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Anna Maria Island FL. Pictures of Florida birds & widelife, beaches, sunsets, Anna Maria rentals and how to get there.

You can reach Anna Maria Island by car over one of the 2 bridges that lead onto the Island, you can fly into Tampa International Airport, Orlando or the local Sarasota Bradenton international airport. As an alternative, you can bring your boat and stay in one of our waterfront rentals with its own boat dock.

The Photos below were all taken by Jim Harrington are all copyright protected.

Anna Maria Island photos by Jim Harrington are available to purchase as prints in various sizes up to 30"x40"

If you're looking for a specific Anna Maria Island photograph or Florida wildlife photographs and you don't see it, give Jim a call at 781-244-5655. This page displays only a small portion of my Anna Maria Island and Florida wildlife photographs. Hundreds of others are available.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens
A visit to nearby Sarasota Jungle Gardens is a worthwhile trip to take especially if you have children who enjoy seeing live animals. Sarasota Jungle Garden is only a few miles from Anna Maria Island and the admission price is very reasonable. The attraction features plenty of small animals and tropical birds in a botanical garden carved out of subtropical jungle. This diverse variety of animals and exotic plants make Sarasota Jungle Gardens a "must see" when you stay on Anna Maria Island.

The north end of the island is the City of Anna Maria, a quiet residential community with an abundance of homes and cottages. A lot of residents prefer to ride their bikes, as the "city" is truly a quaint little village.Pine Street serves as the main thoroughfare, leading from bay to beach. Charming family stores and breakfast cafes are housed in quaint Florida cottages as well as "one" unobtrusive shopping center. Many artists inspired by the natural beauty of the island, reside in the area and exibit in the nearby galleries.

The village of Bradenton Beach is at the southern tip of Anna Maria. This community has had a recent face-lift with historic Bridge Street the focal point for interesting shopping. There are regular Bridge Street special events such as "Mardi Gras", Art Shows, Car Shows, etc. It's a fun place to be. You can pamper yourself at a day spa as well as enjoy fine dining and nightly entertainment. Flanking Bridge Street is Coquina Beach; a 96 acre Australian pine shaded oasis of beauty. Toward the southern most point, on the bay side, is Leffis key with sandy walkways lined with lush foliagefor viewing many species of Florida water birds.

Holmes Beach is at the center of the island. This is the busiest section as access from the city of Bradenton is at this point. A public beach featuring a concession stand and water sport rentals with nearby restaurants, shops and boutiques make this a vibrant active community.

Laughing Gulls seem to be the most common birds on Anna Maria Island. Easily identified by their black heads, Laughing Gulls are comparable to what we call seagulls here in New England. Like many scavenger sea birds, they'll eat right out of your hand if you hold food up. It seems they got their name because their call sounds like laughter.

Snowy Egrets are very common around Anna Maria Island. In most cases they don't fear humans and will allow photographers to get right up close to them. These Snowy Egrets often return to the same location if they can expect a handout. The white feathers, a black bill, yellow feet and black legs are a Snowy Egret's identifying features.

Great Egrets, sometimes called White Herons, are common birds around Anna Maria Island, although less common it seems than Snowy Egrets. Great Egrets are larger than Snowy Egrets and have yellow bills. The Great Egret pictured at left was resting on a small hill near Coquina Beach.

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Dining out on Anna Maria Island Fl can be dinner in a top rated five star restaurant, sampling the "all you can eat" breakfast pancakes smothered in maple syrup and butter in a beachfront cafe or trying out one of the local seafood or steak specialists. Visit the local fishing village and buy fresh seafood straight off the boat to take back and throw on the barbecue grill

Fancy a large marble spa bath, your own private heated pool to swim in, views to die for or a palm fringed garden overlooking the water? How about steps from your balcony leading down onto the beach or your own private pier to fish from and watch for families of dolphins arching gracefully out of the water? Maybe a plantation style family house just minutes from the beach in a quiet residential area? All of these options and more are available to you.

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Rental cars should be pre-booked on the Internet to get the best deal. It is worth spending a little time comparing prices as they all vary, sometimes quite considerably. Make sure that you bring your booking reference with you to speed up the time of collection. If you just want to rent for a couple of days, one of the local car rental companies will deliver to your door and also collect. This is useful if you have arrived on the island via one of the limo services who will pick you up from Sarasota or Tampa airports. Limo service should also be pre-booked. There are several that operate in the area. They are very efficient and their thorough knowledge of the island means that you will arrive at your vacation rental property safely and quickly.

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DIRECTIONS: From Sarasota/Bradenton airport, go north on Tamiami Trail (US 41) to Cortez Rd. Turn Left (west) on Cortez, go to the traffic light at 75th Street, then turn Right (north) and continue until the traffic light at Manatee Ave. Turn Left (west), go over drawbridge, through a traffic light to Stop Sign, then turn Right (north) on Gulf Drive. Holmes Beach runs from Beach Drive to 27th Street off Gulf Drive.

From I-75, Take exit #219, go west through downtown Bradenton. Continue on Manatee Avenue, go over drawbridge, through a traffic light to Stop Sign. Turn Right (north) on Gulf Drive. Holmes Beach runs from Beach Drive to 27th Street off Gulf Drive

In April, Royal Terns dominate the northern, less populated part of Anna Maria Island. It's possible there's a more plentiful supply of the fish the Royal Terns prefer. They dart back and forth overhead squawking.They often fly around to display the fish they have caught,as if to show it off. Royal Terns sometimes gather by the hundreds on the sands.

Pelicans, mostly Brown Pelicans, can be found all over Anna Maria Island. They tend to soar up and down the beach, often in groups, taking advantage of updrafts above the tree line.

While soaring over the surf, pelicans keep an eye out for fish in the shallow water below. When fish are located, pelicans quickly pull under one wing, turn and dive. It's my guess that they don't miss very often. Pelicans have a prehistoric look with their 6 - 7 foot Wingspans.

Great Blue Herons (Ardea Herodias) are less common on Anna Maria Island than their white cousins. They can be identified by their blue-gray color and yellow on the bottom half of their bills. They seem to hang out in the less populated areas of the island. The one pictured at left did not sit for long after I approached him for a photograph. This bird let out a low-pitched squawk as it flew off. Great Blue Herons are huge birds, with wingspans to almost 6 feet. Their range includes most of the continental United States.

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