1944 Walther P.38 9mm               


Well, I was having so much fun with Lugers, that I thought I'd better get a P.38 before the prices went into orbit. They have actually climbed quite a bit in the last couple of years, and while I didn't really want another P.38 (I have had several previously), I figured that my collection wouldn't really be complete without one.

Actually, the desire to get another P.38 was what started my latest binge of German pistol collecting. Several years ago I noticed former West German Polizei P1/P38 pistols were being imported for about $250 or less! I figured that for that price, I should have another P-38.


I looked around, and I thought a bit, and pretty soon, those pristine German Police P38's just didn't seem worth the money when I could get a real WW2 P38 for just a little bit more, and that might actually appreciate in value. So I started searching.


Two years later I finally found the right one: decent shape, AC (Walther) marked, all matching serial numbers, with my preferred black grips, and in my second preferred year of production (The AC43 I really wanted seems to already command a much higher price), for a price I was willing to pay! Not perfect, but very close, and it cost about the same as my "shooter" grade Luger, so "Hurray" for that!


Interesting levels of oxidation showed up under the camera's flash that are totally invisible to the naked eye.

Left side markings. Some "freckling" apparent under the light, but not bad.

Right side views showing the Nazi proof marks which make a $300 pistol worth over twice that.


That's what the price buys. Pure, unadulterated history.

Evil, tragic history to be sure, but a history best not forgotten.

Where did this one serve? And who carried it? What fate befell them? And how did it get here?

The top looks ok, but the grip strap and trigger guard are showing their age. 

Very common wear areas of these and all pistols.

I was very happy to add this one in my collection.



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