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I have more data available including sibling spousal data and am interested in sharing data and coordinating research on all lines.

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COOLEY Family Farm in Harbor, Curry Co, Oregon

NOTE:  Surname are listed alphabetically with the oldest generation listed first


Elizabeth Andrew (Jacobus Ostrander):  Born 1760 Shawangunk, Ulster, NY.


Daniel Ball Sr (Sarah): Born 5 Jan 1713 in Middlesex Co, VA. Children: Benjamin Ball-1742 (M-Ann McIntosh); Daniel Ball-1745.

Benjamin Ball Sr (Ann McIntosh): Born 14 Sep 1742 in Stafford, Middlesex Co, VA. Married Ann 1778 in Adair Co, VA. Died 1810 in Adair Co, KY. Children: Mildred Ball-1768 (M-Daniel Cooley); William Ball-abt 1770 (M-Mary Singleton); Lewis Ball-abt 1771 (M-Lucille Singleton); James Ball-abt 1773 (M-Jane Denton); Sarah Ball-abt 1776 (M-Pleasant New Sr); Hannah Ball-1779 (John Mourning); Stephen Reuben Ball-1782 (Mary Harding); Margaret Ball-1783 (Robert Goode); Benjamin Ball Jr.-1786 (M-Margaret Peggy Mourning); Allen George Ball-1788 (M1-Elizabeth Christison-1807 & M2-Martha Patsy Goode-1816).

Mildred Ball (Daniel Cooley): Born 1767 in Christs Church, Middlesex Co, VA.  Married Daniel 19 Jan 1796 in Lincoln Co, VA.  Died 1828 in Richmond, Ray Co, MO.


Sarah Belden (Ozias Cowles): Born 1765. Married Ozias 11 Jan 1794 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT. Died 8 Sep 1809 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT.


Thomas Brewster (Mary ): Born abt 1700. Died 1756 in Cameron Parish, Fairfax Co, VA. Children: Mary Brewster-1720 (M-William Nodding); Anne Brewster (M-James Carter); Priscillia Brewster (M-John Nodding)

Mary Brewster (William Nodding): Born abt 1720. Died aft 4 Oct 1804 in WA Co, TN.


Nancy Bullard (William Coleman): Born circa 1765


Laura Carter (Clark Howland): Born 1814 in NY. Married Clark 4 Aug 1831 in Clinton Co, OH. Died aft 1800.


William Coleman (Nancy Bullard): Born 20 Apr 1761 in Stratford Co, VA. Children: Nancy-1795

Nancy Coleman

Nancy Coleman (James Hill):  Born 24 Jul 1795. Married James 11 Jan 1816 in Jefferson Co, TN. Died 8 Sep 1883 in Princeton, Mercer Co, MO.


Lambert Cornelius Cooley (Sarah Van Gorden):  Born 1718 in Goshen-Minisink, Orange Co, NY. Died 1763.  Children:  John A Cooley-1740 (M-Elizabeth Fermin); Margaret Cooley-1740 

John A. Cooley (Elizabeth Fermin): Born 1740 Goshen-Minisink, Orange Co, NY.  Married Elizabeth in 1855.  Died 1820 in Casey Co KY.  Children: Daniel Cooley-1760 (M-Mildred Ball).

Daniel Cooley (Mildred Ball): Born 1763 in Rowan Co, NC. Married Mildred 19 Jan 1786 in Lincoln Co, VA. Died 6 Sep 1826 in Ray Co, MO. Children: Daniel Cooley-1786 (M-Elizabeth Hardwick); John W. Cooley-1790 (M-Mahala Hardwick); Sarah Cooley-1792 (M-John Mayberry); Anna Cooley-1793 (M-Minitree Monday); James Alvin Cooley-1795 (M-Frances Miller); Mary Ellen Cooley-1796 (M1-William Newman-1817, M2-John Allen Smart-1827); Elizabeth Cooley-1798 (M-George Salley); Rebecca Cooley-1794 (M-John Hardwick); Aaron Henry Cooley-1802 (M-Susan Hovious); Reuben Cooley-1808 (M-Maria Hardwick); Elias Cooley-1810 (M-Mahalay Lane); Malinda Cooley-1812 (M-Samuel Turner)

James Alvin Cooley (Frances Miller): Born 22 Jan 1795 in Green (later Adair) Co, KY. Married Frances 2 Jan 1814 in Adair Co.  About 1826, the family moved to MO and lived on the Grand River about 10 miles from Carrollton and just east of Independence & Kansas City. In 1830, the family was living in Perche, Boone Co, MO.  Died 10 Sep 1835 in Carroll Co, MO. His death was from drinking milk from a cow that had been grazing on a poisonous plant (snake root weed) on a riverbank. Children: Elizabeth (Betsy) Cooley-1815 (M-George Parmer); Lucy Cooley-1817 (M-L.C. Atkinson); Polly Cooley (M-Abram Riffe); Ann Cooley-1821; Aaron Cooley-1821 (M-Martha Turner); Miller Wisdom Cooley-1822 (Elizabeth Hill); Daniel Boone Cooley-1827 (M-Francis ??); James Madison Cooley-1829 (M-Elizabeth Jane Bailey); Frances Ann Cooley-1831 (never married). 

Miller & Elizabeth Cooley

Miller Wisdom Cooley (Elizabeth C. Hill):  Born 18 Dec 1822 in Madison Co, KY. Married Elizabeth 8 Jun 1843 in Carroll Co, MO. Owned a farm in MO on which he raised Red Durham cattle and was a nursery man. He enlisted and fought in the Mexican War in 1846/7 in Co. K of the 2nd Regiment of MO mounted volunteers - stationed in Sante Fe area. After the war in 1849, he went to CA to look for Gold. He returned home with gold and gifts for the family. In 1853 they headed West in a Covered Wagon.  They joined the Stanton wagon train. His wife, Elizabeth, was pregnant and when they reached the Oregon Territory and camped beside the John Day River at Immigration Crossing and John Day Cooley was born. They had to stay behind a couple days, in Indian country, while the wagon train moved on as Elizabeth needed rest. They joined the next wagon train to come along.  The Howland family was in one of these wagons and Henry Cooley later married Florence Howland.   Miller & family first settled in Lane Co, OR but moved around  looking for a safe place to live - finally settling on the Oregon coast in the Chetco valley (only a few other families in the valley at this time).  Their home was a one room log cabin with a sod roof and a dirt floor.   Miller became a well known dairymen and sold much of his butter  in San Francisco. When each of Miller's sons got married, he gave them a farm.  He died 9 Sep 1902 in Chetco (Brookings), Curry Co, OR.  He was buried in Cooley Cemetery on Pedrioli Lane in Harbor, OR and later reburied in William J. Ward Memorial Cemetery.  Children: Henry Miller Cooley-1848 (M-Florence Howland); James Alvin Cooley-1844 (M-Matilda Jane Stanton); Janetta (Nettie) C. Cooley-1851 (M-Raleigh Scott); John Day Cooley-1853 (M-Sarah Elizabeth Inberg); Mary Elizabeth Cooley-1855 (M-Gamalia Fullenwider Harris); Martha Frances Cooley-1857 (M-James W. Morrison); Nancy Amanda (Mandy) Cooley-1860; Harriett Anne Cooley-1862; William Jackson Cooley-1864 (M1-Rosa Ella Dryden-1887, M2-Mary Rebecca Wilson-1897); Aaron Riley Cooley-1866 (M-Bessie Ryan).


Henry & Florence (Howland) Cooley @ Henry's Beach Chetco, Curry Co, OR

Henry Miller Cooley (Florence Howland):  Born 28 Oct 1848 in Carroll Co, MO.  Came cross country in a covered wagon at age 5 1/2 with his parents & siblings.  Married Henry 19 Feb 1878 in Crescent City, CA.   Henry was an easygoing, pleasant man with a good sense of humor. He met Florence Howland when the Eli Howland family came to Cresent City, CA. After they were married, they settled in the Chetco Valley area of OR.  He built a store in Chetco and in 1886 became the Chetco Postmaster.   Florence had health problems that forced the family to move in 1890 to Santa Barbara, CA. Their home on Castillo St. is still there.  He worked as an expressman and surveyor.  Died 26 Jan 1923 in Santa Barbara, CA and his remains were cremated.  Children: Herman Miller Cooley-1894 (M1-Bertha Elnora Westbury/ M2-Gertrude Johnson); Mildred Nettie Cooley-1878 (M1-Sylvanus Edgar Alderman, M2-Edward Charles Tallant); Walter Eli Cooley-1880 (M-Francis M. Williams); Abbie Clara Cooley-1881 (M-Stephen Benjamin Palmer); Florence Edna Cooley-1899 (M-Frank John Holtzbauer); Clarence Howland Cooley-1903 (M-Lilybell Jessie Copeland).

Herman & Ella Cooley

Herman Miller Cooley (M1- Bertha Elnora (Ella) Westbury-1913; M2-Gertrude Johnson-1935):  Born 9 Feb 1894 in Santa Barbara, CA. Married Bertha 16 Aug 1913 in Santa Barbara, CA and lived on Bath street right behind the Henry Cooley house. He was a surveyor for the City of Santa Barbara.  Herman left his family in 1930 to look for gold in Nevada.  He divorced Bertha in 1934 in Nevada and soon married Gertrude.  Died 15 Dec 1964 in East Ely, White Pine Co, NV. 


Noah Cowles (Anna Powell): Born 9 Dec 1733 in Kensington, CT. Married Anna on 14 Aug 1760 in Kensington, CT. Died 21 Dec 1820 in Kensington, CT. Children: Ozias Cowles-1760 (M1-Lucy Gridley & M2- Sarah Belden); Salmon Cowles-1761 (M-Eunice Strong); Rachel Cowles-1764 (M-Seth Goodrich); Seth Cowles-1766 (M-Hannah Peck, Lucy Pardee); Nancy Cowles-1769 (M-Jonathon Pratt)

Ozias Cowles (M1-Lucy Gridley-1782 & M2-Sarah Belden-1794): Born 1760 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT. Married Sarah 11 Jan 1794 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT. Died 3 Dec 1813. Children: Ruth Gridley-1785 (M-Linus Cowles), John Gridley-1789, Child-1794, Lucy Cowles-1796 (Lyman North), Amanda Cowles-1798 (M-Caleb Holden); Salmon Cowles-1800; Seth Albert Cowles-1802, Mary Cowles-1805.

Lucy Cowles (Lyman North): Born 27 Apr 1796 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT. Married Lyman 31 May 1815 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT. Died 25 Aug 1876 in Champaign Co, OH


Elizabeth Fermin (John A. Cooley):  Born abt 1740.  Married John in 1755.  Died 1840.


Robert Gilmore: Born 23 May 1724 in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH.  Died 9 Jan 1781 in New London, Chester Co PA. Children: Robert Gilmore-1740 (M-Catherine); Ephraim Gilmore-18 Nov 1751 (M-Arabella Curry); Thomas Gilmore-1752 (M-Elizabeth Gibson); Margaret Gilmore-1755 (M-John Williamson); Agnes Gilmore-1757; Nancy Ann Gilmore-1750 (M-Isaac Means); Jean/Jane Gilmore-1762 (M-Richard Falls)

Nancy Ann Gilmore (Isaac Means): Born abt 1745 in Chester Co, PA.  Married Isaac 1760 in Hampshire Co, VA. Died aft 1818 Romney, Hampshire Co, VA


Mary Hamlin (Thomas Hill):  born 1739 in VA.  Married Thomas in 1744.  Died in 1827.


Hepzibah Hart (Isaac North Jr): Born 10 Apr 1732 in Farmington, Hartford Co, CT. Married Isaac 18 Jan 1753 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT.


Thomas Hill (M1-Elisabeth, M2-Abiah): Born 8 Jun 1687 in Dorchester, MA. Married Abiah 1718. He was a cordwainer (leatherworker - saddles, bridles, shoes) and settled in Attleboro. Later moved to Cumberland, RI when he sold his interests in Purgatory Swamps that was laid out to his father. Children by Elizabeth: Rachel Hill-1714; Samuel Hill-1716 (M-Mary Bucklin); Henry Hill-1717 (M-Frelove Brown). Children by Abiah: William Hill-1719 (M-Rachel Syman); Simeon Hill-1721; Thomas Hill-1724 (M-Mary Hamlin)

Thomas Hill (Mary Hamlin): Born 19 Nov 1724 in Attleboro, MA.  Moved to MD and PA and later to Louden Co, VA.  Died 1814 in Jefferson, De Kalb Co, TN.  Children: Joseph Hill-1752; William Hill; Allen Hill; Daniel Hill-1757 (M-Ellen Nodding); John Hill; Reuben Hill-1761 (M-Joissy Hanks); Thomas Hill; Delaware Hill (M-Mr. Coleman); Walter Hill; Jeremiah Hill;

Daniel Hill (Ellen Nodding): Born 4 Sep 1757 in NJ. Married Ellen abt 1779 in Montgomery Co, MD.  In 1780 he enlisted and served as a private in Colonel John Sevier's (famous Indian fighter Nolichucky Jack) North Carolina regiment. They went on an expedition against the Cherokee Indians. In 1781 he was drafted into the same Co. and joined General Marion in the Swamps of Santee. He recalled that a company went out and took about ninety or one hundred British prisoners between there and Charleston. In 1782 he was drafted again into the same Co. and served three months on an expedition against the Cherokee Indians who were killing the settlers on the Frontiers. They marched through the Nation destroying their towns. In 1828, he moved his family west to McNairy Co, TN and settled 3 miles north of Purdy.  Other families settled with them.  This settlement was called the Hill settlement.  He died 1 Nov 1846 in Purdy, McNairy Co, TN.  Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Bethel Springs, McNairy Co, TN.  Children: Mary Hill (M-Thomas Griffin); John Hill (M-Anna Koffman); Samuel Hill-1785 (M-Elizabeth Conner); James Hill-1787 (M-Nancy Coleman)-1787; Abraham Hill-1780 (M-Martha Jane Walker); Nodding Hill-1792 (M-Ruth Brown); Sarah Hill-1794 (M-Joseph Graham); Elijah Hill-1795 (M-Rebecca Koffman); Ellender Hill-1799 (M-Isaiah Koffman); Daniel A. Hill Jr-1800 (M-Elizabeth Koffman)-1800; Jeremiah Hill (M-Susannah Walker)-1801; Massey Hill (M-Elizabeth Mozel Jernigan Hogain)-1808; Thomas Jefferson Hill (M-Ellen Womack); Elizabeth Hill (M-Jesse Driskill); LaFayette Hill; Jesse Hill (M-Martha Scruggs)

James Hill (Nancy Coleman): Born 17 Mar 1787 in Jefferson Co, TN. Married Nancy 11 Jan 1816 in Jefferson Co, TN. James & Nancy lived in a rural area about 10 miles from Carrollton, Carroll Co, MO. Their children Gideon, Daniel, & William Hill all fought in the Mexican War in the MO Calvary. James later owned a general store in Princeton, Mercer Co, MO.  Died 31 Aug 1881 in Medicine, Mercer Co, MO.  Buried in  Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, Mercer Co, MO.  Children: Pleasant Miller Hill-1816 (M-Lavina Mears); Gideon Coleman Hill-1819 (M-Nancy Newsome); Daniel Nodding Hill-1821 (M-Sarah Broyles); William Hill-1823; Elizabeth C. Hill-1825 (Miller Wisdom Cooley); James Riley Hill-1829 (M-Mary Ellen Broyles); Albert Gallatin Hill-1832 (M-Julia A. Martin); Rhoda Almira Hill-1835 (M-John Broyles); Zilpha Theresa Hill-1837 (M-Harmon Parks Brittain)

Elizabeth C. Hill (Miller Wisdom Cooley):  Born 24 Sep 1825 in McNairy Co, TN. Married Miller 8 Jun 1843 in Carroll Co MO.  She was very strong willed and religious, but was also afraid of Indians and the Ocean.  Died 12 Aug 1916 in Chetco (Brookings), Curry Co, OR - she had been the oldest living pioneer in Curry Co, OR.  She was buried in Cooley Cemetery on Pedrioli Lane in Harbor, OR and later reburied in William J. Ward Memorial Cemetery. 


Israel Howland (Drusilla Wood): Born 13 Jun 1713 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA. He was a quaker farmer of Oblong. Drusilla died at the birth of their son Wood.  He enrolled in Dutchess Co, NY, 3rd regiment of Militia and fought in the Revolutionary War.  Died abt 1787 in Pawling, Dutchess Co, NY. Children: Prince Howland-1757 (Elizabeth Van Trees); Mary Howland-1744; Hannah Howland-1747; Ruth Howland-1749; John Howland-1751 (M-Lusanne Chase); William Howland-1754; Sarah Howland-1756; Lucy Howland-1757; Benjamin Howland-1759; James Howland-1761; Daniel Howland; Wood Howland-1769 (M-Paulina Akin).

Prince Howland (Elizabeth Van Trees): Born 20 Dec 1757 in Pawling, Dutchess Co, NY. Married Elizabeth in 1780 "out of meeting". He fought in the Revolutionary War as a private in the 3rd regiment, Dutchess Co, NY Militia. Died bef 1800. Children: Benjamin D. Howland-1785 (Elizabeth Ostrander); Lucy Howland (M-Mr. Hempstead); Mary (Polly) Howland (M-Mr. McIntire); Clarinda Howland (M-Charles Martin).

Benjamin D. Howland (Elizabeth Ostrander): Born Sep 1785 in Pawling, Dutchess Co, NY. Married Elizabeth in NY. They moved to Chester in Clinton Co OH in 1813. He was Justice of the Peace in 1828, 1831, & 1845. Died 28 Jun 1863 in Chester, Clinton Co, OH. Children: Clark Howland-1812 (Laura Carter); Amelia Howland-1814 (M-Julius W. Peterson); Ebenesor Howland-1814 (M-Marsha Sabin); James B. Howland-1816 (M1-??, M2-Elizabeth ??, M3-Martha Robinson); Cyrus Howland; Araminta Howland; Benjamin Howland; Lorenza Dow Howland; Mary Howland (M-Elias Dakin): Melinda Howland (M-Isaac Beal); Phebe Howland (M-George Buckley).

Clark Howland (Laura Carter): Born 1812 in NY. Married Laura on 4 Aug 1831 in Clinton Co, OH. Died 1855 in Clinton Co, OH. Children: Elton (Eli) Howland-1832 (M-Mary Means); Ann Elizabeth Howland-1837; Elizabeth Howland-1839; Clarinda Howland-1842, Francis M. Howland-1844, Sarah Anne Howland-1847 (M-Mr. Beenneman); Emily Howland-1849.

Eli Howland

Elton (Eli) Howland (Mary Means):  Born 23 Apr 1832 in Clinton Co, OH. By 1850, he'd left his family and was learning the millwright trade. Married Mary on 27 Sep 1855 in Auglaize Co, OH. He later switched to farming in Auglaize Co, OH. Left for Oregon in 1865 by wagon train and lost their daughter Emma during the trip. In the Oregon Territory, their wagon train came upon a single wagon and let it join their wagon train. It was the Cooley wagon. Their son Eli's daughter Florence later married Henry Cooley. By 1880, he had become one of the main Dairymen of the Smith River Valley, CA with over 400 acres. He died 6 Apr 1920 in Santa Barbara, CA where he was living with his daughter Florence & family. Children: Frank Howland-1856, Florence Howland-1858 (M-Henry Miller Cooley); Harriet Elizabeth Howland-1860 (M-John Olsen); Cinderella Howland-1862 (M-Mr. Jones), Emma Howland-1864, Robert M. Howland-1866 (M-Ida Webster), Sally M. Howland-1870 (M1-James Crasp, M2-Oscar Brown); Molly Howland-1873 (M-Charles Picketts); Clare Howland-1875; Elizabeth Howland-1877 (M-Oscar Pepple).

Florence Howland (Henry Miller Cooley):  Born 18 Aug 1858 in Waynesfield, Auglaize Co, OH. Married Henry 19 Feb 1878 in Crescent City, CA. Died 21 May 1923 in Santa Barbara, CA.


Ann McIntosh (Benjamin Ball Jr ): Born 10 Nov. 1748 in St. Pauls, Stafford Co, VA. Married Benjamin 1778 in VA. Died 1812 in KY.


Issac MeansA:  Born abt 1697 in Tyrone County, Northern IRE.  Children: Robert Means-1721; John Means-1723; Isaac Means-1732 (Nancy Ann Gilmore)

Isaac Means (Nancy Ann Gilmore): Born 1732 in Tyrone County, Northern IRE.  Isaac and his brother John both came to America and settled in Boston.  Married Nancy in  and went to Hampshire Co, VA in 1769.  He served in Revolutionary War and acquired over 300 acres in  land in Dumpalin Hollow by VA patent.  He later purchased some 400 acres in Mill Creek Gap that included the "Burg" land with a stone manor house that was known at the "Burg".  This property & manor home were close to town of Romney.  Died March 1818 in Romney, Hampshire Co, VA.  Children:  Margaret Means-abt 1761 (M-Edward Taylor); Robert Means-abt 1766; Elizabeth Means-abt 1767 (M-Jacob Myers); Sarah Means-abt 1768 (M-Peter Myers); Jane Ann Means-1769 (M-William Perez Schrock); Isaac Hunter Means-1774 (M-Catherine Elizabeth Smith); Nancy Means; Mary Means (M-James Hunter);  Thomas Means-abt 1790 (M-Mary Ann ??); Ephraim Means-1792 (M1-Eleanor Campbell, M2-Huldah S. Thomas); 

Thomas Means (Mary Ann ??): He was a tanner and a Revolutionary War veteran. Used warrant to get land in Coshocton Co and was one of the early pioneers of Coshocton Co, OH. Died 24 Jan 1814 in Tuscarawas twp, Coshocton Co, OH. Children: John J. Means; Isaac Means; Maria Means-1808 (M-Benjamin Johnson); Robert Lee Gilmore Means-1811 (M-Sarah Wilcox North); Elizabeth Means (Charles Mathis)

Robert Lee Gilmore Means (Sarah Wilcox North): Born 1811 in Coshocton Co, OH. His father died when he was two and his mother when he was three. He was taken to VA by his uncle Ephraim Means where he live until he was 18. Married Sarah 29 May 1834 in Champaign Co, OH & paid minister $2 for the ceremony and borrowed $15 for the wedding cloths - split rails at $0.33 per hundred to pay off the debt. Saved $65 and borrowed $40 to buy land in Goshen, Allen Co in 1836. He soon built a cabin and cleared the forested land for farming and by 1840 had four children. They became one of the largest land owners in the township with 1600 acres. In 1874, he built a 17,000 foot ditch to irrigate the farm. About 1900 there was a fire and the home and all family records were burned. He died 11 Sep 1885 in Coshocton Co, OH. Children: Mary Means-1837 (M-Elton Howland); Martha Means-1839; Lyman N. Means-1840 (Sarah E. Edmiston); Sarah I. Means-1844 (M-James Harrod); Lucy Ellen.Means-1846 (John H. Plough); Harriet E.Means-1848; Oliver M. Means-1849; Rebecca M. Means-1852 (M-Summer Nash); Hepsiba Means-1855.

Mary Means (Elton (Eli) Howland ): Born 15 Feb 1837 in Goshen twp, Allen Co, OH. Married Elton 27 Sep 1855 in Auglaize Co, OH. Died 3 Aug 1894 in Elk Valley, Del Norte Co, CA.


Henry Miller (Elizabeth Wisdom): Born 1769 in Madison Co, KY. He was living in Nelson Co, KY in 1792. Married Elizabeth 1794 in Madison Co, KY.  Died about 1864.  Children: Sarah Jane Miller-1787 (M-J. Holloway); Francis Miller-1797 (James Alvin Cooley)-1797; Hannah Miller-1798 (M-?? Muehler).

Frances Miller (James Alvin Cooley): Born 7 Jan 1797 in Madison Co, KY. Married James 2 Jun 1814 in Adair Co, MO. After James died in 1835, She lived on the farm for a few years and then she stayed with her son, James Madison Cooley. 


John Nodding (Pricilla ??) Born 1695.  Children:  William Nodding-abt 1720 (Mary Brewster)

William Nodding (Mary Brewster): Born about 1720 in Louden Co, VA.  Married Mary in Washington Co, TN.  He was in Loudoun Co VA & across the Potomac in Montgomery Co, MD in the 1770s. He was a farmer. In 1779, the family relocated to Washington Co, TN.  In Nov 1784 he received a 500 acre NC grant on Little Limestone Creek and an 800 acre grant in Jonesboro. Died 1812  near Jonesboro, Washington Co, TN. His will set his slaves free. His estate included 28 gallons of whiskey. Children: Sarah Nodding-abt 1750 (M-Daniel McCray); Ellender Nodding-1751 (M-Daniel Hill); Mary Nodding-abt 1753 (M-Samuel Bayless); William Nodding Jr.-abt 1754; Elizabeth Nodding-1761 (M-William Calvert); Alice Nodding-1762 (M-John Brown); John Nodding-1766 (M-Priscilla Brewster)

Ellen Nodding (Daniel Hill): Born 1751 in VA. Married abt 1779 in Montgomery Co, MD. Died 1830 in Purdy, McNairy Co, TN.


Isaac North Jr (Hepzibah Hart): Born 14 Sep 1729 in Farmington, Hartford Co, CT. Married Hepzibah 18 Jan 1753 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT. They built and lived in a house in Berlin across the road from his father.  He was an ensign in the 18th Co. of the Train Band in the 6th Regiment of this Colony. Fought in Revolutionary War as a 2nd Lt in Capt. Wells Co., Brig. Gen. Wolcott's Brigade of Connecticut Militia.  Died Nov 17, 1804. Children: Selah North-1753; Joseph North-1756 (M-Rhoda Blinn); Hepzibah North-1757 (M-Isaac Porter); Abel North-1761 (M-Sarah Wilcox); Lydia North-1764 (David Deming), Salmon North-1767 (M-Jerusha Leeds); Isaac North-1771 (Sarah North)

Abel North (Sarah Wilcox): Born 8 Apr 1761 in Berlin, Hartford Co, CT. Married Lucy 1788 in Berlin, Hartford Co, CT. Died 22 May 1839 in Berlin, Hartford Co, CT. Children: Hannah North-1789 (M-David Howell); Hepsibah North-1791; Lyman North-1793 (M-Lucy Cowles); Orrin North-1794 (M-Martha Kenton); John North-1796 (M-Harriet Cheney).

Lyman North (Lucy Cowles): Born 3 Jan 1793 in Berlin, Hartford Co, CT. Married Lucy 31 May 1815 in Kensington, Hartford Co, CT. He was a cabinet & furniture maker. Eventually settled in Cincinnati, Salem, and then in Urbana OH in 1821. He made the coffin used for Simon Kenton, of pioneer fame. Died 21 Dec 1860 in Champaign Co, OH. Children: Sarah Wilcox North-1816 (M-Robert Lee Gilmore Means); John North-1817 (M-Sarah Ann Taylor); Lucy Ann North-1820 (M-William Edwin Aylsworth); William North-1821; Hiram North-1823; Louisa North-1825; Orrin North-1827 (M-Sarah Diana Klein); Charles North-1830; Abel North-1832 (M-Elizabeth Herr); Harriet North-1834; Mary Jane North-1836 (M-Abraham Brennaman); Edward Bates North-1838 (M-Mary C. Mairs).

Sarah Wilcox North (Robert Lee Gilmore Means): Born 3 Mar 1816 in CT. Married Robert 29 Mar 1834 in Champaign Co, OH. Died 28 Jul 1904 in OH.


Jacobus Ostrander (Elizabeth Andrew):  Born 1731.  Children: Evert Ostrander-1760 (M-Anatje Waldron); Abraham Ostrander; John Ostrander.

Evert Ostrander (Anatje Waldron):  Born 1760 in Shawangunk, Ulster, NY.  He was a loyalist soldier during the Revolutionary War.  Children: Elizabeth Otrander-1788 (M-Benjamin D. Howland)

Elizabeth Ostrander (Benjamin D. Howland): Born 11 Aug 1788 in Rensselaer Co, NY. Married Benjamin in NY. Died aft 1870 in Clinton Co, OH.


Anna Powell (Noah Cowles): Born 1736 in Middletown, CT. Married Noah 14 Aug 1760 in Kensington, CT. Died 19 Oct 1827.


Sarah Van Gorden (Lambert Cornelius Cooley):  Born 22 September 1701 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY.  Married Lambert abt 1739 in Goshen-Minisink, Orange Co, NY.  Died 1820.


William Van Trees ( ): from Haddam, CT but living in Reynessealr NY.  Children: Elizabeth Van Trees-1757 (M-Prince Howland)

Elizabeth Van Trees (Prince Howland): Bon 20 December 1757 in Pawling, Dutchess Co, NY.  Married Prince in 1780.  She was widowed about 1800.  In 1815, she and her children & families went with the Dakin Quaker group to Clinton Co, OH.  


Anatje Waldron (M-Evert Ostrander): 


Hannah Wilcox (John Wilcox): Born 24 Dec 1718 in Berlin, Hartford, Co, CT. Married John 6 Jul 1738 in Middletown, CT.

Note:  the following is a separate line of WILCOX

John Wilcox (Hannah Wilcox): Born 1 Aug 1712 in Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT. Died 21 Oct 1795 in Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT.  Children: Infant son-1739, John Wilcox-1740 (M-Eunice Norton), Samuel Wilcox-1742 (M-Ruth Roberts), Hezekiah Wilcox-1744 (M-Ruth Boardman), Joseph Wilcox -1746 (M-Miriam Bacon), Hannah Wilcox-1748 (-Joel Robinson), Giles Wilcox-1750 (M-Rachel Dowd), Simeon Wilcox-1752, Submit Wilcox-1754, Comfort Wilcox-1757, Sarah Wilcox (M-Abel North)-1760

Sarah Wilcox (Abel North): Born 7 Feb 1760 in Berlin, Hartford Co, CT. Married Abel 1788 in Berlin, Hartford Co, CT. Died 28 Oct 1842 in Berlin, Hartford Co, CT.


Elizabeth Wisdom (Henry Miller): Born 1769 in Madison Co, KY. Was in Madison Co, KY in 1789 and Nelson Co, KY in1789 thru 1800. Married Henry Miller in 1794 in Madison Co, KY


Drusilla Wood (M-Israel Howland): Born abt 1729.  Married Israel in 1742.  Died Oct 1769 at the birth of her son, Wood Howland.