Green Lantern Corps and their rivals & symbols

Okay, this is me being a comic book geek so forgive me if I go off an odd tangent here.

For the past few months, DC Comics has been "hinting" at other intergalactic groups that may complement or rival the Green Lantern Corps. Most notably, the Sinestro Corps, named after the first renegade GL.

But this corps used yellow lanterns and rings that collected fear -- as opposed to the GL Corps rings that ... heck, it's easier if I quote the comic

"Thoughts and Feelings coalesced into a unique emotional spectrum. We embraced the balance within the spectrum. The center color. The color of life. Green.It is the condensation of willpower."
and could be used similarly to the GL rings (flight, energy, A.I.s built into the ring itself, etc.) with the exception that the yellow rings could be used for lethal force. A seriously big advantage in a fight or war.

Well, without going into gory detail about this story arc, one of the things that popped out at me was hint and possibility of other intergalactic corps rising up just like the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps did. All with their unique color, insignia, emotion tied to that color, and opposing agendas to the other corps. As I'm a graphics geek as well as a sci-fi/fantasy geek, I was intrigued enough to look on the Interwebs to find jpegs, gifs, tiffs or some other graphics file with these new logos. With the exception of the Sinestro and Green Lantern Corps symbols, I couldn't find anything. Maybe this comicbook revelation was just too new and nothing was out there as of yet.

So I created my own versions of all the Lantern Corps:

I created these symbols in Photoshop. They are based on the scant graphic references that I could find in the comicbooks and are extremely close if not 100% accurate. Click on the symbol you're interested in and you will be taken to a blurb about this symbol.


Look further now... To the near future... On the other end of the emotional spectrum. A force of hate will rise as the Red Lantern is anointed in blood. The bearer's rage unfiltered and unchecked.


While the orange light of avarice will be discovered and manipulated by a being whose greed knows no bounds


Like willpower, fear is one of the seven living and breathing energies that form the specturm. The color of terror. Yellow.

And as this second corps has risen, others will follow.

Oath to charge their power rings:

-- In Blackest Day -- In Brightest Night -- Beware Your Fears Made Into Light.

Let Those Who Try To Stop What Is Right -- Burn Like His Power... Sinestro's Might!



Elsewhere, a flicker of Hope will shine from deep space, like a lighthouse warning the ships away from the rocks.

The blue light will hold the line in spirit if not in strength.


A squadron weaving the indigo light of compassion will attempt to spread goodwill throughout the Universe.


The Zamarons, a splinter tribe of the Guardians, already delve into the far end of the spectrum with their experimentations involving the Star Saphhires. They harness the color of love. The color violet.

And they will learn, the further away from the center, the more influence the power will have over its bearer.


The will descend upon our worlds to claim the loved ones we have lost.

The will forever hunger for those that still feel and live.

And if the Universe is to survive, Willpower and Fear must come together because...

Across the Universe, the dead will rise...