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Chapter 6
We Do Ron-Ron

Within moments, Kim was astride a sleek red scooter, screaming down the city streets, avoiding the numerous crowds of people who were looting, laughing and generally missing only the colorful costumes to complete the whole super-villain mojo. But none of them seemed to be going out of their way to attack her, being busy with their own doings. She spied the distant hillside where the warehouse was located, and saw a giant antenna jutting up into the sky from the rooftop, with a red and blue glow surrounding it....

Ron sat in his chair, looking at several windows in the large main screen of the control panel. 'Hmph! My super-villain army is proving such a disappointment!' he said, drumming his fingers on the armrest and using his other hand to pet Rufus like a cat. 'Well, it's not like they all know Kim Possible by sight, I suppose.'

'This change things?' said Grimm, standing behind him.

Ron grinned, swiveling the chair to face him. 'No, it just bumps up the timetable a bit - which only makes it more fun!' he said. 'She's approaching right now. Get into position and get ready! Once her EMP dart fails, she'll come straight to you, and I'm counting on you to make sure she's nice and careless!'

Grimm raised an eyebrow. 'Do you care how I do it?' he said.

Ron leaned back in his chair. 'You thinking of using that thing you're hiding in your belt pouch?' He said, smiling broadly. Grimm stood impassively. 'Yes, I know all about it.' Ron said. 'Well, go ahead, I don't want it anymore.' he waved him off. 'Get going, ya little scamp!'
Grimm nodded and dashed off.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Kim vaulted the fence that surrounded the warehouse. She could clearly see the spire of the Mega Synaptic Transducer, glowing and sending a bassy rumble that throbbed through the air. She reached in her backpack and took out the EMP dart gun that Wade had given her to use on Drakken's Diablo emitter. It had been refitted and was ready to fire.

She drew a slow bead on the spire of the Transducer. With a bang, the EMP dart flew straight towards the circular ring at the apex of the machine. There was a sudden flash of light, and the dart exploded. Kim saw a ripple of energy that was unmistakably a protective field, spreading out from the explosion, then fading from sight.

'Hard way it is, then.' she said quietly.

Within minutes, she had found the drop leading to the access tunnel that Jade mentioned. She began scrambling down a rough cliff wall toward the entrance. Fragmented and crumbling stone made the cliff easy to climb, like a rough stairwell, only very treacherous. The cliff was some distance from the warehouse, over a drop in the grassy fields which surrounded the building. And Kim could see the wide circular rim of the drainpipe. She reached the pipe and flipped down, using her laser lipstick to cut loose the grate which sealed the entrance. A soft flow of murky water was spilling down onto the rocks far below with a rushing sigh.

The sound of the water and her own footsteps took on an echoing, metallic noise as she entered the tunnel. It was wide and high, large enough for three people to walk in side by side. As her eyes adjusted to the gloom, she saw a dim light far ahead. She remembered Jade's words and knew this light must be where the access tunnel entered the warehouse.

A sudden sound made her jump. 'Question,' Grimm Probable's voice came from across the tunnel, echoing slightly in the confined space. 'Why are you trying to sneak in while wearing the battle-suit?' he asked, sounding amused. 'It's white - and it glows. You couldn't sneak up on anyone wearing that ridiculous number.'

Kim stared as Grimm stepped forward into the half-light. He was wearing a form-fitted suit, only it was black, and it had bands on it similar to the ones on her own battle-suit, but they were glowing reddish-orange.

'Nice outfit.' she said, going into a ready stance. 'Do you have to copy everything I do?'

'I was going to ask you the same question.' he answered, stepping towards her with his arms moving in the distinctive style of Tai Shing Pek Kwar. 'But here's another one - how did you find us?' he asked. 'Your hacker friend shouldn't be in any condition to....' he paused for a moment, then shook his head. 'Jade.' he said. 'Ron didn't make a bracelet for her. I don't like leaving friends out of the loop. Now I'll have to apologize to her later - send her a bundt cake or something.'

'Out of the way.' she said quietly. 'You know I have to stop this.'

'My boss would have issues with that.' said Grimm. 'And in case you hadn't noticed - he's not someone you want to cross.'

Grimm was blocking her way to the access hatch. She leaped forward, trying to flip her way over and past him to make a dash for the ladder which led up to the hatch, but Grimm crossed his arms in front of himself, intercepting her. A reddish-orange sphere of light, with bright yellow veins of energy spreading through it surrounded him as Kim plowed into him and she found herself hurled back. She rolled and got to her feet, confronting him again.

'What do you think? Badical?' Grimm said, smiling. 'Ron made it for me - he said it would be useful. Looks like he was right.'

Kim glared at him. 'You so must realize I'm not giving up.' she said.

'I believe you.' said Grimm, his voice uncharacteristically polite. 'So I guess I have no choice but to... stand aside.' And he turned, moving to the side of the wide metal tunnel, gesturing toward the distant ladder.

Kim was nonplussed. Grimm was one of the few enemies who could go toe to toe with her, and he had a battle-suit that seemed like it could do anything her own could do. Why was he letting her pass? She stepped forward, her feet splashing in the dirty water of the tunnel, until she was level with Grimm. Grimm stayed still, leaning against the tunnel wall, looking curiously at her.

'What's the deal?' she said, still moving past him, but not taking her eyes off him.

'You should appreciate this, Kim. I thought it was the good guys who coined the phrase 'fighting isn't always necessary'.' he said, 'There are all sorts of ways to stop someone.' As she moved further away, he started walking down the tunnel to the spot where Kim had first entered. 'Before you go in the warehouse,' he said casually, 'let me show you what I mean.'

Kim paused, looking down the tunnel and seeing Grimm silhouetted against a circle of slightly brighter night sky behind him. She saw him reach into his belt pouch and take out a small capsule that was glowing with a bluish light.

'Know what this is?' said Grimm, and Kim could see he was smiling, an evil glint in his eye. 'I'm not surprised you don't recognize it by sight - after all, it's been right in front of you your whole life and you've never really noticed it. This is the good which the Attitudinator extracted from Ron.'

Kim felt a cold chill as Grimm held the capsule out through the opening of the tunnel, rolling it back and forth on his open palm. It was at least a fifty foot drop onto a rocky surface. The ladder and the hatch were suddenly forgotten. She dashed back towards Grimm, her feet squelching in the sludge. 'Give it!' she yelled, but she wasn't able to keep the concern out of her voice.

Grimm held the pod in his fingertips, palm down, and Kim froze. 'His good won't go back to him without the Attitudinator to focus it.' he said. 'If this capsule is destroyed - his good is gone. The Ron you knew will cease to exist.'

They stared at each other in silence for several tense seconds.

'So now you get it.' said Grimm. 'A minute ago, you couldn't wait to rush in and save the world - now you've got nothing better to do than stare at me. You see - there are all sorts of ways to stop someone.'

'What do you want?' Kim growled. She was tense as a bowstring, ready to leap.

Grimm stared back at her. 'I want you to suffer.' he said. And with a casual flick of his wrist, he tossed the capsule into space.

Kim gasped as the glowing blue capsule spiraled down. Without hesitating, she leaped past Grimm and over the edge. She could see the tiny dot of blue plummeting down into the darkness and raised her hand, getting ready to fire her grappling line in an attempt to swing down and save the capsule.

But suddenly she veered off to the side and felt something lashed tight around her ankle. Grimm had sent his own grapple line, had unerringly twined it around her leg, and was hauling her back up to the ledge. Desperately, Kim fired her own grapple line, but she knew simply by sight that it was no use.

She heard a distant sound like glass shattering and saw a flash of blue light which flared briefly for a moment and then disappeared. 'No!' she whispered, then turned in rage on Grimm, who was pulling her back safely to the rim of the ledge.

'Too late Kim.' he said, backing off until he was just out of striking distance. 'If you want to restore Ron to his old self, you've got a hard choice in front of you.' He stared at her, his expression flat and cold. 'You can still get him back to normal. But to do it - you'll have to use the Attitudinator to steal good from someone else and give it to Ron.'

Kim stood aghast. 'I'll be interested to see who you target for the process.' he continued. 'What innocent victim will you condemn to a lifetime of evil in order to save your precious Ron?'

'You....' Kim hissed, trembling in fury. ' could you....?'

Grimm ignored her. 'Will you go after someone you know? A friend? A family member? Or will you hunt down some anonymous loser in the dead of night and rob them of their good?' he paused, a light of cunning shining behind his eyes. 'But maybe I'm giving you too much credit.' he continued. 'Maybe you don't even want to save Ron - maybe you never really cared about him!'

With a scream of rage, Kim charged at him. She struck wildly, a haze of tears blurring her vision, but Grimm was blocking and countering her just as easily has he had the first time they battled. She blinked back her tears, trying to concentrate, struggling to find some weakness in his defenses. She struck faster and with more focus, blocking Grimm's occasional strikes and returning with her own. The protective shields on both their suits flared up occasionally, hers a bluish white, his a reddish orange. They continued for several minutes in a blurred and graceful dance of strikes, blocks and kicks, punctuated with flashes of blue and orange light.

Grimm scowled at her, his face almost looking frustrated as he continued to counter her every move. 'You're still going scattershot on me, Kim!' he said, neatly deflecting each of her strikes. 'I thought after our last battle that you'd put at least some time into your Kung-Fu! What was the point of all this if you aren't even going to try?'

Kim lashed out with all the speed she could muster, her teeth gritted in frustrated rage. Try as she might, she couldn't get past his defense. He smiled that smug smile of his. 'I find that Thibault cancels out Capo Ferro, don't you?' he said with a fake English accent.

'Shut up!' Kim, striking out with both hands. There was a blue flash, accompanied by an orange flash, and both Kim and Grimm slammed back against opposite sides of the tunnel wall.

They both stood at the ready position, both breathing heavily with the effort of their battle. 'I can't let him rattle me!' she thought. 'Stay focused!' With a growl, she charged forward again, and Grimm charged to meet her. She shifted and launched another series of attacks, one after the other, her hands moving in a haze of blue light.

Kim lashed out and Grimm took one of her punches in his chest, rolling with it and seizing her arm, twisting around and smoothly putting her into a hammerlock as he slid behind her. She tried to pivot and roll free, but Grimm swept her feet out from under her and she found herself being slammed down on the tunnel floor, Grimm holding her arm fast.

Grimm's other hand seized the nape of her neck, pushing her head down to the surface of the water. 'Look at yourself Kim!' he growled. Kim's reflection, her face twisted with anger, was shimmering and rippling up at her in the murky stream of the tunnel floor. 'Then ask - are you and Ron really all that different now?'

Kim twisted and lashed out with a kick, but Grimm rolled with her and flipped to the side, avoiding her strike. They rose to face each other again. 'You... jerk!' Kim snarled.

'I get that a lot.' said Grimm, unruffled.

'I'm gonna take you down if it's the last thing I do!' she said.

'Sorry, but that's gonna have to be an 'either-or' thing!' he answered.

They collided again with a brilliant flash of light as the energy in each of their suits fought to override the other. Kim tried to focus, and her arms flurried through a smooth, relentless series of attacks, which Grimm continued blocking and countering with infuriating ease.

In fact, she had been practicing her Kung Fu - for a long time after their first encounter. She had resolved to take her game up a level so she wouldn't find herself stalemated like she had before. And part the training had been concentration. She came to the conclusion that part of why Grimm had fought her to a standstill was shaking her mentally to the point that she was so mad at him she couldn't keep her head in the game. She fought hard to keep down her anger. As hard as it was to keep cool after what Grimm had done, she couldn't afford to let herself get thrown off again.

And as they dueled, Kim noticed a gradual shift in the way Grimm was fighting. For the first time, he seemed to be concentrating hard and did not look nearly as relaxed. 'Rockin!' he said, his voice full of excitement. 'I knew if I just prodded enough I could finally get a decent fight out of you!'

'Be careful what you wish for!' she hissed.

Then as if viewing in slow motion through someone else's eyes, Kim saw an opening in his defenses - his jaw exposed to an undercut. As quick as she could, she shifted and lashed out with all the strength she had. And at last, she felt the satisfying jolt of her fist connecting. Grimm's head snapped to the side and he rolled backwards, looking dazed.

Kim pressed forward with another strike. Grimm managed to partially block, but Kim's hand flashed blue and a tearing slash formed in Grimm's suit just below his shoulder. Kim rolled and kicked up as she slid beneath him, her feet thudding into his chest with a flash of reddish orange and Grimm flew upwards through the short tunnel of the access hatch.

With a metallic clang, he blasted through the manhole lid covering the hatch, and Kim leaped up after him. She landed inside the warehouse. She could see the Mega Synaptic Transducer in the middle of the structure, dominating everything else, the circular antenna at the top jutting through the massive hatch in the roof, revolving slowly as waves of red and blue energy pulsated from it.

Grimm slid to a stop on the concrete floor, a few feet away from the access hatch and lay motionless on the floor. The manhole lid landed next to him with a shrill clang before rolling and wobbling like a huge coin and then falling still.

Kim dashed up to Grimm and gripped the neckline of his suit, rolling him over, her fist raised to strike. But as she looked at his face, she saw his expression of amused calm had returned. The tear in his suit was healing, the rip closing before her very eyes.

'Feeling careless?' he said smoothly.

From the side, Kim saw a flash of movement and dodged instinctively to the side. But the Lotus Blade twisted and followed her, and Kim felt a clamping pressure just above her foot and heard a click. She saw a metallic hand drawing back and a thick manacle around her ankle.

Grimm sprang to his feet, looking unhurt and unwinded. Kim realized that he had been faking to goad her into rushing after him. 'Funny thing about technology,' said Grimm, looking down at her with a satisfied smile, 'If you put yourself in it's service, you also put yourself at its mercy.'

Kim tried to roll and vault to her feet, but the moment she tried, she felt a sudden jolt and all her limbs froze. It felt as if her battle suit had suddenly turned into solid steel and she couldn't move. She collapsed to the floor, grimacing with effort as she tried to reach down and remove the manacle.

'Greetings, Kimberly Ann!' came Ron's grating, screechy voice. 'You may as well stop struggling! The harder you fight, the more voltage will course through the device on your leg! I call it the Mega Feedback Modulator!' Grimm sighed and shook his head slightly.

'You're essentially a prisoner in your own battle-suit now, my dear!' Ron said as he strode forward, his cape billowing behind him. Kim winced, sweat running down her forehead, but her battle suit remained as rigid as stone. She felt herself being hauled to her feet as Grimm and Rhonda braced her, dragging her up and propping her into the same chair they had used to imprison Ron. Rhonda and Grimm then took their places behind Ron and Kim saw Rueful and Rufus gamboling around their heels, chittering and laughing.

'Ron....' she started, but Ron raised his hand, putting a finger to his lips.

'Shhhh!' he said. 'I've been setting things up for hours waiting for you to get here, now don't you dare interrupt!' He turned to Rhonda and Grimm, and threw them a pair of cordless microphones. 'Come on people, places! Chop-chop!' he barked, clapping his hands walking towards a raised platform in the middle of the room.

Grimm paused, looking down at Kim. 'Sorry about this.' he said, his expression genuinely apologetic. 'But he's the boss - and when he learned you were coming, he insisted.' Then he walked away and stood on another platform with Rhonda.

Ron tapped a button on his belt and spotlights flooded the platform. Kim heard music suddenly booming from speakers all around the warehouse - a tune that was familiar.

'Here's a little ditty I wrote for an old friend,' said Ron, taking out the Lotus Blade. It turned into a microphone with a flash of light. 'She missed my talent performance a while back - but guess what? Now she's a captive audience!' He clicked another button on his belt and canned laughter echoed from the speakers. Off to the side, both Grimm and Rhonda rolled their eyes. Then he raised the microphone to his mouth and the music reached a fanfare, and Ron began to sing, with Rhonda and Grimm both doing backup.

I've got an evil plot in mind that won't sit still!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, we do Ron-Ron!
I got a plan that'll force the entire world to surrender to my will!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, We do Ron-Ron!

Yeah, from my villain's lair!
I'll bring my evil plan to bear!
All the Earth will cringe in fear,
They do Ron-Ron-Ron, They do Ron-Ron!

I'm evil from my head down to the tips of my shoes!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, We do Ron-Ron!
They'll be reporting all my evil deeds tonight on network news!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, We do Ron-Ron!

All the nacos will be mine!
The world beneath my heel I'll grind!
Ev'ryone will bow to me!
They do Ron-Ron-Ron, They do Ron-Ron!!

My evil flunky sidekicks are named Rhonda and Grimm,
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, we do Ron-Ron!
They exist to serve their master and to obey my every whim!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, we do Ron-Ron!

Ron's voice may grate and whine,
But he's our evil mastermind!
That's why we all obey!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, we do Ron-Ron!

We do Ron-Ron-Ron, we do Ron-Ron!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, we do Ron-Ron!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, we do Ron-Ron!
We do Ron-Ron-Ron, we do Ron-Ron!

Ron hammed it up during the production, with as much enthusiasm and gusto as he had used when doing the Naked Mole Rap. He tapped various controls on his belt, setting off fireworks and a colorful array of laser lights. Unable to move, Kim could only watch, half in bemused disbelief, half in fearful uncertainty.

As the last note faded to silence, all the lights dimmed except for one spotlight shining down on Ron. Ron stood with his back turned to Kim, raising one claw-like finger in the air and pointing vaguely off to the side.

'And.... cue the ninja.' he said.

Kim heard a soft pattering around her and gasped as several black-suited ninja landed beside her chair....

Chapter 7
Sensei And Sensibility

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