Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications  A Tutorial: Porting VB6/MSComm32 applications to Visual Basic .NET ASIN: B009AE7NZW  Published September 2012 by Grier, R.

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Tutorial: Porting VB6 to .NET

Visual Studio .NET and its supported languages, such as VB and C# provide a modern and well supported application development environment. There are a wealth of legacy VB6 programs that can benefit from moving to VB .NET.

This tutorial is devoted to those VB6 applications that rely on serial communication to exchange data with other computers or devices. Porting VB6 based serial communication programs to VB .NET can be tricky. The tutorial guides the porting process and provides critical information and working example code to illustrate the process.

The tutorial also provides help for maintaining legacy VB6 applications by employing COM Interop controls and forms developed using VB .NET to add important capability that is best done using .NET tools.  Note, the printed version of my book, Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communcations 4 still is available.  It has a lot more scope than the eBook, so don't order the eBook if you need more than it provides.







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 Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, 4th Edition


      Here is my 4th edition, March 2006 

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications.  Fourth edition (391 pages), published July 2004, Revised July 2006.  By Richard Grier. 

Naturally, I have to recommend this book. I wrote it. Read some of the book reviews that have been placed on by readers. I think that these will give you a good idea of what I tried to accomplish when I wrote it.  I have updated the book to include coverage of VB.NET, including .NET native code.  Also included is serial communications using VB .NET using the Compact Framework for the PocketPC/Windows CE/Windows Mobile and Visual Studio 2005-2012 using the built-in SerialPort object and my own Enhanced SerialPort wrapper.  The 4th edition has lots of new example code, extensive 3rd party resources on the included CD-ROM (about 650 MB), and more! The latest information includes a remotely hosted serial port, using the Windows Communications Foundation (WCF), that allows a client (WinForms or Browser based) application to use a serial port on the host computer via the Internet.

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