PRICE Family Photo Album!

  • Grandmother Anna HALABURDA Dzwinka and me.
  • May Engelman, Aunt Laura, Helen May LONG Price.
  • Me and my bear!
  • Price farm in Bustleton (Edwin PRICE Senior standing center).
  • Debbie PETERS Price at Community College of Philadelphia (far right front).
  • Helen May LONG Price (foreground).
  • Me and my clown!
  • Helen May LONG working in factory (2nd from right).
  • Edwin Charles PRICE, Helen May LONG Price, Edwin PRICE Jr,
    Roger PRICE and Minnie May BALDY Long (seated).
  • Charles Edward LONG and Violet NOLL Long.
  • Edwin PRICE Junior, Freeman LONG, Catherine BETZ Long, Helen May LONG Price about 1945.
  • Edwin PRICE Junior at Ford Motor Company in Chester, PA.
  • My money-pit from the front.
  • Helen May LONG (fourth row center wearing tie) at factory.
  • Norman Francis LONG.
  • Edwin PRICE Jr and Helen May LONG Price in Liverpool, PA, Summer 1945.
  • Jacob Grant Culp.
  • Another picture of my money-pit.
  • Deborah Ann PETERS.
  • John Francis LONG and Elizabeth KERSTETTER Long Family circa 1897
    Norman Francis LONG and Minnie May BALDY Long holding Helen May LONG (baby)
    are the second couple on the left.
  • Yet another picture of the money-pit.
  • PRICE farm in Philadelphia- Edwin PRICE Senior (far left holding dog),
    Paul ENGELMAN on tractor and Edwin's niece, Rosina PRICE (far right in front
    of the horse.
  • Rosanna YOST Schlichter.
  • Edwin PRICE Senior with his daughter, Lillian PRICE.
  • The shop at the money-pit.
  • Edwin PRICE Junior and his cousin, May Engelman.
  • The Tranter Family.
  • Unknown.
  • Bride and Groom are Gregory DZWINKA and Anna HALABURDA, October 1914.
  • It's great to see you here!

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