1969 Mustang GT Registry

You have reached the online home of the 1969 Mustang GT Registry. To those people who are familiar with me (Bart Boster) or Kevin Mikkelsen and our previous attempts to get a 69 GT Registry started, I sincerely apologize that it has take me this long to finally put something together on the web. Hopefully, this page will be the beginning of a true registry and the information gathered on this page will allow us to figure out just how rare our 69 GT ponies are.

Currently, these pages are in their infancy and the amount of information contained on the site will be limited. However, it is my hope that all of the 69 Mustang GT owners out there will have valuable information they can and will contribute to this site. I would especially like to see pictures of the cars and images of invoices and buildsheets. If I receive enough input from people, I would like to produce and email a quarterly newsletter to all of the registrants.

The only way this registry is going to be successful, is if people know about it. If you know people who have 69 GT Mustangs, are Mustang lovers, or have Mustang related web sites, please tell them about this page or encourage them to link to this site. The link is:


With all of that out of the way, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to look around. The links to the left should be self explanatory, but I may just think that because I set the pages up.

Please let me know what you think of this site or provide any suggestions for improvement or changes you may have. I would also like to thank Kevin and Sandy Mikkelsen for their help, knowledge, and support on my Mustang projects and for the use of their garage while restoring my 1970 Convertible (click the "Bart's Homepage" link to the left to see the finished project).