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I have collected my thoughts and ideas from over the years concerning software development. I read a book called Maverick in 1997. As I read it I would say, "Wow, that is just how I think things should be done." I have added a report of that book and then my ideas on Software Development. I believe in models more than methods, but you find yourself writing methods to illustrate possible implementations of the model. Maverick Development is the model. Maverick Agile Method is one possible implementations of the model.

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Quotes and Maverickisms

"Hey, I knew that methodology when it was still just a complaint."

"Experience trumps formal estimation."

"Smells like chicken!"

"We do not model for the sake of modeling; we model so that an implementation can be made."

"Fundamentally most software development methodologies strive to improve communication and shorten the time of gaining experience."

"Experience is better than iterations."

"If you know what to do then why don't you do it?"

"Revolution is for visionaries. Evolution is for apes."

"You know with a flat-head screw driver, a pair of vice-grips, and a hammer you can fix almost anything but you can build almost nothing!"

"Definition of Shared Code: Code that someone else wrote that you don't trust."

"Don't tell me it is my problem and how you want it fixed. If it is my problem I will fix it the way I want."

"A sheep herder is a sheep manager. A shepherd is a sheep leader."

"Some people demand to be heard, some beg to be heard, and some are blessed to be heard." (Some are lucky to be heard!)

"Frustration is the mother of invention."

"Unless you take great risks how will I be able to rip you off?"

"Servers: What comes up must come down."

"Would you like some syrup with that waffle?"

"Oh yeah, I know what to do, code faster!"

"Of course I am lying, I can really do that in a week instead of three. Gosh, you caught me."

Manager : "If programmers produce code what do you think managers produce?" Programmer: "Hirudin?"

Geoffrey Slinker