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Companies that make or sell school uniforms have a vested interest in promoting their use.
On the other hand, when kids just wear regular clothes to school, no one in particular makes a profit.
Ironically, in my district, the families who shop at thrift shops and use hand-me-downs
are the ones who most object to being required to purchase uniforms or other special clothes,
while those who promote uniforms are the families who dress their kids in the latest trends.

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Who makes those uniforms, anyway?  If your school is considering specifying a particular company to supply uniforms, it’s worth doing some research.  Are the clothes made in the USA with union labor? 

        Ban on Sweatshop Products for NJ Archdiocese
”…McCarrick doesn't want parochial school uniforms and sports equipment produced by immigrant sweatshops in northern New Jersey, or by oppressed labor anywhere else.”

Here are a few more articles about the business of uniforms.

        Dade County and the Public School Uniform Gold Rush Earnshaw's Magazine

And here are a few school uniform suppliers.  Both price and quality vary considerably. 

        French Toast School Uniforms, the school uniform superstore

        Gap – Boy’s Uniforms and Gap – Girl’s Uniforms

        Lands End

        Hannah Anderson


        Flynn & O’Hara
This east coast company specializes in classic Catholic school-style uniforms.