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My Opinions about School Uniforms:

         A careful look at the arguments FOR school uniforms - are they just sound bites?.
This page is useful for those who are debating or writing papers about uniforms.

         Mother Knows Best - The impact of school uniforms on the PARENT'S role in raising their children.
Some folks claim that uniforms or a strict dress code will help a child learn more. But parents are teachers too, and the area of clothing has traditionally fallen in their territory. Check out this essay on education from the parent's side.

         The impact of school uniforms on the TAXPAYER.
There are certain costs to the community when a district decides to implement a uniform policy, some that are not immediately obvious.

Other People's Thoughtful Opinions About School Uniforms:

         Uniform-ly Mistaken, by Carleton Kendrick Ed.M., LCSW

         Leaning Toward the Spartans And Away from the Athenians
This is a great essay about teaching and learning.

Broken Links – Alas, these worthwhile essays are no longer available..

         School Uniforms in AUSTRALIA - One mother's experience
It's important to understand the practical effects of any dress policy on a busy family. School authorities must realize that, for practical reasons, there will be times when a child will be unable to wear the uniform. It's important to consider how this will be handled in advance.

         Uniforms in Public Schools : An Idea That Doesn't Fit

         .Uniforms Are Not The Answer to School Violence

         Dress Code Mania: One Teacher's Experience

         HE SAID SHE SAID Should Uniforms Be Mandatory in Public Schools