Bill Holt

USS Phoenix

Excerpts From
the Book

Brothers of War



        "Your hard work and research were worth every minute. I am not exaggerating when I say that it is probably the most touching biographical work that I have ever read ...
         ... There was Bill, more than half a century away, and here I am, reading his letters all these years later and looking at his photograph. Yet, there is no void, no gulf, just that singularity of human spirit which transcends time and makes us human." - ( N ) Narendra Sethia

"Well, I found myself crying it was so moving. One could not dredge this out of one's creative imagination if one tried. Great stuff." - Arlie Holt

Frode from Norway writes after reading Coco's account of the sinking of the Belgrano:

"... a speech about what I would anticipate was the most emotional moments of his life. A speech with undertones of sorrow, comradeship, pride and love for a weapon as a national symbol of national heroism."

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