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Latest News

Here is the latest news from John Clor from Ford Performance about the 2014 GT/CS Certificates:

I asked our Info Center Chief, Steve Amman, and he said that they’ve just completed the 2014 GT500, then were asked to do the 2012 and 2013 Boss before getting the 2014 Raptor and 2014 SHO. The GT/CS (and then MCA Edition Mustang) is scheduled after that – likely released sometime in the first quarter of 2015. The FPG staff (800-FORD-SVT) will have details as we get closer, and I will announce in our weekly “Fast News from Ford Racing” e-newsletter as soon as they become available!

Regards, John Clor

Find the GT/CS Registry on FACEBOOK located at: GT/CS ~ California Special GT 2007+ Group

The certificates for the 2014 GT/CS will not be ready until sometime in the first quarter of 2015. I will update this section once the 2014 certificates are ready and anyone interested in the membership letter for their 2014 GT/CS. Once I recieve the final production numbers from Ford I will need to do an audit of my database to make sure all the cars are accounted for and the numbers are correct. Thanks for your understanding on the delay.

GT/CS T-shirt & GT/CS Hat

Now in Stock

I recieved an email today from Joe Dugan who runs the Ford Trailer that sells Ford Licensed items. He is annoucing that a new T-Shirt for the GT/CS Mustangs along with a new hat that are now in stock and available for purchase on his website. If you are interested in purchasing this new t-shirt he is offering a 10% discount to all GT/CS members. The discount code is DISC11. You can click on the picture of the shirt or the new GT/CS hat to go to the website and view the shirt and hat.

GT/CS T-shirt and Hat

I recieved an email today from Greg Ordus who runs the Ordus Ford he is annoucing that a new T-Shirt and hat for the GT/CS Mustangs is now available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing this new t-shirt or hat the cost is 23.99 less 10% for $21.60 for the shirt plus $5.95 shipping sizes large, XL and XXL. The cost for the hat is 22.99 less 10% for $20.70 plus $5.95 shipping. The newest item is the GT/CS keychain. The price for this item is 16.95 with free shipping.The newest item is the GT/CS can holder to keep your beverage cold. The cost for this item is 14.99 for 2 Koozies with free shipping. A new item that is now available is a GT/CS Sunshade for your car. The cost of the sunshade will be 35.00 with free shipping. You can click on the picture of the shirt,hat,keychain or the sunshade to send an email to Greg for ordering and paymentinstructions. All payments must be made through PAYPAL and you need to add your shipping address with your PAYPAL payment. Please note: Greg will not accept returns or exchanges for size.

I am now selling an offical membership letter as seen below. The cost for this letter will be set at 25.00 which includes the shipping and handling. This letter will include the options the cars was built with and production numbers about your car printed on real certificate paper. If you are interested in purchasing the letter please email me and I will give you my PAYPAL account to send the payment. I hope you will letter it was a favorite item from past members.

If you would like to register your GT/CS please email me the following information about your car.

1. VIN Number

2. Build date and Blend number. These numbers are located inside the driver's door on the blue data sticker at the very bottom of the sticker. The numbers will be in this format: 1YYYYDDMMBBBB

3. The options that the car was built with including exterior color and interior color because sometimes the window sticker will not show the interior color and some options.

If you still have questions please email me at:

Instructions on ordering the Dash Plaques

In the last few weeks there has been confusion on how to order the dash plaques for your GT/CS. I am going clear up the confusion on what you need to do to order them.

1. You will need to order the certificate from the Ford Performance group which has the production numbers for your car. If you have not registered your car on the website please go to the links located at the bottom of this web page to register so you will receive your 15% discount for the package.To use the 15% discount you will need to call the Ford Performance Group at (1-800-FORD-788). At that time they will tell you what your car production numbers are so you can order the dash plaque.

2. Once you have your certificate from Ford then you can email Dave Jacobelli at: to work out the ordering and payment of the plaque.

I hope this will clear up the confusion on how to order but if you still have questions please email me at:

GT/CS Dash Plaques

Here is the dash plaques that the GT/CS members can order for your Mustang. Click on the picture to email Dave Jacobelli
for the details on how to order the plaques. The cost for the plaques is 70.00 and 120.00 for the dash and engine plaques which includes shipping in the US.

Here is the list of Merchants I have discount codes for and if any member are interested in these codes please email me.

American Muscle: ( 5% Discount )

Silver Horse Racing: ( 5% Discount )

Stangmods: ( 6% Discount )

Champion Mustang: ( 5% Discount )

UPR Products: ( 5% Discount) Products: ( 5% Discount) Products: ( 5% Discount) Products: ( 10% Discount)

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I am now accepting donations to help defer the cost of up keep of the Registry and cost of internet connection. Any donation you can make is great help to keep this site going. There will be alot of exciting things coming in the near future that I am sure all members will be happy with. If you wish to donate to the site please email me directly and I will provide you my PAYPAL account where you can send your donations.

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