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"If substantial changes to the dress code are made, we should expect some protest through "creative compliance". The more restrictive the dress code, the more likely students will try to find loopholes in it... In many districts students have worn buttons, stickers and armbands with various images and slogans on them. Other examples of "creative compliance" include boys wearing skirts, extreme choices in footwear (aqua shoes, mismatched shoes, and crazy socks), and alterations to the standard uniform (replacing the buttons, etc)."
Penn Delco Dress Code Committee report, 2000

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This Web Page by Pauline Harding for Art Nurk.
Contents may be copied if credit is given.

I've given you two ideas below.  There are more ideas on my Gallery of Fashion page.  
I'm sure you can think of more too!

Someone sent me this great pic.
(I'll give credit when I figure out who to give it to!)
It's easy to do a design like this with a fabric marking pen.  
Want to do them for all your friends?  
Silk-screening is fairly easy to do at home,  
or you can design something on your computer and take it to a printer.  
Try you r local Goodwill for an inexpensive white cotton dress shirt. 
Just remember to put your design on a plain polo or dress shirt,
or whatever meets your school's dress code.

Check out these cool tie-dye outfits I made!
Tie-dyeing is a great way to rescue old, stained, but beloved clothing.
It's also a great party activity! You can dye about 10 shirts for about $20.
Plain white cotton polos and dress shirts would look fabulous in tie-dye!
For tie-dye info check out
Dharma Trading or PRO Chem, both carry everything you need!
(Dharma's got a great catalog.)

Wouldn't a pair of Doc Martens go nicely with your school uniform?

I'm sure you have lots of ideas for "creative compliance" with your school's dress code.
Email me pics and ideas - I'll post the best ones here!