1996 was the only year this color was available on a late model Mustang.

Total Number of Mustangs sold in 1996: 126,483*
How many of these were Bright Tangerine? 829
Of those, how many were convertibles? 253
With black interior/top and a 5-speed? 51

So that makes my car 1 of 51 made! Pretty cool, huh?
Another interesting this is that is was built on October 30th, 1995 (Hallow's Eve).
It was the only Halloween colored car that was produced that day.

* this figure came from Steve Shrader's website yellowmustangregistry.com
** this figure came from Stewart Jones (Thrdgenreg@aol.com) of the Third Generation National Registry.

Motor Specs:
Engine: stock 4.6L modular V8
Cylinder Heads: stock
Exhaust: stock
Induction Mods: K&N Filtercharger, removed air silencer
Power Adder: none
Fuel System: stock

Drivetrain Specs:
Transmission: stock T-45 5-speed manual
Shifter: Steeda Tri-Ax
Clutch: stock
Driveshaft: stock
Axles: stock
Gear Set: stock

Chassis Specs:
Springs: Roush Stage 2
Sway Bars: Roush Stage 2
Struts/Shocks: Bilstein non-adjustable
Control Arms: stock
Subframe Connectors: stock
Rims: FMS chrome Cobra R 17x9
Tires: Kumho Supra 712s 255/45/17
Misc: offset steering rack bushings, rear pinion snubber

Exterior Specs:
Paint/Body Mods: stock Bright Tangerine
Convertible Top: stock black
Headlights: Euro Clear Cobra style
Sidemarker lights: Euro Clear
Windows: tinted

Interior Specs:
Seats: stock black leather
Stereo: stock Mach 460 with CD player