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Over the years there have been legal challenges to dress codes, and legal issues with the more recent uniform policies. Check out these sites to learn more.

        Tinker vs. Des Moines: The Supreme Court decision about student's rights to FREE SPEECH in school.
This is the basis for all that follows. Don't worry, Supreme Court decisions are actually pretty short and very readable.

        American School Board Journal Article: What you can and cannot include in a dress code.
This is a very sensible article that should be read by everyone who is working on a school's dress code.

        WI: Legal Analysis of a (non-uniform) Dress Code

        TX: West Columbia School ‘dress code’ policy draws lawsuit

        TX: ACLU and 18 Texas Families Sue to Stop 'Prove Your Religion' School Uniform Opt-out Policy

        Oakland: Uniform Lawsuit Settlement

        SC: Uniform Lawsuit

        NC: Marilyn Manson T-Shirts Banned

        NC: Marilyn Manson Issue Settled

        Phoenix AZ: Uniform Lawsuit

        AZ: Two Uniform Lawsuits  

        First Amendment Analysis

        For more on legal issues, look at my religion and culture page.