I am a retired Computer Software Developer living in Danville CA with my wife Priscilla. I now do my imaging under the crystal clear skies of Northern Scottsdale, Az.

I'm a transplant from Brooklyn, NY via Ohio, Los Angeles, Walnut Creek, and Dallas. Like most amateurs I drifted in and out of my hobby. For Christmas, my wife gave me a copy of "Night Watch" which stirred dormant feelings and I was hooked again.

Imaging Setup   

STT-8300M with FW8G-STT and AO-8
LX850 with 10" F8 OTA 
Narrow field setup
Wide Field Setup 
Wide field setup


Meade LX850 - 10"/F8 ACF on Meade LX850 GEM with StarLock

Wide field telescope

Takahashi FS 60C, F5.9 (355 mm)


Meade LX850 StarLock and SBIG AO-8 Adaptive Optics

CCD Camera

SBIG STT-8300M with FW8G-STT filter wheel (R, G, B, L, Ha, OIII, SII FIlters)


JMI Event Horizon EV2cM Focuser

CCD Control Software

Maxim DL/CCD Pro

Image Processing

PixInsight, Adobe Photoshop CS 5