1917 DWM LP.08 Artillery Luger    

I've had lots of Lugers over the years.

But this is my first "Artillery Luger".

The tremendous length of the barrel, and rifle-style sights are what sets the LP.08 apart from the regular P.08.
LP.08 = "Lange Pistole (model of) 1908"
Lange Pistole = Long Pistol
(Get it?)

This particular specimen is a little rough in terms of finish wear, but it's all original, and all matching.

I must admit, I didn't really have too much interest in Artillery Lugers (mostly because nice ones cost much more than I generally am willing to spend)

...when I saw Capt. Englehorn whip one out in the recent remake of "King Kong". That dude was a brass-balled hard charging S.O.B. and I wish they'd make a spin-off series based on his, and his crews adventures around the world.

I mean, what sort of "Rare animal collector" sails around with 50 Mausers and 20 Thompson SMG's?
Not to mention his personal LP-08!
( note the imperial proofs and detail of the rear sight. The rust under the sight was easily removed and controlled)

I bet he was in the Kriegsmarine during The War...Probably a U-boat commander...

Of course, if he was in the Kriegsmarine, he'd likely have the other rare Luger I still don't have - The 6" "Navy Model".
Which has even cooler sights than the Artillery model!

Here we see the biggest single heartbreaker on this pistol. The finish is worn to bare metal where the thumb rides the rear grip strap.

I've never seen wear like this before. The metal is not pitted, but the bluing is just...gone.
Probably the result of it being plucked out of the bloody hand of a Nazi general by some Yank soldier at the battle of the Somme in 1916!

Yes, I know that last sentence has more historical holes than a block of Swiss Cheese, but I needed to test you. How many errors can you find?
Oh, and while you're at it, can you please tell me where Waldo is? I still can't find that son-of-a-gun.
(note the fire blued ejector and bare metal interior - if it were blued, it'd be a sure sign that the pistol had been refinished...not really a concern with this old soldier)

Manufacturer's proofs, and serial numbered safety.

More matching serial numbers...

...and yet more!
The serial numbers are very hard to see on the grips, but they are there. There are other markings too, which are actually easier to see.

Last set of serial numbers on the trigger and take-down lever. This is a nifty old piece.


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