A Kim Possible Fanfiction
by G. Fisk (aka "Slyrr")

Kim Possible copyrighted by Disney, etc.

The Return of Zorpox
Chapter 3
Looking For My Missing Peace

Kim woke up the next morning, more or less re-energized. She'd managed to finish her homework and her chores and felt a bit less harassed after the night's sleep. Even her lingering animosity towards Jim and Tim was ebbing out.

'Don't forget it's your turn for kitchen duty tonight!' said her mother as Kim made her way to the sidewalk.

'My dishpan hands are raring!' she said cheerily as she stepped out the door. Jim and Tim were already cycling down the street, their book bags on their shoulders. Kim waited at the curb, looking at her watch. She glanced up and down the street, expecting to see Ron's scooter putting along with Ron hunched behind the handlebars. But he was nowhere to be seen.

Several minutes passed, and Kim felt a tingle of worry. She used her Kimmunicator to dial Ron's home number. A female voice answered. 'Hello?' Kim recognized the voice of Ron's mother.

'Mrs. Stoppable?' she asked.

'Oh, Kim!' she answered, her voice sounding anxious. 'Thank goodness it's you! Have you seen Ron this morning?'

Kim felt the cold worry growing stronger. 'No - I was just calling to ask if you knew where he was....'

'He never came home last night!' Mrs. Stoppable said, sounding frightened now. 'And I can't find Rufus either.'

Kim went business-like. 'Calm down, Mrs. Stoppable,' she said. 'I'm totally on it. When I find him, I'll get back to you.'
She said good-bye to Ron's mother and was soon hitting a well-worn speed dial. 'Wade!' she said crisply. 'Ron hasn't come to pick me up for school today, and his Mom says he's been gone since last night.'

'Aw....' he said, smiling. 'Does Kimmie miss her Ron-R...'

'Note serious face, Wade!' she said, pointing to her knitted brows. 'I need to know where he is!'

'Ok.' he said, dropping his joking voice. 'What do you want me to do?'

'Well, ethics aside....' she said, looking uncomfortable, '...you've still got him chipped, right?'

'Give me five seconds and I'll give you a location!' he said, twitching his fingers and starting to type. After a few seconds though, his face went from a relaxed smile to a look of confusion, and then to a puzzled frown.

Kim looked anxiously at him. 'Tell me you know where he is and you're just trying to decide one of several different ways to tell me how to get there.' she said.

'This is mega-weird, Kim.' he said, turning in his chair and glancing from monitor to monitor. 'I'm not getting any signal at all.'

Kim felt her grip tightening around the Kimmunicator. 'Ok,' she said. 'We'll do it the old-fashioned way. Last time I saw him was yesterday evening at Club Banana.'

'Did he say where he was going?' Wade said, looking away from the monitors and at her directly.

Kim thought, and remembered. 'He won some kind of Bueno Nacho contest for a free dinner, and he was going to their newest branch to collect on it.'

'I'm on it.' Wade said. 'I'll get back with you as soon as I can.'

Kim stood by the curb, turning off the Kimmunicator. She looked up and down the street again, still hoping to see him, but there was only the normal early-morning traffic. She sighed and started making her way down the street. Until Wade got back with more information, there was nothing she could do except go to school and search for him there. She hoped he was all right - and thought grimly that if he was OK, she was going to slug him for getting her all worried.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Grimm was taking in boxes of various equipment that Jade had sent along. The night had passed slowly and Rhonda had gotten up from sleeping on the table, stretching and nursing a stiff shoulder and back.

She stared at Ron as he sat shackled in the chair. 'Hey Grimm!' she chirped. 'Check this out!' Grimm stepped over to her side. In his chair, Ron sat with his brow creased in fury and his fists were clenched. His skin was a livid blue. 'What d'you think?' said Rhonda with a smile. 'Should we leave him in the oven a little longer?'

'No,' said Grimm. 'I think he's just about done.' He stepped forward and Ron gritted his teeth, his eyes flicking onto him.

'You can't do this to me!' Ron hissed. His voice was now higher, and had a grating quality to it. 'No one imprisons me! No one!'

'My apologies.' said Grimm, kneeling down in front of the chair. 'We just wanted to make sure you got here safely. If you're ready, we'll let you go. You have a project that was unduly interrupted.'

'Yes....' said Ron. 'I remember! I nearly had the world's supply of Nacos in my grasp! But I was foiled... by Kim Possible!' As he said the name, his face hardened and he stiffened in the chair.

'You're free now to pick up where you left off.' said Grimm. 'And any help we can give you - just say the word.'

'What's your stake in this?' said Ron, glaring suspiciously and gritting his teeth.

'I'm all about helping people I think have been cruelly wronged.' he said. 'You created the Naco, but Bueno Nacho gave you only one royalty check. They've still been getting rich off your creation. I want to help restore what's rightfully yours. Just think of us as... your sidekicks.'

Grimm released the clamps on the chair. Ron slowly stood up, twitching his now free hands. Grimm made a small bow to him. 'I've also prepared a change of clothes if you feel the need.' He gestured to a small alcove, which lit up.

Ron's eyes gleamed. 'Ooooh!' he said. 'Me likey!'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim walked the halls of Middleton High, her eyes constantly snapping here and there, trying to catch a glimpse of a familair blonde head. She could see the marquee outside, which read in mis-matched letters, "Lost and Found Being Cleaned out Today". She visited Ron's locker, checked all the classes he was taking, and had stared with growing concern at the empty space in the parking lot where he normally locked his scooter. She even checked with Mr. Barkin to see if he was chewing Ron out or putting him in detention.

'Have any of you guys seen Ron?' she said, seeing the cheer squad chatting idly in the halls.

Bonnie smirked. 'What makes you think we've seen your GB....'

'Can it, Bonnie!' Kim broke in, 'He's been missing since last night! If you know where he is, spill it!' she was in no mood for Bonnie's attitude, and realized just as she ended her sentence how shrill she sounded.

Bonnie looked stunned by Kim's anger and simply stood there, her normally dour face suddenly leached of all expression. Tara piped up when the silence stretched out. 'We haven't seen him yet this morning, Kim.' she said timidly. 'Is he really missing?'

'I'm trying to find out.' she said, lowering her voice. 'If any of you see him, please - beep me.'

'Yeah,' said Bonnie simply. Kim turned and left.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Rhonda nearly laughed out loud when Ron stepped out of the side room. He was wearing a purple-black jumpsuit with a gold belt. Purple gloves and boots were on his hands and feet, the ends of them tipped in black. A large square on his chest had a multi-colored pattern that formed a stylized "Z". A billowing cape with red lining was around his shoulders with a high-backed collar. He wore a pair of red goggles and a bizarre hat that looked more like a purple beanie than anything else.

'Ah!' Ron said, twitching his hands and inspecting himself. 'Much better! I see you made a few alterations....'

Grimm smiled faintly. 'I figured the underpants were less dignified than you would have liked.'

'M'eh!' said Ron, waving dismissively. 'Either way's good! Now, to business! I want to throw the world into such chaos that they'll surrender.' he said, clasping his hands together. 'What are our assets?'

Grimm looked at him and answered. 'Yourself.' he said first. 'Me, Rhonda and Rueful. And everything in this warehouse.'

Ron grimaced. He glanced around the warehouse, looking like he was sizing things up. There was a lot of scrap metal lying in piles here and there, several large wooden crates, and a control console with a set of raised stairs. 'Pfffft!' he said. 'Well, I do love a challenge! The world thought they were safe from me but I'll show them! I'm going to spread evil from this location until they come crawling for mercy!' he clenched his fist and pounded it into his palm repeatedly, laughing and cackling as if he did indeed have the globe in his hand and was mashing it to powder.

'Just tell us what you want and we're on it.' said Grimm. 'But if I might advise you, we should be cautious at the start. After all, there are only three of us.'

'Then we'll need more!' said Ron, grinning and holding his cape in front of him like a vampire. 'A lot more!' He clapped a hand to his forehead, his mouth opening wide and smiling. 'Yes... that's an idea!' He looked around. 'I should be able to manage things with what you've got here,' he said. 'But I'll need proper tools!'

'Actually,' said Grimm. 'I think you'll find there's only one tool you need.'

'And what might that be?' said Ron, whirling his cape.

Grimm smiled, the memory of the previous days flashing through his head.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

'Your father and I were worried about you - you were out so late last night.' his mother called from the kitchen.

'Sorry Mom, I got held up on a job from my website.'

'Well, how did it go, dear?'

The previous night, outside the Yamanouchi school, the students and Sensei had been sleeping when suddenly they were awakened by a thunderous ringing. Everyone had come outside to see a figure dressed in black using a staff to hammer the large gong in the center of the main training area. They stared at the figure and Sensei stepped forward, his voice raised over the din.

'Who are you, and why are you disturbing the slumber of my students?'

The figure dropped the staff and turned to him. It looked like a girl, though her face was covered with a mask. Her eyes were visible and Sensei could tell she was nervous about something, but fiercely determined.

'I am the all-powerful.... uh.... Ninjella!' she yelled. Even the guards around the walls of the school were looking down into the courtyard, staring at this bizarre disruption. 'I have come to challenge the best student in your pathetic school to a contest to see whose Kung-Fu is best!'

Sensei stared at her. 'Ninjella?' he said, raising an eyebrow.

'Yeah....' said the girl, somehow looking embarrassed even behind her mask. 'That's what I said, and I stand by it! So how about it, gramps? Do you accept my challenge or will you lick my boots in shameful surrender?'

'Master!' Yori said, bowing. 'Allow me to defend the honor of the Yamanouchi School!'

Sensei nodded slightly, and Yori strode forward to stand in front of Ninjella. Ninjella raised her voice in a series of loud and grating screeches, standing in an amatuerish crane stance. Yori approached her warily, but with an expression of curious disbelief.

'You think a scrawny wimp like you can defeat the all-powerful Ninjella?' she said, striking various poses. 'I know how to deal with the likes of you!' She brought her hands in front of her in a series of complicated gestures, then screamed.

'Shadow Clone juitsu!!!'

Everyone paused, staring at Ninjella, who remained still after shouting. For a few seconds, all was quiet, but nothing seemed to happen.

Ninjella looked at her hands. 'Oh wait..' she said. 'I forgot - that's not real.'

Then she let out a loud 'Whoof!' as Yori leaped into her with a flying kick. Ninjella flew back into the gong which sent a loud booming tone through the entire school. Several students chuckled as Ninjella rose to her feet. She looked up past Yori and saw a shadowy figure slip over the wall leading out of the school.

At once, she started posing and screeching energetically again. 'You have proven yourselves worthy opponents to the all-powerful Ninjella! When I return, I will defeat you all and lay your school in ruins! I am Ninjella! I have spoken!' She reached into her vest and took something out, throwing it down on the ground in front of her with a flash of light and a loud bang.

When they finished blinking, she was no longer there. But off to the side, they heard a squeal and saw she had tripped over a rock while running towards the gate. She scrambled up and ran at top speed, disappearing into the night shadows. 'Ninjella rules!' came her last fading shout.

Everyone stared in silence. Finally Yori spoke. 'That... was 'whack'.' she said softly.

Sensei tugged thoughtfully at his beard. 'Yes,' he said. 'It was indeed 'whack'. I suspect there is more to this than meets the eye.'

Later, Rhonda and Grimm sat in the back of a hypersonic jet plane speeding back to the States.

'Thanks for the lift, Electronique.' said Grimm, shouting up toward the cockpit.

'No problem!' came a voice calling back to him. 'With these components you stole for me, I can launch my scheme against Go City! Hope your plan goes well, handsome!'

Rhonda growled, then coughed and wheezed, clutching at her stomach.

'Relax.' said Grimm. 'You had a busy night.'

'I wouldn't take a boot in the gut for anyone but you, Grimm.' she said.

'I'm proud of you.' he said. 'But... Ninjella?'

Rhonda shrugged. 'How many decent ninja-themed girl names are there? So why did you want me to do my humiliation slam-dance in front of the whole school?'

Grimm took a black case from under the seat and opened it. 'So I could sneak in and nab this.' He opened the case, revealing a shining sword.

Rhonda put up her 'whatever' face. 'You know you can get those on Ebay for like fifteen bucks, right?' she said.

'Not this one. It's called the Lotus Blade. With it, we're gonna be ten times more rockin' than ever!' He laid his hand on it and lifted it up. Rhonda looked at him curiously, because it looked like he was concentrating, but just as with her shadow clone act, nothing was happening. After a few seconds, Grimm opened his eyes and he was frowning.

Rhonda stared in silence for a moment. 'You can get THAT on Ebay for free.' she said at last.

Grimm was staring at the inside of the case. Inside on the lining was a tracery of graceful Japanese letters, as well as a brush diagram of what looked like a monkey.....

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

In the Yamanouchi school, Master Sensei entered his meditation chamber not long after Ninjella had fled. All the students were accounted for and had been sent back to their rest. Everything seemed to be in place, but somehow his mind was ill at ease. It was a ninja's first instinct to see through deception, and something simply did not seem right.
He checked the locked vault containing all the schools funds and nothing was missing. None of the library's ancient scrolls or texts were missing either. He found no evidence that anyone had tampered with anything. It was not until he checked the case containing the Lotus Blade that he noticed something wrong. The case looked the same, but it seemed newer. Opening the case, he saw a sword of similar weight and shape. But it was plainly not the Lotus Blade.

The Yamanouchi students heard the gong ringing for the second time that night and came out to the courtyard, finding that this time it was Sensei summoning them. His face looked grave. Yori looked up at him. 'Master!' she said, her voice high and concerned. What has happened? Has Ninjella returned?'

Sensei frowned. 'We must find this Ninjella at once.' he said. 'We have been decieved.'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Grimm paused before calling back to the kitchen in his house the next morning. 'Mixed bag.' he said to his mother. Under his arm he held the case containing the Lotus Blade - a weapon which he now knew was useless to him.

'Well, you got a package last evening.' his mother called. 'I went ahead and put it in your room.' Grimm put the matter of the Lotus Blade to the back of his mind. If the package was what he was expecting, he had other matters to consider.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Grimm looked at Ron and opened one of the packages he had been taking in earlier. Inside were various parts, circuits, and also a black case. He laid it before Ron on the table. 'I know that Mystical Monkey Power flows within you.' he said, 'Use it - and this.' He opened the case and the Lotus Blade gleamed brightly. 'Unless you think it's too 'last season' for you.'

Ron's eyes, which had already been practically gleaming with evil, lit up even further and he grinned from ear to ear. 'Ah!' he said. 'Ronakauh comes early this year!' He laid his hand on the hilt of the Lotus Blade and raised it up.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim attended her first couple of classes, but didn't take in a word of what the teachers were saying. She had her Kimmunicator out on the desk, ready to pick it up the instant Wade called. But the Kimmunicator remained agonizingly silent. She fought back the urge to call him, knowing that he worked best when he wasn't being interrupted.
Between classes, she went to her locker, and was relieved when the monitor inside it blipped on, showing Wade's face.

'So hoping for good news.' Kim said. But Wade was frowning.

'Sorry, Kim.' he said, shaking his head. 'I haven't found him - but I've got wierdness coming out my ears. You say Ron won some kind of contest for Bueno Nacho?'

'That's what he said.' Kim answered.

Wade frowned still deeper. 'I've gone through the Bueno Nacho company website and hacked into their files.' he said. They aren't having any promotional campaigns in Middleton this week beyond the normal sales, and there wasn't anything at all about a free lunch giveaway.'

'Twelve-point-oh weird.' said Kim.

'And that's not all,' Wade said. 'There aren't any new restaurants scheduled for construction in Middleton.'

'Liking this less and less!' Kim said.

'I don't suppose you saw the address where Ron said he was going?' Wade said.

Kim bit her lip. As busy as she had been that night, she hadn't even thought to look at the address. It flashed through her head only as a blurry line on the contest coupon. 'Didn't think to read it.' she admitted.

'I'll keep looking then.' Wade said. 'I'll see if anyone has rented or bought any property in town recently.' He paused, looking at Kim. 'Don't worry. We'll find him.'

'Thanks, Wade.' she said quietly.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Rhonda sat, tapping her foot on the concrete floor of the warehouse. Ron was approaching the array of boxes on the other side of the building. 'The Lotus Blade.' she said. 'You made such a big deal out of getting it, but then you just gave up on it.'

'That's because I learned I can't use it.' he answered. 'Only someone with Mystical Monkey Power can use it. When I saw the notes Jade hacked, I had her send it out with all the other stuff.'

'Will it be worth it?' she said.

Ron raised the Lotus Blade, and with a flash, the gleaming blade changed into a crowbar which he used to start prying crates open.

'Woah!' Rhonda said. 'So not simple tricks and nonsense!'

Grimm smiled quietly as the Lotus Blade changed back into a sword in Ron's hand. 'Hi-ho, hi-ho!' said Ron. 'It's off to work I go!'

A few hours later, Rhonda stared in amazement as Ron worked with almost manic energy. He held the Lotus Blade in his hand, which kept shifting from form to form as he labored. First it was a wrench, then a screwdriver, then a pair of pliers, it even became an arc-welder in his grasp. He stayed at the table, and occasionally, he would point the Lotus Blade to some other part of the warehouse and it would snake out like a glistening metallic arm, snatching various parts and objects from here and there before snapping back to him and becoming something else.

'Pretty cool.' she said. 'But do we just... let him do whatever he wants?' said Rhonda, staring at him. 'Sounds freaky-wrong to me.'

'Trust me.' said Grimm. 'From everything I've studied, the best thing we can do is stay out of his way, let him do whatever he's planning, and then pretend not to be surprised when he does it.' He stared at the exposed components and circuitry of a large machine which was slowly, but steadily taking shape in the center of the warehouse.

Rhonda took his hand and squeezed it. 'But if he's evil now - what's to stop him from double-crossing us?'

Grimm nodded. 'Trust - but verify.' he said. 'As long as we make it plain that we want nothing except to serve him, and don't double-cross him, we'll be safe - more or less.'

Off to the side, his cage locked inside another heavier cage, Rufus gripped the metal bars of his prison, staring out and groaning. He'd been given a bowl of water and a plate of food, but other than that, he was completely helpless. He glanced through the bars up towards one of the grimy windows in the warehouse, through which rays of yellow sunlight were streaming down. 'Kim!' he said softly, wondering where she was.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim had rarely felt so frantic. She had turned over practice to Bonnie with hardly a thought to it. Bonnie had not said a word to Kim since she had blown up in the hallway earlier, not even after taking the lead in practice while Kim paced on the sidelines, constantly picking up her Kimmunicator and running a hand through her hair. As Bonnie hardly ever treated Kim in any way that might be considered polite, Kim supposed this was her way of saying she understood how worried she was.

On the way home, Wade called in again.

'No one's rented our bought any property this week for restaurant construction or anything else.' he said. 'That just tells me they might be crashing someplace without paying. I've shifted my search to any reports of unauthorized entries, and I'm also keeping tabs on police communications. If there's even a peep of anything, I'll be all over it.'

'Not that I don't believe you, Wade,' said Kim, shaking her head. 'But I want my feet on the ground for this one.'

'Thought you might say that.' said Wade with a faint smile. 'Gear up at home. We'll split our surviellance and start sweeping the whole city.' The screen blipped out.

Once home, Kim shot straight upstairs. She was glad that her brothers weren't in her room tearing things apart again. One less thing to worry about. She knew she'd have to pay later on when she missed dishwashing duty, and she reflected that missing work might get her written up. But she thought of Ron and pushed it all to the back of her mind.

'Ron, where are you?' she thought.

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