New fun!

Okay, so I'm a low-life cheating dog. Or Chuji... Anyway, I decided that since I couldn't test the late-game text and I'm getting my brains beaten in, I'd try a little fiddling around with the memory card. A full compliment of level 48 stats later, and I'm breezing throught the castle (sealed) dungeon. I found some other entertaining things. Take a look at the last screenshot in the slideshow for an idea. I'm thinking about at least publishing as much of the save game layout that I can learn, but may try to make a memory card editor for it.


With alot of help from Galuf and Dan Nguyen the alternate patch is available for download. Links to both are below. Remember to check your ISO size before applying the patch. On the upside, PPF-o-Matic complains if the ISO size isn't correct for the patch you're using, so just get the other one.

No longer must I hang my head in shame! I just hope there is no "3rd" version... :-)

De patch Boss, de patch!

Still haven't gotten a working burn, but hey, I'm trying. It does run on ePSXe.

Project Started:10/1/2002
Status:11/4/2002 - 1.00Beta patch is available. A list of known issues is below. There will be changes made, but frankly, I need help to find them. There are some places where the text will be too big for the box. I'm working on identifying them, but unless I see it in the game, they haven't been caught. Please report any that you find to .
Known Issues:
  • Some menu text slightly spills over their background boxes. The two places I've seen it are the title screen ("Tournament") and the status screen ("Equip"). Neither were chopped off and barely overflow, so I'm leaving them as-is.
  • Some potions names had to be cut down and I used the closest thing that my dictionary could come up with, so yes Virginia, there is a "Weed Potion".
  • I'm debating about changing the names of some potion effects like "Muteki", "Tetsujin", etc that show up at the top of the screen, but since they show up in Romaji and the potion name and description in English, I think I may leave them alone. It's also a little more useful if you're reading any of the FAQs on the game floating around to leave them be.
  • Since I can't beat the game on the laptop and I haven't gotten a good burn yet, I can't vouch for all of the text towards the end. In particular, there's some that looks like it may not have ever been used in-game. In some cases, the translation didn't look right until I actually saw it in context.

The Patch

You will need...
Patch v1.00B - Use if your ISO size is 669,555,600 bytes - PPF 3.0
Patch v1.00B (alt version) - Use if your ISO size is 669,541,488 bytes - PPF 3.0
31 KB
PPF-O-Matic 3.0Paradogs
Tobal 2Original PSX game

To install

  1. Use CDRWin to copy the game to an ISO file. The instructions I followed are here, just using "Extract Disc" instead of "Backup Disc". The size I got was 669,555,600 bytes. Some others have gotten 669,541,488 bytes. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CORRECT PATCH!
  2. Use PPF-O-Matic to patch the ISO.

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In case you're wondering, yes, this did take less than a month to translate. There really isn't all that much text in the game. I've got a hunch that Dream Factory was expecting to release an English version and built in some support to make their (or the translators :-) life easier. It turns out that English can be DIRECTLY inserted into the appropriate places instead of SJIS (or the subset that is used in the resource file).

This is a good thing since I never have found the font. If you look closely, the highlighted option in the menus is multi-colored, leading me to believe that they're probably stored as 4bpp graphics, but I never could locate them. The font is also curious in that if you zoom in on the screenshots, you'll see that it's not a bitmap font. The trademark "blockiness" isn't there. When you see kanji with a higher stroke count, they're sometimes almost solid white and illegible. My guess is that these may be some sort of True Type font, possibly stored as a graphic, maybe not. It doesn't matter because I was able to just use the Romaji characters straightaway.

Another strange thing was that a large portion of the resource file contains stuff from the first game that is not used. If you've played that, you may remember in the practice area there were signs on the walls that taught you the controls. Now the monsters in the Practice Dungeon take care of that. Why the old images are in there, I can't say.

Another oddity with the graphics is that all of the old stuff was stored in the tried and true TIM format. For whatever reason, Tobal 2's were stored in a sort of TIM offshoot that cut off the header, probably to group a bunch of sprites with the same CLUT together. Finding those and creating a routine to put a fake BMP header on the top was a few days work, but once I got that, I was able to locate the traing mode and status screen graphics.

That pretty much wraps up what I've learned from this game. Hopefully I'll be able to apply some of it to finding that last font in Pixy Garden and get it back underway. My wife is dying to be the new voice for Neredy, the guide. :-)