Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil


But enough about my personal problems.
You came to read my heroic ballads, and you shall indeed!

The Sturgeon Geritol has determined that my heroic ballads
are hazardous to your mental health.
They are also sinful and probably fattening.

The Ballad of the Erroneous Knight

The Ballad of the Page's Quest

The Ballad of the Great Revolt

The Ballad of the Purloined Throne

The Ballad of the Conniving Count

The Ballad of the Vicious Virus

The Ballad of the Old King

The Ballad of the Marvelous Pig

The Ballad of the Bread Knife

The Ballad of the Wandering Cows

The Ballad of the Painted Church

The Ballad of the Rainy Days

The Ballad of the Star of Ecstasy

So, you don't like any of my heroic ballads?
Well okay then, just go write your own!

How to Write a Heroic Ballad

Still can't get the hang of heroic ballads? Maybe you need to get a bit of religion.
Now, just to promote freedom of religion, I'll offer you a choice.

Believing in Jesus Christ

Believing in Zorb the Sacred Crocodile

Believing in Fred the Bicycle God

Believing in the Tiki Bar

Believing in Cramshaw the Creator

Believing in Mohammed

Believing in Nelson the Nissan

You don't believe in any of that hogwash, you say? Hey, I don't either!

Here's What I Believe In

Anything to say to me? Now's your chance!

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