Battle Prayers


These are not ďNow I lay me down to sleepĒ prayers. They are strong battle prayers. They are designed to destroy the devilís kingdom of darkness. They are prayers against the devil and his forces. While we are not fighting against flesh and blood (people), the devil uses people against the Lordís work. Unless these people wake up and realize they are fighting God, they will remain tools of the devil. The best wakeup call is fierce resistance from the Lord to all they do. Therefore, many of the prayers will be asking our Father to fight against those who are fighting against us. Godís desire is that there be no peace for the wicked (Isaiah 57:21)

Here is another way to say it. Most people coast through life oblivious to God while having just enough religion to sooth their conscience. They unknowingly are used by the devil to advance his kingdom. They range from the very religious, to the most godless. Unless they encounter God in a real way, they will coast straight into hell. These prayers will help you ask God to resist them powerfully and take away their peace  so that they realize they are living in opposition to Him and have to make a choice to surrender or continue to fight. If they refuse to repent and believe, then they get what they choose as we ask God to cause them to fall into their own traps. If they repent, then they change sides in the war and receive all the blessings the Lord has for them.

There are two primary goals to the prayers. One is to stop the destruction the devil is doing to the church. Just think of the comparison between builders and destroyers. What takes the builders years to build can be destroyed in a very short time by the destroyers. We have been focused on building the kingdom. However, because we have neglected to stand against and ask God to cut off the destroyers, they have had a field day. They have destroyed over and over the things we are seeking to build. It is time to cut them off. At least, our prayers can make it extremely costly for the enemy to attack Godís work and His workers.

The second goal is to help the lost escape the devilís bondage by causing them to encounter God and realize Who they are fighting against. Currently in our country, the godless media can mock the true church and true Christianity without any repercussions. Other groups with agendas that are exactly the opposite of Christianity have complete access to the schools and classrooms of our land while the Bible and the mention of Jesus is prohibited. By the time you pray through these prayers, you will have asked the Lord to intervene and strongly oppose them in many ways. They desperately need to know they are just not fighting against some people called Christians. They need to know they are fighting against the Lord Himself. Such a realization changed Saul of Tarsus to Paul the Apostle. It can still change people today.

Neither of these goals will be accomplished if we donít pray. God doesnít just automatically do what is needed. He waits, by His own choice, until His people ask. Arenít you fed up with the devil winning battle after battle? Then join others of us in praying and spreading these prayers. Ask the Lord to fight back against those fighting you and your family. You clearly have the authority for this. Also, pray for other believers around you whose lives impact you and your family. When they are attacked, it is like an attack on you so you have authority to pray against their enemies. Then, as the Lord leads, branch out into world prayers. You are His ambassador and can represent Him in prayer anywhere on earth that He wants. Just make sure you are lead by the Spirit. You only have authority where the Lord gives it.

As you are praying, donít necessarily put a face or a name with the prayers. Let the Lord decide whether He needs to fight the devil or demons or demon controlled people. If it is a disease or a cancer, then name it and curse it and demand it die. It has no right to attack the Lordís kingdom and cut off His workers. Cancer violates Godís laws of orderly cell growth and should be cursed and blasted in the name of Jesus without mercy. You will find prayers in this book that help you do this.

As you work your way through the book, you will notice that I also included several prayers asking the Lord to bless up outrageously and work powerfully in and through us. Blessings provide all the resources and favor we need for the work we have to do. Our blessings also get the attention of lost people as they see our Father taking care of us. Godís powerful works in and around us capture the attention of lost people and gain an audience for the Gospel.

Finally, what qualifies us to pray these prayers? It is crucial that you recognize that it is nothing we have done. It is solely because of all that Jesus did for us. He gave us any righteousness, godliness, wisdom or anything else we have. He qualified us for His blessings, but to get them we have to ask for them and receive them. Our Father fights our enemies not because we are wonderful but because we belong to Jesus. An attack against us is an attack against Jesus and His kingdom. Jesus is the One who came to destroy the works of the devil. However, He waits on our prayers and works as we pray.

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