Vulcan Arms V10/45  (MAC-10 clone)    

I have heard an awful lot of terrible reviews of Vulcan/Hesse firearms over the years, but when I bought this little number on Gunbroker in anticipation of Obama's election, I didn't even notice it was a Vulcan. Still, the Mac-10 is so simple to produce how can even they mess it up? We'll see, as of this writing I haven't shot it yet. Brought it home tonight. Screwed on the fake suppressor, and loaded up the mag...can't wait for daylight to "check it out".

I have to admit, it was Bruce Willis in "Pulp Fiction" that made me want to get this...that and the fact that they whole thing was under $300 bucks.

Will write more later...Must sleep now...


Hard to argue with 30 rounds of .45ACP in a package this small...


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