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Chapter 2
Small and Simple Things

High above Middleton, a jet plane was soaring. The side door opened and Grimm peered out into a blue void streaked with white clouds. Rhona stood behind him, looking out much more nervously. 'Time to bail.' said Grimm, staring down at the city which was laid out beneath them like a patchwork quilt. He turned back towards the cockpit. 'Thanks for giving us a lift, Senor Senior Sr.' he called out.

'It was my distinct pleasure, Mr. Probable.' came the soothing, sonorous voice of the evil billionaire. 'It is the least I could do after your help engineering my latest jailbreak.'

'No big.' he answered. 'Anyone could have hijacked the prison's PA system to broadcast a hypnotic signal which made all the guards think you'd been paroled.'

Rhonda was breathing hard as she steadied herself against the frame of the hatch. 'Steady girl...' she said. ''ve free-fallen lots of times....'

'And here's one more.' said Grimm, leaping out of the hatch and pulling her after him.
'Aaaaah!' she screamed.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Later still, Kim dashed into her house, pounding up the stairs towards her room. School was over, practice had ended, and lunch with Ron had gone by faster than she would have liked. Luckily Wade had not called with any missions, for she had only fifteen minutes to get ready for her job at Club Banana.

'How was your day, honey?' said Mrs. Possible, her head poking out of the kitchen.

'So not over!' she said, rounding the stairs and heading to her room to change clothes. When she got upstairs, she saw Jim and Tim, fiddling with her computer and her I-pod. 'Out, tweebs!' she said hotly. 'So not in the mood! And anything you did to my stuff, you undo it when I leave or I'll make sure Mom and Dad hear about your attempted takeover as school photo-journalists!'

'Talk about a....' said Jim.

'...killjoy.' said Tim. They both picked up their tools and glared as Kim pushed them out and slammed the door behind her.
Within a few minutes, she was changed and coming down the stairs, heading for the door.

'Don't forget you've got chores before bed.' came her father's voice from the kitchen. Kim poked her head in. She remembered the chore list with an exasperated groan.

'Can I put it off 'till tomorrow?' she said. 'Been one of those days.'

Her Mom and Dad were both seated at the table, drinking coffee. Her dad looked up from the newspaper, his eyes sympathetic but firm. 'Sorry there, Kimmy-cub.' he said. 'But you know the chore list SOPs. Each one has to be done by a certain day, and the deadline on vacuuming is tonight.'

'But Dad.....!' she said, using her poutiest voice and pointing at her watch. He sighed and shook his head firmly.

'Now dear,' said her Mom, her voice equally sympathetic but pitiless, 'Jim and Tim have done theirs already, it wouldn't be fair to make them do yours.'

Dr. Possible looked at his wife. 'You know, we could relax the deadline if she cuts back on her practice and dating time.....'

Kim sighed heavily. 'I'll do it as soon as I get home!' she said, stepping toward the door.

As she made her way to work, Kim was mentally re-arranging bits and pieces of her schedule, trying to figure out how to work everything in. Why did they all have to make life so difficult? She wondered briefly if any of her arch-enemies ever had to worry about stuff like this.
Soon she could see the mall looming ahead of her. Her mind was still on her schedule, only half paying attention as she threaded her familiar path towards Club Banana. Through flowing traffic, on the other side of the street, she did not see two people walking down the sidewalk, arm in arm....

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

'So this is Middleton.' said Rhonda, looking around. 'Kim Possible lives here? I hate it already.' Rueful was in her backpack. She could feel him breathing softly, his expanding and deflating lungs pressing gently against her back as he slept.

'I know.' said Grimm. His eyes were more focused. 'Keep an eye out in case you spot either of them. We don't want them to see us until we've set everything up.' He took out his communicator. 'Time, Jade.' he said. 'Are you sure about their schedules?'

'Sure as shootin.' Jade chirped with a stage western accent. 'In fact, Kim just passed you on the other side of the street. She works at a place called "Club Banana" in the Middleton Mall.'

Grimm's head snapped over his shoulder to look at the Mall. He saw a head of red hair disappearing into the building, and felt Rhonda's arm tense as she gripped him harder.

'No way!' she said. 'That's the outlet where we get all our mission clothes!'

'Never mind for now.' he said, holding her arm steady in his. 'Is the package delivered?'

Jade chimed in again. 'Should be in his mailbox ATM.' she said. 'He won't be home for another couple of hours.'

'That's more than enough time to get ready.' Grimm said.

'There's something else.' said Jade. 'I went through the data again and found some of the more confidential stuff in Wade's notes. There's some things about Stoppable you might want to know...' She fed the data to Grimm's communicator.

Grimm's eyes flickered as he read. 'Oh man,' he said, shaking his head. 'This is just too good....'

'What is it?' said Rhonda.

'An opportunity,' said Grimm, 'to hit three birds with one stone.'

'Are you sure about this, Grimm?' said Rhonda. 'I mean, we're gonna be relying on doofus-boy for it to work.'

'I know.' said Grimm. 'But Stoppable is more dangerous than he looks. According to this, he has Mystical Monkey Power. As good as I am at Tai Shing Pek Kwar, Ron Stoppable has the potential to defeat me.'

'No way!' said Rhonda.

'Way.' said Grimm. 'The catch is, he doesn't know how to unlock that potential. He just needs... focus. And we're going to dish it up for him on a silver platter.'

'You want to show him how to defeat you?' said Rhonda, baffled.

'No,' Grimm replied. 'I said we'd show him focus. And if we focus him correctly, he won't want to defeat us at all.'
Rhonda was even more puzzled, but said nothing.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Later, Kim handed a plastic bag with the Club Banana logo on it to a customer, who took it with a smile and headed towards the door. 'Thanks for shopping at Club Banana!' she said cheerily. But as soon as the customer was gone, she slumped and sighed.

Monique crooked her neck and looked at her. 'Girl, you look as worn out as last month's catalogue.'

'Sorry, Monique.' she said with a yawn. 'I've totally got a two-ended candle sitch going on.'

Monique waved her hand. 'You've been through this before. If you can hog-tie super-villains, you can handle real life no prob.'

'It's not just that.' Kim said. 'Just once I'd like the people in my life who are always heaping it on to start pulling their weight.'

'Why do I sense the word 'twins' will be coming up soon? said Monique with a smile.

'Twins!' Kim said, shaking her head. 'Not to mention the rents, and Bonnie, and homework, and....'

'Roooooon!' Monique waved, smiling as Ron stepped into Club Banana. He looked like he had come straight from work. He was still wearing his Smarty-Mart vest, and he looked immensely pleased about something.

'Good evening, ladies!' he said, with a flourishing bow. 'And may the Ronster say you are both looking razor-edge fine?'

'Someone's treading cloud 9.' said Monique, looking to Ron, then to Kim and back again with a sly gleam in her eyes.

Ron closed his eyes and adjusted the lapel of his vest. 'I attribute that to the fact that I'm in the same room as the most wonderful girl in all of Middleton and beyond,' he said unabashedly. 'But tonight there's even more to it than that!'

Kim looked up. 'What's the sitch?' she said.

Ron handed a piece of paper to Kim. It looked like a fancy coupon, embossed and printed on card stock with the Bueno Nacho logo stamped on the back. 'Check it out Kim! Found it in the mail today! Came right over to show it off!'
Kim read:

'To Mr. Ronald Stoppable: Due to your faithful patronage of our fine establishment, you have been selected as a winner in the latest Bueno Nacho promotional campaign to our valued customers. You are hereby invited to participate in the Bueno Nacho 'There-Is-Such-A-Thing-As-A-Free-Lunch' giveaway.
Simply present this certificate at the following address, which marks the location of our newest branch, and you will be treated to an all-you-can-eat feast, courtesy of Bueno Nacho Inc.'

'Wow - congrats, Ron.' said Kim, handing him back the certificate.

Ron was beaming like the sun on a stick. 'Valued customer!' he said. 'Bueno Nacho knows the score!' He looked at Kim. 'The coupon didn't say I couldn't bring a guest.' he said. 'Whaddaya say, KP? Care to see exactly what it means when Ron Stoppable is given an all-you-can-eat ticket?'

Kim felt uncomfortable. 'Can't.' she said. 'I'm already on thin ice here after the last couple of missions.'

Ron slouched visibly. Poking his head out of Ron's pants pocket, Rufus mirrored his posture. 'Awwwww!' he squeaked.

'But don't let that stop you.' she said. We'll hook up at your place later.'

Ron looked up again, but smiled. 'Won't be the same without you, KP.' he said. 'Well, the food probably won't taste any different, but still....'

'Have a blast, RS!' she said warmly, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

Ron's knees nearly buckled. 'Whaugh... oooh.... uh.... woah!' he said, staggering backwards. By the time he stopped wobbling, he was outside of the store. He waved at Kim through the plate glass display window, grinning sheepishly, and was soon out of sight.

Monique was still looking slyly at her. 'Girl, he has got it bad for you!'

Kim smiled. Another customer was coming into the store. As she got ready to greet the newcomer, she muttered under her breath to Monique. 'Bad isn't the word I would use.....'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Ron parked his scooter in front of a small building. He was still feeling warm fuzzies from the kiss, but that faded as he looked at his surroundings. The building was dark, dim and grungy looking, flanked by taller buildings on either side which formed dark alleys, making it seem even darker by comparison. The shadows of the surrounding structures cast black lines over the building while the sun slowly set. He looked at his coupon again, wondering if he got the address wrong. But he looked at the plate glass window in front of the building and saw a large, festive sign that read, "Coming soon to this location - Bueno Nacho!" He felt reassured, and followed an arrow sign down into one of the alleys.

'Yeesh, Rufus.' he said. 'I hope they aren't expecting much floor traffic without a serious remodel....'

'Mm-mm! Mmm-mm!' said Rufus, looking around from Ron's pocket.

It was even darker in the alley, but a buzzing light and another sign marked the entrance. Ron opened the door and went in. It looked like a Bueno Nacho outlet, if a bit stark. There was a counter with a backlit menu posted behind, and one chair in the middle of the room. A girl stood behind the counter, poised as if waiting to take an order. She was wearing a Bueno Nacho uniform, and also a sombrero which was pulled down a little so he couldn't see her face properly. But she smiled as Ron came in.

'Good evening!' said Ron, waving his arm and presenting his coupon with a flourish. 'Contest winner Ron Stoppable has arrived and is ready to claim his prize!' Rufus had his head poked expectantly out of Ron's pants pocket.

'Cheese! Num num numnumnum!' he squeaked eagerly, sniffing the air. Rufus paused, for he couldn't smell any cheese, nor smell any food being cooked or prepared at all.

'Hey there contest winner!' said the girl, her head still tilted slightly down. 'Congratulations on winning the first ever Bueno Nacho There-Is-Such-A-Thing-As-A-Free-Lunch-Giveaway!'

Rufus recognized the voice. He let out a little gasp and tugged at Ron's pants, trying to get his attention, but Ron was already looking up at the menu. The girl continued speaking. 'I sure hope you're hungry, cause you're about to choke it down!' Then she slowly looked up and Ron felt an icy chill. Taking off her sombrero, the girl released a cascade of blonde hair and Rhonda Fatigable stared at him with a look of mischievous triumph.

'Rhonda?' said Ron, his voice rising to a squeal.

Ron heard the door slam behind him and saw Grimm Probable standing there, blocking the way out. 'Hello, Ron.' he said with a smirk. 'Been a while.' He stepped forward and Ron backed into the counter, then yelped and jumped forward as Rhonda came up behind him.

'Yeah!' she said, vaulting over the counter. 'You never call, you never write! I thought we had something special!'

Ron tried to make a break for the door, but Grimm and Rhonda each took him by an arm and he found himself flung back into the chair.

Rufus leaped out of Ron's pocket and started scurrying toward the doorway, but a small weasel leaped out and blocked his way with a chittering laugh. Rufus reared up as Rueful approached him. He was ready to make a dash around him when suddenly a blackness descended from above and with a metallic clang, Rhonda swept Rufus into a metal cage. There was a loud click as a lock snapped to. Rufus scampered around inside the box for a moment, but the only way out was the now solidly locked door and some tiny air holes that he could barely fit a whisker through.

'Uh oh!' he said. He peered out through one of the air holes and saw Grimm and Rhonda closing in on Ron.

'So let me understand this,' Ron said feebly, 'There aren't any Nacos here?'

'No.' said Grimm, smiling down at his cringing captive. 'But we did bring some just desserts.'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim walked by Ron's house, expecting to see him on the porch. But he wasn't there. She knocked on the door and Mrs. Stoppable answered. 'Oh, hello there Kim.' she said, her voice as matronly and kind as ever.

'Hi Mrs. Stoppable.' she said politely. 'Have you seen Ron?'

'No.' she said, shaking her head. 'He hasn't come back from Smarty Mart yet. We assumed he was out with you.'

Kim walked down the sidewalk towards her own house after saying good night. It wasn't like Ron not to show up without calling. Still, she thought, he did have an all-you-can-eat ticket. She could imagine him, still gorfing out at Bueno Nacho, completely unaware of what time it was. She checked her watch. It was getting late, and she still had homework to do, and her chores. She continued on her way home, planning to call the next morning. She thought about calling Wade to see if he could track where Ron was, but changed her mind.

'Come on, Kim.' she said to herself. 'So not the drama.' She imagined how the call might go, with her asking Wade to locate Ron when she'd only seen him a couple of hours ago. She could practically hear Wade responding in a comically exaggerated voice - 'Aw - does Kimmie miss her Ron-Ron?' She did - but she continued on her way home, hoping he was having fun.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

In another part of town on a hilltop, there was a massive warehouse, surrounded by a chain link fence. It was dark and abandoned, with signs saying 'keep out' posted here and there, hanging on the fence by wires.

Inside, Grimm and Rhonda thrust Ron into another chair. Shackles snapped up over his wrists and ankles, locking him in place. He struggled for a moment, then gasped and sat still. 'Look, what do you guys want?' he said. 'If it's about the thing with the electro-magnets, even you have to admit they worked pretty good....'

'Oh yeah, they worked.' said Grimm, a flicker of annoyance in his voice. 'But as to what we want? Even a pink sloth like you must have figured it out by now.' said Grimm.

Ron sat up. 'How did you know I was a....'

'We know everything about you, Ron Stoppable.' he said. 'We've made quite a study of you actually - just like your partner has. The difference between her and us is - we're being honest with you about it.'

'You are so off the charts with me here.' said Ron, looking back and forth at them.

'Then it's time we explained a few things.' said Grimm. 'You've probably noticed that we have a lot of jamming equipment set up at the moment. It's so Wade can't track you.'

Ron stared at them, and looked around in confusion. There were indeed a lot of dishes, aerials and other gadgets set up. 'Track me? Dude, you are so out if it!'

Grimm smiled. 'That's right - they don't trust you enough to tell you. But I'm here tonight to give you the truth. Did you ever wonder, with as many times as you've been captured, as many solo missions as you've undergone, how exactly it is that Kim always finds you no matter where you go?'

Rhonda picked up a small scalpel and a pair of tweezers. Ron fidgeted in his seat as she walked behind him.
'Careful, Rhonda.' said Grimm. 'We don't want him hurt.'

Ron felt Rhonda push his head downward, he struggled for a moment, but yelped as he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. 'Ow!'

'At least not much.' Grimm smiled.

As quickly as the pain started though, it was over. Ron felt a bandage being slapped roughly onto his neck and Rhonda handed something to Grimm after wiping it with a square of gauze.

Grimm leaned down and held it in front of Ron's eyes. It was a small microchip about half the size of a postage stamp. 'Your so-called 'friend' Wade implanted this chip beneath your skin. He's had you bugged for years now - tracking you everywhere. Both he and Kim have been watching you day and night like a bug in a jar.'

Ron's mouth fell open in amazement. 'They... wouldn't do that.' he said, though his voice was full of uncertainty. 'Kim would have told me!'

Grimm laughed. 'It's quite a thing, isn't it - to learn that all the talk about friendship and trust they've been spooning you your whole life has been nothing but a pack of lies? To know that after everything you've done for them - after all the sacrifices you've made, that they've just been using you and laughing at you behind your back! This chip has proved valuable for them, I don't doubt - but it's hard, cold proof that even the girl who says she loves you doesn't believe in you!'

'No... way...' said Ron, but his voice was a quavering whisper.

'You may not like it,' Grimm said, 'But Rhonda and I have been more honest with you than Kim ever has. I wanted you to know this - it'll make what you're about to do so much easier for you.'

'Yeah, what exactly am I supposed to be doing?' said Ron. 'You know, you two talk a good game, but you're the most boring villains I ever met!'

Rhonda grinned brightly. 'Boring, huh?' she said. 'Well stick around doofus-boy, cause we're gonna liven things up a little!'

Grimm had gone over to a cabinet. When he returned back to where Ron was manacled in his chair, Ron saw he was carrying something that looked like a helmet. With a shock, he recognized it.

'Uh dude, you do not want to get that thing near me!' he said, looking up at the Attitudinator. 'Trust me, it doesn't suit me at all!'

'I know exactly what it did to you.' he said. 'It once placed Drakken's evil in you. Since then, HenchCo has made some improvements. The Attitudinator can actually remove either good or evil and store it in detachable pods. We won't need to transfer evil into you from someone else - we just need to siphon out the good!'

Ron struggled again, but Rhonda held him fast while Grimm clamped the Attitudinator to his head. 'Hey, come on!' he said. 'This is wrong-sick!'

Rhonda leaned her face in so close they were almost nose to nose. 'So does that make it sirong, or wrick?' she said with a wicked grin.

'Kim!' he yelled her name instinctively, even though he knew she was nowhere near. He thought briefly that maybe the chip wasn't such a bad idea, but at the moment it was no help to him.

Grimm turned on the helmet. Ron went stiff and began shuddering in the chair, a look of shock and fear on his face. On the right side of the Attitudinator, a blue light was flashing, and a bright red light flashed on the left side. Ron kept trembling in the chair. 'Feet.... itchy.....' he said, his voice strained and high pitched.

Grimm adjusted the controls, and the blue light seemed to flow into a glass capsule on the side of the helmet and the blue light on the helmet itself flickered and went out. Grimm popped the glowing blue pod from it's housing and handed it to Rhonda. 'Be careful with that.' he said. 'We may need it later.' He turned back to Ron, who was slouched and gasping in the chair. Grimm turned off the Attitudinator and removed it, placing it back in the cabinet.

Rhonda looked at him. 'So....' she said. 'How long before we know if it worked?'

Grimm shook his head. 'Not long I think.' he said. 'It took a while to kick in last time, according to the mission notes that Jade hacked. But it did happen. Leave him chained up for now.'

'How will we know he's not faking?'

Grimm smiled. 'Keep an eye out to see if his skin turns blue.'

Chapter 3
Looking For My Missing Peace

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