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        Adopting a Dress Code - An AskERIC Lesson Plan

        Teacher Resources Lesson Plans - School Dress Code

        Tinker vs. Des Moines
Students should read this Supreme Court decision as part of any study of dress codes.

        A particularly interesting case study is the "Straight Pride" sweatshirt case. There are several articles about this case written from different perspectives on my Gender & Sexuality page.

        Also check out my Legal Issues page and my Religion and Culture page for interesting case studies.

        The Berenstain Bears and the Dress Code
(Berenstain Bears Big Chapter Book)
"Do clothes make the cub? "Bullhorn" Grizzmeyer thinks so!
But when he becomes acting principal and sets a super-strict dress code,
he learns that the cubs have some fashion ideas of their own!"

It's a simple chapter book, but it covers the issues well - it would be a great read-aloud for a class studying the uniform question. I really like this book.