looking down at them. There was a brilliant flash of light and she saw him put a camera into his backpack. 'I'm calling this one "A portrait in unhip!"

'That's a keeper!' yelled Rhonda, waving down to them. Then she shouted at the top of her lungs, 'Booo-YAH!' and she darted away, swallowed up by the darkness outside.

Kim and Ron sat on the floor, still looking up where Grimm and Rhonda had escaped. 'No.... way....' said Ron quietly.

Chapter 4:
Enemy Mine

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