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A photo record of assembling a 6x6 elevated playhouse and swing, using a kit from Sunbury Cedar.

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Workshop graphic Base in, framing up. The old playhouse looks on from behind. It knows its days are numbered.

The Sunbury materials were delivered on a pallet by a crane truck - with all wood, screws, nails, shingles, tarpaper etc. Everything was included except for the wood stain (optional), and the copper sulphate which I used to treat the lower part of the posts.

It was a surprisingly large load, and I'm glad I had it delivered rather than try to get it home myself.

Workshop graphic Swing beam up. It rained for most of this project, so the few pictures I have are when the clouds cleared.

Workshop graphic Siding on. The project took a week. That was twice as long as what the kit estimated - about par for the course for my typical projects.

Workshop graphic Anticipation. So far the construction passes SWMBO's inspection.

Workshop graphic Roofing on . This would be great training for building a real house.

Workshop graphic Front porch rail assembled. "I'm not slow, I'm methodical." Plus I still have all ten fingers.

Workshop graphic Stain applied; slide attached.

Workshop graphic Workshop graphic Workshop graphic Views of finished playhouse.

Workshop graphic

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