Sister Guineth? Who's she?

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In the Current Middle Ages....

In the Society for Creative Anachronism, Her Ladyship Sister Guineth the White, GdS, JdL, dwelleth in the fair kingdom of An Tir, Belden Abbey being neighbor to both the Barony of Three Mountains and the Shire of Dragons Mist. Sister Guineth sits gate at the occasional event, teaches and tutors SCAdians in matters scribal, collects tales of An Tir history and hath assembled a recounting of the An Tir Rebellion. She is learning, bit by bit, of the history, life, skills, and religious practice of her medieval avatar.

In Anglo-Saxon England....

Its the year of our Lord DCCCLII, and the third year of the reign of King Osbert Ethelredsson. Life in Northumbria is quiet and moderately prosperous, except for the occasional raids of the Northmen and some minor armed bickering between English nobles. There hath come no famine nor plague for years now.

Sister Guineth is the wife of Father Roger; they have been married for nigh on 25 years. They live at Belden Abbey, somewhere in Northumbria, not far inland from the coast; Roger is the abbot there.

Belden Abbey is a Christian religious household, founded originally by a British Roman priest who came to the forest with his kin and servants to escape the persecutions of Diocletian. The abbey was strengthened by wandering Scotti religious. After the pagan English came, it served as a missionary base. When the English became baptized Christians, Belden Abbey was favored with gifts and land by the local nobility. It is a double house that is to say, both male and female live here, chastely, but celibacy is not required for married couples.

Sister Guineth is a long experienced scribe and hath in charge the abbey Scriptorium. She doth spin and sew betimes and taketh her turn with other chores also to the extent that her primary duties and her sometimes precarious health permit.

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