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Chapter 5
Yin-Yang Yonder

Kim had dashed to her room and donned her battle suit. She felt it's reassuring power as the bands on it glowed blue. She went downstairs, intending to tell her Mom and Dad what was happening. But as she entered the kitchen, she saw them hunched over the table, breathing heavily, each of them with their hands on their heads as if they were in pain.

'Mom? Dad?' she said. 'Are you all right?' 'Please let them be all right,' she thought. 'They can't be sick, not now....' But they were both straightening up and she saw uncharacteristic scowls in their eyes, though they were both grinning.

'Oh, I'm better than all right, Kimberly Ann!' her Dad said. 'I've just come to the realization that I have the means at my disposal to destroy my enemies!'

'Your... enemies?' said Kim, baffled. 'You mean the cable guy?'

Dr. Possible paused a moment. 'I was thinking of my co-workers,' he said, 'but now that you mention it, he needs to go too! It'll be black holes! Black holes for everyone!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!'

'Uh, Mom?' she said. 'Are you OK with this?'

'Yes!' said Dr. Possible, her voice high and tight. 'As long as he doesn't get in the way of my plans! Those directors at the hospital have been lording it around for too long! I think it's high time they had a taste of their own medicine! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!' She took one of the longer hypodermic needles from her medical bag and threw back her head in wild laughter.

Kim backed away slowly. 'O.... K.....' she said. 'Look, I need to be somewhere for a while. Why don't you both....'

'Going somewhere, Kim Possible?' came two voices behind her. Kim jumped. Jim and Tim were walking up to her, both with identical grins on their faces. Jim took out a remote and pushed a button on it with a high-pitched beep.

A rocket zoomed from the living room into the kitchen. Kim gasped and dodged it, knocking it in the side with a swift punch. The rocket spiraled out of control. Kim flipped to the other side of the room, opened the kitchen door and the rocket shot outdoors where it exploded in the back yard.

'What is wrong with you, tweebs?' she said, staring at her brothers, who were both glaring back at her.

Dr. Possible stepped forwards. 'I am very disappointed in you, boys!' he said, shaking his finger. 'If you're going to build a doomsday rocket, make it bigger!'

'Sorry Dad.' they said.

Kim was standing with her mouth hanging open. Something was incredibly whacked out, and she realized with a jolt that it must have something to do with Ron. She looked down at her wrist, which had the bracelet Ron had given her around it. The circuitry panel on it was emitting a soft glow.

She looked up at her family and saw that all of them were advancing on her, grinning wickedly. Then suddenly, they all reeled backwards, clutching their foreheads again. Her dad raised his head.

'Kim....' he said weakly. 'What happened to us...?'

Then suddenly a sound of maniacal laughter echoed through the house.


Kim recognized Ron's voice at once. Somehow every radio in the house, and every TV set had turned on. Kim and the others dashed into the living room to see a blue-faced Ron staring out from their big screen TV, sporting a savage grin.

'People of Earth!' he said, his voice rising to a megalomaniacal pitch. Then suddenly he coughed, his tongue lolling out. 'I've got a hair in my mouth, wait a minute!' He scraped his tongue with his fingers and cleared his throat. 'There! Ahem - people of Earth! I am your new lord and master! You have just noticed the effects of my evil machine. With it I can reverse the law-abiding tendencies of every living being on this planet! You may have thought the world was a troubled place with just a few villains on the loose - but I'll show you what it's like with a world full of super-villains!'

Kim's mouth fell open. She would not have believed it if she had not just seen it for herself. Whatever Ron was doing, it had turned her own family against her in no time flat. Had he really done it to the entire world, or was he just bragging?

Jim and Tim seemed unable to decide if they thought this was cool or not. Mrs. Possible stared in shock. 'Why is Ron on TV and why is he blue?' she said.

'My demands are simple!' Ron continued. 'Surrender the world's supply of Nacos to me unconditionally! Or watch as the orderly societies in which you live crumble by your own hands! And while you're thinking it over - I'll give you a few hours taste of what it will be like if you choose to defy my will! Chao!' The TV blinked off, briefly flashing a large red "Z" before fading to black.

Kim barely had a few seconds to take in the shock of what she had heard before her family was hunching over again - then straightening up.

'Hikka-bikka-boo!' said Tim.

'Hooo-sha-hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!' Jim cried out, laughing evilly. Her Mom and Dad were also laughing. Kim's bracelet glowed, and she knew - somehow it was protecting her from the effects of whatever it was that Ron was using.

She dodged as her Dad made a lunge for her, rolling to the side as her mother and brothers both made tries to seize her. 'Stop her!' yelled her Dad. 'She'll ruin our plans for world domination...!'

Kim took up a fighting stance. She didn't have time to wait. If Ron wasn't exaggerating, the whole world was in a similar state and the longer it went on the more damage might be done. Her whole family was advancing on her again.

'Sorry about this.' she said quietly, cracking her knuckles. 'Though I admit, part of me thinks it's a dream come true.....'

Less than two minutes later, she was checking the knots on the sets of four chairs to which she had her parents and the twins securely tied. She had also been obliged to gag them, as she got tired of hearing her own family making canned super-villain threats to destroy her.

'I'll be back later to turn you loose.' she said. It had been the hardest thing in the world for her to subdue and tie up her own family. Admittedly, it hadn't been too hard for her to tie up her brothers, but it was still not an experience she wanted to repeat.

Finally, she stepped out into the front lawn and took out her Kimmunicator. 'Wade,' she said, 'What's the sitch? Can you tell me where Ron is now? If he broadcast on world wide television, you must have been able to track him.'

Wade looked shiftily at her. 'Now why would I want to do that?' he said, his voice low and grating. 'When I've got a world of my own to conquer!'

Kim felt as if her gut had bottomed out. 'No, Wade....' she said. 'Not you too!'

'That's right, Kim Possible!' he said, holding a flashlight under his chin to under light his face, casting eerie shadows. 'Once I take over the virtual world of Everlot, all the account holders will be at my mercy! If they want their accounts to stay open, over a million gamers will be forced to surrender to me! And once they are at my command, the real world will be next! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!'

Kim shut off her Kimmunicator. She thought of Monique, and though dreading what she might hear, she could not stop herself from dialing. She needed help - and if there was even the smallest chance....

'Yes?' came Monique's voice through her Kimmunicator.

'Monique, it's me - Kim.' she said. 'I've got a sitch here....'

'Kim Possible!' Monique's voice broke in, shrill and high. 'So you wanna bust up my plan to gain control of the world through Club Banana's distribution network! If you try it girl, I'll change you from heroine to zeroine....!'

Kim shut off the Kimmunicator again. She stood on the sidewalk leading up to her house. The neighborhood seemed eerily quiet, but in the distance, she could hear the sound of sirens and commotion. She thought briefly of taking the car, but if Wade was evil now, she didn't doubt that he had all kinds of remote control links to it that would make using it too dangerous.

She felt alone - more alone than she had ever felt in her life. There was no one she could turn to for help. If Ron was telling the truth in his broadcast, then everyone she knew and trusted was now against her. She clenched a fist, glancing toward her house, where her family was tied up and helpless. She had to stop Ron and Team Probable - but she couldn't bring herself to leave her family like this. She sank down on the steps to the porch and began to cry.

'Kim! Kim!!' Kim suddenly looked up, fighting back her tears. She saw Bonnie tearing down the street, her face pale. She dashed across the yard and stopped in front of her, panting and looking exhausted.

'Bonnie?' Kim said. 'What are you doing here....?'

'Kim, it's awful!' she said. 'It's like the whole city's gone nuts! Everyone in the cheer squad is saying how they're going to use their moves to take over the world, the chess club is making plans to put the city in checkmate; and Mr. Barkin has taken over the school and he's calling himself "Lord Barkorr"!'

Kim looked at her. Bonnie's face was full of concern, and more - she seemed different and not just afraid. 'Why did you come here?' she asked.

Bonnie smiled brightly. 'Are you kidding?' she said. 'I figured if anyone would know what to do, it would be you! You're the greatest!'

'Me? The greatest?' Kim said, dumbstruck.

'Totally!' Bonnie said, her eyes practically shining with admiration. 'I wish I could be as brave and talented as you!'

Kim glanced at her bracelet, which was still glowing, then back at Bonnie. The truth dawned on her - Ron's machine hadn't just turned everyone in the world evil. It had swapped their good and evil leanings so that everyone who was normally good and law-abiding was now going all super-villain. And those who had evil on their brains were now finding their good tendencies on top. As strange as it seemed, even the normally subversive and obnoxious Bonnie was now acting helpful and supportive.

'...and that outfit looks so cool on you!' Bonnie was saying.

'Riiiiiight....' said Kim. The whole sitch was so ultra-mega weird she wasn't sure what to say. 'Look Bonnie, I need to find Ron. If you want to help, could you keep an eye on things here while I'm out?' The thought of a friend looking after her family was a great relief to her, even if it was Bonnie. 'Just don't listen to my folks and don't untie them until I say so.'

'Anything for you Kim! You're my best friend!' Bonnie smiled, her face warm and kind looking. Kim started off down the sidewalk and Bonnie called after her. 'Good luck finding Ron! You two were always so cute together!'

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

On several windows within the main monitor screen, Grimm and Rhonda watched as chaos erupted in many major cities. Even the police were joining in the looting, as it seemed like everyone was trying to build their own doomsday machines, take over their businesses, neighborhoods or houses. Ron turned and grinned. 'How's that for back-up?' he said with satisfaction. 'Now Kim Possible will have to fight her way through a whole city to get to me!!'

Rhonda stood dumbstruck. 'How did....?' she started, but Ron interrupted her.

'A little idea I picked up from Dementor.' he said. 'The simple-minded fool didn't realize what power he'd stumbled into! By hijacking the global satellite network, I can broadcast the signal from my Mega Synaptic Transducer across the entire planet! Oh, I'm so brilliant I even scare me!' he took out a small mirror and looked into it. 'Aaaaah!' he screamed, cringing as he looked at himself. He waved in Grimm's direction while still admiring himself in the mirror. 'You can let Rufus go now, he's cool.' he said.

Grimm stepped doubtfully to Rufus's cages, but unlocked them. Rufus scampered out with slitted eyes and a mischievous grin. 'Ha haaaaaa!' he squeaked, dashing towards Ron and scampering up his leg to perch on his forearm.

'Hey there little buddy!' Ron said, holding out a finger, which Rufus slapped with his paw in a 'high-five' gesture. 'Care to help me spread some evil?'

'Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!' Rufus chittered, rubbing his paws together.

'Ooooooh!' Ron crooned, his voice going low and cutesy. 'Who's an evil little naked mole rat? Who's an evil little naked mole rat?' He tickled Rufus' tummy and Rufus laughed.

Grimm raised an eyebrow, but smiled all the same. Rhonda looked at Rueful, who looked back at her as they both shared an expression of slight embarrassment. Then suddenly Ron turned to them again.

'All right people, we've still got work to do. The whole world may be against her now, but somehow I doubt that Kim Possible will let that stop her! She'll target the Mega Synaptic Transducer first. While I'm installing equipment to protect it, you two will have to run interference!'

'You've got it.' said Grimm. 'Any thoughts on what we should expect?'

Ron grinned. 'Oh, knowing her like I do, I've got a few ideas.....' his hand twitched around the hilt of the Lotus Blade.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim dashed down the street, with no clear idea of what to do next. She began thinking to herself - trying to think what Ron would do. As clear as a bell, she heard him speaking in her head, when she herself had asked during the Diablo menace, where they should start looking for the Diablo signal.

'The source of all things evil - Bueno Nacho!'

Racing past houses, buildings and stores on her way into town, she heard bursts of maniacal laughter from nearly everyone. She saw dozens of ramshackle doomsday machines being built on rooftops, front lawns and driveways. As she entered the city proper, she saw similar behavior. Luckily, everyone seemed engrossed in their own pursuits and didn't pay much attention to her. Her first instinct was to leap into action and stop each person who looked like they were trying to take over the world.

'Eyes on the prize, Kim.' she said to herself. She couldn't afford to stop and fight each person she met. If she could find and stop Ron, then they would all go back to normal. Finally, Bueno Nacho loomed before her.

She burst in through the doors, ready for anything. But she saw only Ned, who was grinning and mixing various ingredients. As Kim entered, he looked up.

'Kim Possible!' he said in his nasally voice. 'You won't succeed in stopping my plans for world domination! Once I formulate a mind-control serum, everyone who eats at Bueno Nacho will be my slave...!'

'So don't have time for this!' Kim said. Barely a minute later, Ned was gagged and tied up on the floor. 'Sorry, Ned.' she said, wondering how many times this would happen before she found Ron. She searched the restaurant from top to bottom, but found nothing.

She sat down instinctively in the booth she and Ron had always shared, racking her brain, trying to think like Ron again. She held her Kimmunicator, fighting back the urge to try calling Wade again. It was her first instinct to turn to him for information - and information was what she desperately needed. But Wade was probably deep into his plan for taking over Everlot by now.

Suddenly, the screen bleeped on, though she had not hit any buttons. She saw a girl with an Asian complexion, with spiked hair that had multi-colored streaks pulled into two pony-tails. 'Is this Kim Possible?' she said, her voice slightly muffled speaking through a lollypop she had in her mouth.

'Who are you?' said Kim, baffled.

She took out her sucker, then smiled and waved. 'Heard my voice, but never met formally! Name's Jade!'

'Jade?' she said. 'Grimm's hacker?'

'In the flesh!' she chirped. 'Well, sort of....'

'What do you want?' she glared. 'If he sent you to gloat, then you can tell him to....'

'Woah, amp it down Lady K!' Jade said, spreading out her hands and showing her wrists. 'Grimm didn't send me. Fact is, he'll probably be a little miffed that I called you. You see, your BF didn't mail me one of those funky bracelets.'

Kim looked at the glowing band around her wrist. 'So you're....'

'Your new eye in the sky!' Jade smiled. 'I'll do stand-in for Wade - unless you'd rather go it alone.' Kim bit her lip. Her doubt must have showed, because Jade piped in again. 'Look, I don't have any way to prove it, but I really want to help.'

Kim felt a desperate resolve growing in her. It was time to take a chance. 'All right.' she said. 'Sitch me, Jade.' she said.

Jade smiled and soon her fingers were dancing across several keyboards. 'Cliff Notes version - your boy Ron made something called the Mega Synaptic Transducer and it's reversed the good and evil tendencies of everyone on Earth. Which is probably why I'm being so helpful now. I can't guarantee I won't turn against you if you stop him, for which I apologize in advance.'

'Accepted.' said Kim. 'The good and evil thing I've kinda noticed on my own. I have to bust up his Mega-whatever, but I'm flying blind....'

'Tell it to the gal with the prism hair-do!' Jade grinned. 'Ron and the others are holed up in a warehouse on the edge of town. Here's your Rand-McNally!' Jade's face vanished and the Kimmunicator screen flashed up a street map. In glowing, green lines and letters, she saw the intersection where she was standing along with a blinking red arrow and the words "You Are Here". Then it panned out, moving to the northwest of Middleton. In the Industrial section of town, just near the edge of the city, she saw a blinking red "Z" and the words "Ron is Here".

Jade's face reappeared. 'Don't expect a cake-walk inside.' she said. 'Ron's been beefing up security big time. But there's an access drain that leads right into the warehouse. I found it in the floor plans.' The screen showed a diagram of the huge building, along with a blinking set of lines showing where the access drain led in to the warehouse, and where it led out. 'Once you're in, I won't be able to help you. The whole place is loaded with jamming equipment, and once the Transducer went on line, I got put on his 'banned' list.'

Kim stared at her. 'How do I know I can trust you?' she said.

Jade sighed. 'Like I said, I can't prove it. But I don't think your BF forgot to clue me in on his plan. I think he wanted me to tell you where he was.'

Kim remembered how Ron had anticipated her arrival when he'd had Drakken's evil, always thinking several steps in advance. And she remembered his words in the fake Bueno Nacho.

'What's a villainous plot without a do-gooder trying to get in the way?'

'I have to stop them Jade.' she said. 'All of them.'

Jade looked regretful. 'I know.' she said. 'Just.... don't hurt them Kim. They're my friends.' The screen flashed and went black.

Kim looked towards the section of town where Jade had directed her and saw a distant glow. 'Thanks, Jade.' she said softly. 'But I get the feeling your friends don't feel the same way.'

Kim dashed out of Bueno Nacho, and her eye strayed to a scooter dealership down the street. Outside was a sign that read "Free Test Drives". She smiled and ran towards it.

Chapter 6
We Do Ron-Ron

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