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         In lobbying in general, it's best to look at things from the other guy's point of view as much as possible, acknowledge their concerns, be calm, intelligent, well-spoken, reasonable, well-dressed, polite, not in-your-face, etc.

         LISTEN! You will learn things that will help you!

         Give them written materials, perhaps in advance of your meeting, preferably written specifically to their concerns, so that you have a chance of them educating themselves. Make sure your information goes to everyone who has a vote or a voice on the board.

         Know the prior history of the issue, if any.

         Give real examples of how similiar policies have helped people, and how policies such as the existing one have been harmful (and preferably costly). Let them know the names of other (hopefully prestigious) schools who have good policies. Give them copies of these school's policies.

         Vent to your allies, not your opponents!

         Don't annoy them, don't demand anything, just gently show them that you're right!

Good Luck!