Bill Holt

USS Phoenix


Brothers of War


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U. S. S. Phoenix
Pearl Harbor, T. H.
Nov. 20, 1941

Dear Mom,

Being today is Thanksgiving and I have nothing to do I thought I would write you a few lines to pass away time. I feel pretty low today. I went ashore yesterday and went swimming and bought something to eat. I only spent 50¢. I imagine you are having a big feed today. I know we are. Don't send anything for Christmas except maybe a shaving kit, which I don't need but I tell you what I would like that is a piece of fruit cake or some peanut butter cookies.

What is Francis Harvey doing? Tell him to write. What school are Wanda and David going to? Is Vic still staying at Palmers? Yesterday was payday and I now have $25 saved up. I will send $10 home the next time I write. How is
Charles feeling? Tell him to be sure and write. I got a letter from Uncle Lewis and Aunt Leona.

I am sleepy but will write more after chow. Well I had a good sleep and for chow we had asparagus, fruit cake, butter, pumpkin pie, candy, nuts, celery, and olives and boy am I full and I am still eating candy.

Be sure and send pictures to put in my album. Tell some of the young people around Bridgeport to write. I will answer all letters. How is Oscar, Bunny and the baby getting along? Did you send them those pictures? Tell them to write. I will sign off now. Write soon.

William H. Holt

U.S.S. Phoenix Division 4
Fleet Post office Pearl Harbor, T.H.

P.S. Tell Charles to write.